Louisiana Tech University Tailgating

The Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech University welcome fans to join them at Joe Aillet Stadium in Ruston. RVers will have a place to stay in the surrounding communities and plenty to explore before and after game day.

Event information

The Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech University are part of Conference USA, and they are a well-known team in the south. Their mascot, Tech, a live bulldog, can be seen from the stands at every home game at Joe Aillet Stadium. Bulldogs are all about their school spirit, and, every so often, the team will impose a “red out,” which is when all the fans wear red instead of the traditional blue to support the Bulldogs.

The legendary Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, once played for LA Tech and was inducted into the school’s hall of fame. Joe Aillet, another Louisiana Tech hall-of-famer, led the Bulldogs to nine conference championship games, and the school renamed their stadium in honor of the legend. Joe Aillet Stadium is smaller, relative to stadiums in the SEC conference, but fans are no less passionate.

The Bulldogs are prominent in the northern part of Louisiana, which is why they sometimes host games at Shreveport’s Independence Stadium during the regular season. This stadium has a capacity of close to 50,000 and welcomes the crowds well. Come for the food, the tailgate, and to watch the Bulldogs in Ruston, Louisiana.


Tickets for the football game are affordable and usually cost between $15 and $40 per person. However, premium and club seating is more expensive. Football is still king in Lousiana, but basketball is right behind it, and Lousiana Tech has an excellent team. Louisiana Tech's Bulldogs compete in a selection of sports that are worth enjoying with other fans, students, and graduates.

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Ruston, where Louisiana Tech University is located, is in the northern part of the state, and it can be reached via I-20 if traveling from the east or west. The City of Alexandria is to the south, and Jackson, Mississippi is a few hours to the east. The route you take as you approach may depend on the parking pass you have, but there is a handy cheat-sheet to help you remember.

Parking areas

Tailgating is allowed on all lots near the stadium, but if you want to tailgate with your RV, you’ll have to be a Lousiana Tech Athletic Club Member. Spots are limited, which is why there is usually a steep price for RV tailgating. If you want to join Tech pre-game activities, look to attend the tailgate parties around the stadium and leave your motorhome at your campsite or bring a tow vehicle.

Public Transportation

Ruston is a small college town, and that means that while public transportation may be limited within the community, many locations are relatively close to Joe Aillet Stadium. If you’re in the downtown area, you can ride on the Tech Trolley, which transports Louisiana Tech fans to and from the stadium three hours before the game starts.

Where to stay


If you pay the LTAC member fee and score a highly-coveted RV parking spot, you still won’t be able to stay overnight. Instead, look for accommodation in an RV campground in Ruston or a nearby city.


The City of Ruston may not provide overnight RV parking, but in Monroe, which is just 35 miles to the east, you can find a handful of great RV campgrounds along I-20. Motorists will also encounter some RV parks between Ruston and Shreveport, also along I-20. Caddo Lake State Park, slightly northwest of Shreveport and just across the border into Texas, welcomes RVers to explore the local history and natural environment of the region.

Getting around

To get to and from Joe Aillet Stadium, it’s best to ride the Tech Trolley, which picks up passengers in the downtown area. The stadium isn’t big enough to get lost in but speak with a staff member if you need help getting to your seat.

What to pack


Pack a blue t-shirt or sweatshirt in the colder months, preferably one with the school’s insignia and colors of blue and red. For “red-out” games, wear a Louisiana Tech red top and show your loyalty. Wear clothes made from breathable fabric, since even North Louisiana tends to be hot and muggy. Pack a poncho, raincoat, or waterproof outer shell in case it rains; umbrellas are not permitted.


If you can’t secure a parking spot to host your tailgate, don’t worry. Bring your camera and document the festivities, or bring an instant camera to take pictures with your newfound buddies. It’s a good idea to bring a water bottle, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Health & Safety

To protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, pack some strong sunscreen. You’ll also want to bring bug repellant in case there are mosquitoes as the Louisiana humidity tends to attract them. Finally, pack a travel-sized first-aid kit for any accidents.

Where to eat


Since you most likely won’t be hosting your tailgate, you won’t have to shop, prep, or serve any food, which opens up other opportunities. With most parking lots around the stadium open for tailgating, fans will often find a family-friendly atmosphere at a Louisiana Tech tailgate. While at your campground, pop open your pre-prepared meals and dig in together after a game, or take advantage of your RV kitchen and put on a spread for your crew.


Ruston's small-town environment lends well to unique eateries that specialize in local cuisines, including Southern, Japanese, and Cajun food. Ready to chow down on bar food and watch sports? Head to the Dawg House Sports Grill, which is where Louisiana Tech fans hang out to watch the game.


With a total of six concession stands throughout the stadium, there are plenty of options for eating and drinking. Fans that sit at the club level, which is a more premium section, can enjoy an alcoholic beverage as they watch the game. Apart from the food and refreshments, the stadium is a great place to shop for Louisana Tech merchandise, such as apparel and other memorabilia.



Umbrellas are not permitted inside the stadium because they obstruct other fans’ views. Other items such as coolers, laser pointers, noisemakers, and outside food or drinks are also not allowed. Smoking is prohibited inside the stadium, but fans who step outside to smoke will be allowed back in to continue watching the game.


Although Ruston is far from the Louisiana coastline, it’s still hot and humid in the summers. Temperatures can jump all the way to 90 degrees or higher, which can feel intense because of the humidity. Winters don’t typically freeze, but it does rain occasionally.


Joe Aillet Stadium offers mobility assistance areas at the stadium, with wheelchair accommodations. Fans have access to three first-aid stations around the stadium. The first-aid station may be a tent or ambulance. Medical center services are situated less than five miles from campus, and pharmacy options are about the same distance within Ruston.