Milwaukee Brewers RV Camping Guide

Milwaukee is a wonderful place for an RV vacation. Bring the family and take in a Brewers game while you are in town. Food, fun, and friendly atmosphere are all waiting at Miller Park.

Event information

Take me out to the ball game… it seems that everyone knows the song and baseball lovers know that the part about the peanuts and Cracker Jacks is part of the show. For some reason, these salty and sweet snacks always taste better when you are enjoying your favorite sport at the same time. Brewers fans will tell you, no matter whether you are eating these snacks or not, being at a game at Miller Park in Milwaukee is an experience that you will never forget.

The main team mascot, Bernie Brewer, who has been with the team since 1970, is a big guy with a yellow mustache and a Brewers jersey and hat. He slides down the giant yellow slide every time they get a home run where he lands in a giant beer stein. Bernie is also available for birthday parties and special events if you live nearby. If not, you can just visit him at the stadium when you go for a game.

However, Bernie is not the only mascot for the Brewers. The Famous Racing Sausages joined the team in the 1990s with just the Bratwurst, Polish, and Italian sausages, but have since added the Hot Dog and Chorizo. Every home game features a race of the sausages right before the seventh inning. Another mascot was added in 2014 when a stray dog burst onto the field and would not leave. They named him Hank (after Hank Aaron) and kept him as part of the team. And the most recent addition, Barrelman, joined the crew in 2015. He is a giant beer barrel wearing a Brewers jersey and hat with the Brewers logo on his barrel.

The fans will be the first to tell you how amazing Miller Park is with its fan-shaped convertible roof. It can close within 10 minutes if needed and the large panes of glass let in enough sunlight to keep the grass on the field growing nice and healthy. The park can host over 41,000 people and it is typically full for most home games.


Fans can typically get general admission Milwaukee Brewers tickets in the upper terrace at Miller Field for under $10 for a game during the regular season. If you want special VIP seating, those usually go for about $100 to $200 while Field Diamond Platinum seats have gone for about $250 and up in the past. For post-season games in special seating with amenities, you are likely to pay over $500.

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Motorists will find Miller Park on Miller Park Way off of I-94 and WI-175 in the heart of Milwaukee. Although the traveling should be easy, traffic can get congested in this part of Wisconsin on game days, so head out early. You’ll only be about 75 miles east of Madison, which is the state capital. Stop in and see the Wisconsin State Capitol Building and museum on I-94. You may also enjoy visiting the Kettle Moraine State Forest, which is about 45 miles to the north. With more than 22,000 acres of prairies, lakes, and hills, you can enjoy hiking, boating, swimming, and camping there.

Parking areas

Miller Park has a special day lot just for RVs and other vehicles over 36 feet long, which is next to the Miller Preferred Parking Lot right across from the stadium. Tailgating is allowed in all of the parking lots but has to end within 30 minutes of the first pitch. Barbecue pits are allowed but coals must be dumped in the coal bins located by each parking lot light.

Public Transportation

The Milwaukee County Transit System will take you to the park from any of the stations in and around Milwaukee. In fact, the MCTS has over 50 routes that you can catch from one end of Milwaukee County to the other. When planning your route, make sure you check to see if the lot you are going to catch the bus from is within walking distance of the campground, or if you can park your rig in the bus station lot.

Where to stay


Unfortunately, Miller Park does not have any camping areas, and you cannot camp in any of the parking lots before, during, or after a Milwaukee Brewers game. However, you may be able to find some private parking lots or boondocking sites nearby. In addition, there are quite a few campgrounds that can accommodate campers and motorhomes in the area.


If you enjoy water sports, the Pike Lake Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest just 30 miles to the northwest has about 50 campsites to consider. And if you like the woods and hiking, the Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest has several campgrounds with more than 300 campsites about 45 minutes to the southwest. There are also 10 other campgrounds within a half-hour of Miller Park that range from primitive to posh. Make your reservations early because these sites are popular during the summer.

Getting around

One of the best things about Miller Park is how much they love their fans. And they show their love in many ways, one of which is providing courtesy shuttle service for those who need it. These shuttles will pick you up at any of the parking lots and deliver you to the gate before the game and take you back to your lot after the game.

What to pack


Well, of course, you want to pack your Brewers tees, jerseys, and hat. You can look stylish, stay cool, and support your team at the same time. Since the temps typically get into the mid-80s in the summer, you will want to dress for warm weather. However, it usually does not get dangerously hot here, so you don’t have to worry too much. In fact, you may want to bring a light jacket because it can get down in the 50s at night. Always pack comfortable shoes for any road trip to Miller Park.


Backpacks are no longer allowed at Miller Park, but you can bring a bag, fanny pack, or another single compartment tote under 16x16x8 inches, which is big enough for just about all the necessities anyway. You don’t want to bring too much because you will have to carry it all with you. Just toss your camera, phone, wallet, and ID into a small pack and head to the Miller gates. Don’t bring cans, glass, alcohol, weapons, or drugs with you. You and your pack will be scanned or searched before you enter.

Health & Safety

Even though it does not get too scorching in Milwaukee, being out in the sun all day at a Brewers game can dehydrate you if you are not careful. Pack a bottle of water (unopened) to drink even if you plan on drinking other beverages. A first-aid kit is also a good idea for minor emergencies. Just make sure to leave drugs and glass out of it. Sunglasses and sunscreen are essential to protect your skin, and bug spray is a good idea for back at the campsite.

Where to eat


Tailgating is welcome at all parking lots, including the bus parking lot you will have to park in if you drive your RV. You can only use a self-contained charcoal or gas BBQ grill, and no open flames are allowed. You must dump your coals in the bins provided. The lots close one hour after the game, so make sure you are done cleaning up and ready to go by then. Remember to note the rules and regulations posted on the Milwaukee Brewers website.


The Milwaukee area is unique because of how many small villages lie inside the city. And each of these little towns has quite a venue as far as restaurants go. Take your family to Bluemound Heights just two miles to the west for some Cajun food, Latin cuisine, a steakhouse, or Italian. Or head two miles northwest where you can find Wellauer Park and pizza, a brunch eatery, and another Italian restaurant. Wick Field, about 2.2 miles to the north, has a casual BBQ and sports bar, and Washington Heights has a pizzeria, pub, and coffee café just a few miles away. No matter where you go in Milwaukee, you are liable to find a plethora of food choices.


With over 100 eating establishments in Miller Park, you will be drooling before you even get near the stadium. Some of the usual fan favorites include bratwurst, pretzels, nachos, and BBQ. Then there are the foods for the healthy, such as veggie dogs, fruit, and veggie burgers. For those who want to try something new, how about a batch of fried cheese curds or Elote en Vaso, which is also known as corn in a cup? It is fresh corn covered in cotija cheese, cream, and Mexican seasonings. Of course, they also have the typical baseball fare such as Cracker Jacks, popcorn, and hot dogs. And you can buy some souvenirs from any of the dozens of merchandise vendors or the park gift shop.



Guests have to go through a metal detector to get through the gates into Miller Park to see a Brewers game, so be prepared by removing your keys, phones, and other metallic items from your pockets before you get to the front of the line. Your bag or tote will be searched before you enter as well, so make sure you do not bring anything on the prohibited list. If you need help from security, they have a text program where you can just text your location and concerns to 69050.


The weather in Wisconsin is gorgeous during the summer because it does not really get too uncomfortably hot. The highs from June through August are usually in the middle 80s and the lows are typically in the upper 50s or lower 60s. Being so close to Lake Michigan means it is even cooler at Miller Park, especially in the evening. A hoodie or long-sleeved jersey may be a good idea for nights. And you should always have rain gear in the RV just in case it’s needed. Downloading a weather app so you can stay up-to-date on the local forecast is also helpful.


Aurora Health Care and Miller Park have partnered up to provide first-aid centers on the Terrace and Field Levels right behind home plate. If you need help and are not close to a first-aid room, contact one of the staff or security for help. You can also call 911 if there is an emergency or head to the nearest hospital or urgent care center. You can find several within two miles of the park.