Minneapolis to Atlantic City Road Trip Guide


For families looking to enjoy their next great RV road trip, a seven-day journey from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Atlantic City, New Jersey will not disappoint.

Minneapolis is a metropolitan city with much to offer RV campers, from its impressive tower-like buildings to its beautiful beaches and more. Minneapolis provides families with the rare opportunity to enjoy the attractions of rural life coupled with close proximity to the excitement of the big city, all in one visit.

A city with an excellent transportation system, families can park their RV at one of the area campgrounds and make use of public transit to get around town. Minneapolis is a commercial hub and received its name from an explorer from France named Fr. Louis Hennepin. The area was once a prosperous region for the production of lumber as well as the milling of grains to make flour.

Minneapolis is a name that translates to "Water City" and was derived from two words: minne meaning water and polis, a Greek word for city. An apt name, Minneapolis is home to 22 different lakes, making it an excellent place for families to enjoy water recreation during their RV holiday.

Minneapolis forms one-half of the infamous "twin cities," with the other being St. Paul. This popular city offers many interesting attractions for families to visit include lush public parks, sporting events, restaurants, museums, and more. Among the most frequented places in the city are the Minneapolis Museum of Art, the Nickelodeon Universe, and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

The climate enjoyed in Minneapolis is moderate during spring, fall, and summer. However, this sprawling city reports exceptionally chilly temperatures in the winter with ample snowfall to accompany them. Though tourists most often visit the area between the months of May through October, there are many activities to enjoy in the city in the winter as well.

For families looking for a place to enjoy an overnight stay before hitting the open road en route to Atlantic City, Minneapolis Northwest KOA Journey and Lebanon Hills-Regional Park Campground both offer accommodations that are well-suited to RV camping.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Minnehaha Regional Park

Located just 5.6 miles outside Minneapolis is Minnehaha Regional Park, a property that contains the beloved Minnehaha Falls. This recreational facility is an extremely popular spot with both tourists and locals alike. Over 850,000 people visit the park grounds each year.

The focal point of the park is a waterfall that measures 53 feet in total height. Other incredible topographical features found on the grounds include rich limestone cliffs and incredible views of the river that traverses the premises.

There are many fun things for families to do during a visit to Minnehaha Regional Park. Found on the property is a path that is suited to both hiking and biking. Bike rental shops can be found within the park for those that wish to do some cycling but don't have their own bikes.

Other popular activities include disc golf, picnicking, and volleyball. The property is also home to a picturesque fountain, a playground, public art installations, a wading pool, and public bathrooms.

Ample parking is provided on the grounds; however, a fee is required to use the lot. For families wishing for an overnight stay before heading out to enjoy the route to Madison, Wisconsin the next morning, Rice Creek Campgrounds or Minneapolis Southwest KOA Holiday are the ideal spots to park the RV for the night.

Henry Vilas Zoo

Nestled within the large city of Madison, Wisconsin is Henry Vilas Zoo, a popular stopping place for families looking to blow off some steam while en route from Minneapolis to Atlantic City. The trek from Minneapolis to the zoo is 276 miles in total but is well worth the miles logged on the RV to get there.

Entrance to Henry Vilas Zoo is completely free of charge, with its expenses covered by donations from the community. The zoo is open year-round for families to enjoy.

Henry Vilas Zoo consists of both indoor and outdoor exhibits that are ripe for exploration. Found inside are the Aviary, the Herpetarium, the Discovery Center, and the Primate Building. Also contained on the premises are the Children's Zoo and the Zoo Train and Conservation Carousel.

RV campers visiting the zoo should be aware that it sits in the center of Vilas Park. There are two access points to the zoo. RV campers should use the main entrance found at the juncture of Drake Street and Randall Avenue where sufficient parking for RVs and trailers is provided. The alternative entrance must be accessed via a bridge that is challenging for large vehicles and RVs to safely navigate.

Vilas Park also offers attractions for families to enjoy including a ball diamond, a beach, and a lagoon which is used for a skating rink when frozen in the winter months.

Rock Cut State Park

For the ideal place for some fun in the sun that also houses a campground that is perfect for RV stays, Rock Cut State Park is the place to visit. Just 64 miles away from Madison, this much-loved recreational area attracts visitors year-round for its beautiful scenery, excellent amenities, and plentiful property that is ripe for exploring.

Located in the heart of Winnebago County, Rock Cut State Park is aptly named as it sits in a thick outcropping of dense rock. It is also quite near to two landmarks which also bear similar names: Rock River and the town of Rockford.

Rock Cut State Park is comprised of 3,092 acres of property. Located on the premises are two crystal clear lakes: Pierce Lake and Olson Lake. Popular activities here include fishing, ice fishing, and skating.

For those that prefer to enjoy recreation on the land, Rock Cut State Park is a haven for hikers with many trails suited to hiking, horseback riding, and cross country skiing.

The campground here boasts 270 campsites. Reservations are required for all RV stays.

Rock Cut State Park has an active wildlife community. Among the animals found on the grounds are waterfowl, deer, muskrat, fox, beaver, opossum, raccoon, and squirrel.

Cedar Point

Though a long drive to reach this destination at 380 miles, a trip to Cedar Point is not to be missed on an RV road trip from Minneapolis to Atlantic City. Cedar Point is a premier amusement park located in Sandusky, Ohio.

Cedar Point is open to the public from May through October each year. This legendary park houses 70 rides, 18 of which are some of the most exciting roller coasters in the world.

In business for 150 years, Cedar Point attracts thrillseekers from all across the globe. There are 364 acres in total to explore which include three kids' areas, a large beach, several marinas, and some world-class restaurants. There are live concert events performed each day. For families wishing to extend their stay a little longer. Cedar Point Shores Waterpark is well worth an extra day to enjoy.

Cedar Point is home to several hotels as well as cabins and cottages for rent by reservation. For a great spot to park the RV for a night or two's stay, consider stopping by Sandusky/Bayshore KOA Holiday and Lighthouse Point Campground.

The Andy Warhol Museum

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is 180 miles from Sandusky. Here RV campers can enjoy a visit to the Andy Warhol Museum, a property dedicated to paying homage to the work of Mr. Warhol as well as his contribution to the arts.

The museum finds its home in Pittsburgh as that is the original birthplace of the artist. Andy Warhol Museum contains the biggest collection of Mr. Warhol's pieces.

This property is unusual in that it contains no works by other artists. It has earned the distinction of being the largest North American museum dedicated to one artist's works alone.

The Andy Warhol Museum, commonly referred to simply as "the Warhol" takes pride of place as one of four Carnegie Museums; all of which are situated in Pittsburgh. The building was first opened to the public in 1994.

With a long drive in the day ahead, RV campers should consider a stay at the Bear Run Campground.

Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex

After a good night's rest in Pittsburgh, families can load up the RV and drive the 206 miles to visit the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex. This vast grouping of important buildings includes historical properties that once belonged to the Commonwealth. They are all situated around the main capitol building in the city of Harrisburg.

The Capitol Grounds, a property commonly referred to as Capitol Park, covers an immense amount of land at 45 acres in total. In its earliest inception, these historic properties only spanned 15 acres and were donated by John Harris Jr and U.S. Senator William Maclay. The additional acreage was added when Pennsylvania purchased the land known as the Eighth Ward.

Among the most popular stopping points are the Interactive Welcome Center and the Capitol Gift Shop. There are also guided tours available of the Capitol building itself, a property highly praised by President Theodore Roosevelt.

After a day exploring some of the most important buildings in the country's history, a good night's rest just might be in order. Consider an RV stay at Madison/Pittsburgh S.E. KOA Journey.

Reading Terminal Market

106 miles down the road takes RV campers to the historic Reading Terminal Market. This National Historic Landmark has earned the distinction of being one of the biggest and oldest public markets. Founded in 1893, this incredible property is home to all kinds of vendors selling everything from local produce to fine meats, fish, and poultry. Also sold on the premises are such gourmet items as cheese, artisanal bakery items, and handmade candies.

But Reading Terminal Market is far more than just food. Also found here are all of the trimmings necessary to make a house a home from cookbooks to linens, cut flowers, and more; this chic little shopping area has got it all.

When first founded, the Reading Terminal Market sat along a city street. Throughout the day as trains rolled by, the grounds would rumble. The original design of the market was a grid that outlined twelve different aisles running in an east-west trajectory. These were transversed by four larger streets running north-south. To keep the property clean, sawdust was liberally sprinkled along the ground.

Within a few short decades, the Reading Terminal Market was flush with new vendors including 250 sellers of food items and 100 farmers.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

The last leg of the journey consists of 60.9 miles and takes RV campers directly to the well-renowned Atlantic City Boardwalk. A property that has become the stuff of dreams from its prominence in TV shows and films, the Atlantic City Boardwalk is one of the most popular attractions in New Jersey.

This picturesque haven is alive with activity. From the abundance of white-sand beaches to impressive resorts and the daily activity on the walkway itself, there is lots to see and do in Atlantic City.

Found within a short walk of this historic walkway are all of the amenities of big city life. Atlantic City is home to excellent restaurants, casinos, and live entertainment to rival the brightest stars on Broadway.

Among the most popular activities at the Atlantic City Boardwalk and its accompanying beach are surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing.


After seven days on the road from Minneapolis to Atlantic City, RV campers will be thrilled to park their RV for a few days of R&R at one of the campgrounds found throughout the city.

Though Atlantic City is primarily known as a resort and casino town, its location along the Atlantic Coast makes it a haven for families that enjoy outdoor recreation. Atlantic City is home to many beaches as well as its plethora of casinos, and of course, its legendary Boardwalk.

The city first gained prominence in the 19th century when it became the home of a health club. Atlantic City bears little resemblance to its origins and is now a home of impressive tower-like hotels, sophisticated nightclubs, and popular casinos.

Among the most popular places to visit during a trip to Atlantic City are the Steel Pier and the Absecon Lighthouse. For a great place to park the RV for a few nights or even an extended stay, consider stopping by Atlantic Shore Pines-Jersey Shore Campground or Whippoorwill Campground. Each of the camping facilities offers ample space for parking and is close enough to the main attractions of the city that they can be reached on foot.

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