Pennsylvania Farm Show

Put on your plaid shirt, load up the motorhome, and take an RV road trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in January for the Pennsylvania Farm Show!

Event information

There are plenty of reasons why you’d take an RV road trip to Pennsylvania. Still, one of the main ones to set your motorhome in the direction of Harrisburg is to attend the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

First held in 1917, it remains one of the longest-standing in the state, not to mention one of the largest indoor agricultural events in the United States. Over 10,000 events are set up at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, with 24 acres of buildings to make sure everyone is comfortable during the cool winter month of January.

Every year, the Pennsylvania Farm Show is held over a week at the beginning of January, giving every visitor and local the chance to visit. Entry is free, and there are plenty of parking spaces both around the complex and in local businesses. Shuttles are often in operation, too.

This well-organized event is one that both young and old love. There are competitions to enter and watch, not to mention plenty of farm animals to admire and pat.

The kids will love the rides and attractions, while the adults will have plenty of opportunities to pick up local produce and merchandise from hundreds of exhibitors and sellers.

The Dauphin County City of Harrisburg delivers a standout event every year, but there’s more to this city than meets the eye. Brave the winter elements, bundle up and check out many of the fun things to do in Pennsylvania.


The Pennsylvania Farm Show is a fun and affordable activity for the whole family. Traditionally, entry has been free, with only parking costs involved. In the past, there has not been a need to look at ticketing options online. Turn up on the day of your choice and enjoy an action-packed array of entertainment and activities.

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Harrisburg sits on the east bank of the Susquehanna River, central to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Given its location by the river, RV-goers must navigate several bridges, some up to one mile long, to get to and from Harrisburg. Many main highways lead to the city such as I-81, I-76, and I-83.

Given that the Pennsylvania Farm Show attractions half a million visitors annually, a traffic aid can be vital while visiting during January. 511PA, for example, can offer the best travel routes and approximate times to get to the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Event Center at 2300 North Cameron Street. Travelers may also like to tune into a weather service to ensure the roads are clear and safe to navigate.

Parking areas

There are plenty of parking spaces for visitors to utilize upon arriving at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. However, expect a heavy traffic presence and take care around pedestrians. Follow traffic signs to open parking lots, and take note of signs on major roads to head in the right direction. A parking space for the day has traditionally cost $15.

Public Transportation

Given the thousands of vehicles that will be making their way to the Pennsylvania Farm Show, some RV-goers may decide to leave their big rig at their Harrisburg RV campground.

In the past, a round-trip shuttle service has been in operation from Downtown Harrisburg on weekdays to the show. There is also a pick-up and drop-off area at the show for those who make use of the area’s rideshare and taxi network.

Where to stay


Visitors to the area will be pleased to know that some of the top RV parks & campgrounds near Harrisburg, PA, are within a short driving distance of the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Therefore, even though you can’t camp overnight at the show, you can always be close for easy daily access.


Before arriving at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, some travelers may like to check into their Harrisburg RV campground to set up for their stay. Within ten miles, the Harrisburg East Campground delivers on comfort and convenience.

The Mountain Creek Campground in Dauphin is a short 12 miles away, while Elizabethtown / Hershey KOA will not disappoint on amenities within 25 miles. There are plenty of RV campgrounds that are accessible with a large RV in and around Harrisburg.

Getting around

There are 24 acres of grounds and buildings to navigate upon arrival to the Pennsylvania Farm Show. A shuttle service is in operation from some of the parking lots, but comfortable footwear will be required for the show itself. Visitors with bikes and scooters onboard their RV may like to leave them there until after the show.

Feet are the best way to get around the show, but what about visiting state parks near Harrisburg, PA? If weather permits, an RV is the best mode of transportation to get to the likes of Michaux State Forest for winter ATV trail rides and similar.

What to pack


Temperatures can plummet in winter in Pennsylvania, so road-trippers will want to pack as many of their winter woollies as possible. While the Pennsylvania Farm Show is an indoor event, it helps to wear plenty of layers that you can remove or add as needed. Waterproof footwear and a warm hat are also essential.


With food and shopping opportunities available at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, there’s very little a visitor needs to bring with them. Camping and cooking equipment can stay in your motorhome, and all you may require is your wallet and a small bag for purchases. There is also an ATM for cash withdrawal, as not all vendors will accept payment cards.

Health & Safety

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is a hive of activity, so it’s crucial that you look out for others and yourself. Dress warmly, drink plenty of water, and keep to pathways where possible.

Alongside general health and safety, it’s imperative to factor in your safety around the animals. Farm animals can be startled easily. Always wash your hands before eating, and make use of the hand sanitizer situated throughout the complex.

Where to eat


Upon arriving at a Harrisburg RV campground, it’s time to set up and feed the family! Road-trippers can make the most of their onboard kitchen appliances and prepare all manner of delicious hearty meals. Stews, chilis, soups, and chowders are all firm favorites in winter.

However, some campgrounds also have communal kitchens or even permit campfires in provided fire pits. If you’re short on ingredients, there is a food store within four miles of the farm show.


The Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center’s central location means that somewhere lovely to eat is never too far away. Even within five miles of it, visitors can enjoy famous Louisiana chicken, takeout burgers, and café treats. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the farm show for a quiet bite to eat in the center of town.


The food court, PA marketplace, and culinary connection parts of the Pennsylvania Farm Show are what foodies may look forward to the most about this event. Enjoy freshly created cuisine from the culinary connection section, or purchase delicious soft pretzels, burgers, and more, from the food court.

The PA marketplace won’t disappoint with its array of snack foods, candy, treats, beverages, and more. No matter where you wander, you’re bound to come across a delicious aroma that has you curious to find out what it is. Ensure you withdraw cash from the onsite ATM, for not all vendors accept debit cards or credit cards.



Any visitor to the Pennsylvania Farm Show can feel safe and secure while wandering through the grounds. Pennsylvania State Police help with traffic management and security services, and state troopers tour the show, as well.

Outside of the Pennsylvania Farm Show, visitors can access the help they require at the Pennsylvania State Police Department under two miles from the show.


Given that the Pennsylvania Farm Show is an indoor event, the weather plays only a small part in the occasion. However, those looking to do some exploring, such as walking at Tuscarora State Forest, will need to pay attention to the forecast.

January is the coldest month of the year, with average temperatures of around 30 degrees-Fahrenheit. Snowfall is common throughout the winter months, including significant snowstorms.

Before you set off on your RV road trip to Pennsylvania, make sure you’ve packed snow chains, topped up your coolant, and have a weather station you can access. Local weather can dictate the roads you take and the attractions you visit.


Accidents and illnesses can happen when you least expect them. While no one wants to find themselves in need of assistance at a farm show, it’s comforting to know it’s there if you require it. EMTs and a medical doctor are available throughout the show’s opening hours. Visit the Giant Expo Hall, or approach an official for assistance.

Visitors can also dial 911 in an emergency or make their way to the nearest hospital within five miles of the show venue. There is also a pharmacy under two miles away for those who need to collect a few medical supplies.