Placerville Speedway

Engines are roaring to life, and there’s no time to waste. Gear your RV for a trip to Placerville, California, for racing at Placerville Speedway.

Event information

If you’ve got a need for speed and a passion for automotive action, then why aren’t you on your way to Placerville Speedway yet? Be it sprint cars, mini trucks, stock cars, or Midget Lites, Placerville Speedway makes sure the schedule of events appeals to all.

Placerville Speedway is a quarter-mile dirt track in Placerville, a city in Central California’s Sierra Nevada Foothills. If it’s not the stunning surroundings and tourist attractions that lure you to Placerville, then it will surely be everything going on at the speedway track.

It’s located at 100 Placerville Drive, within the El Dorado County Fair & Event Center, and is well-appointed to all the city’s attractions. Once you’ve finished attending a series event or challenge tour, you can then meander through the city streets of Placerville and make the most of your motorhome vacation.

Alongside plenty of wheel to wheel racing action, the facilities at Placerville Speedway are impressive, as well. So much so, that the track has been classed as a premier west coast racing venue.

The speedway season runs from March until November, covering spring through to fall. That means that there is plenty of time to start planning a trip to California. Dust off your RV, grab your nearest and dearest and set off in the direction of Placerville today.


Once you start planning on taking an RV trip, it’s worth outlining a rough budget of how much the trip should cost, and the price of tickets at Placerville Speedway can be included. Adult, senior, junior, and child ticket prices can vary for each event.

Adult general admission can be as much as $40, while children can be either free or under $10. You can buy your tickets online for a single race or a season’s worth, and you can also purchase pit passes on the day.

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Placerville in El Dorado County is a small town founded during the 1848 California Gold Rush. It’s central to State Route 49 and US-50 and is easily accessible from neighboring cities like San Francisco and San Jose.

The beauty of driving to Placerville, aside from knowing you get to watch some intense racing, is that there are plenty of natural attractions along the way. Use of a traffic aid like Quickmap can help make sure you have plenty of time to get to the racing while stopping in at the likes of Yosemite National Park and Plumas National Forest.

When you get to Placerville, which is not all too far from the Nevada state line, you can park your motorhome and settle in for a day of fast and fun racing.

Parking areas

Parking has traditionally been available for a small fee at Placerville Speedway, with all takings going directly to the El Dorado County Fair & Event Center adjacent. Parking spaces are plentiful, and there are even large areas for motorhome parking.

In the event that you can’t park your RV in the dedicated speedway lot, there are neighboring businesses that may allow you to park there with permission. On-street parking may also be an option.

Public Transportation

Even though Placerville is a small town, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make use of public transportation. In the past, a bus route has run a loop at the nearby grocery store. This may prove convenient if you have RV accommodation nearby. Otherwise, you may be able to phone for a taxi if you are not driving your campervan to Placerville Speedway.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not offered through Placerville Speedway, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to camp nearby or even within a short walking distance. El Dorado County Fairgrounds, which are next door to Placerville Speedway, offer limited RV spaces with service hookups throughout the year. They are closed for specific dates, so it’s worth checking if their timeframes will overlap with your trip. Otherwise, check out the greater Placerville area to see what you can find.


Aside from the El Dorado County Fairgrounds, which is home to the El Dorado County Fair, there are other places that are accessible with a large RV near Placerville Speedway. Placerville KOA, for example, is a quality RV campground within seven miles of Placerville Speedway. Within 25 miles, there is also the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area that welcomes primitive campers who don’t need water, sewer, or electricity connections.

Getting around

You may be surprised at how easy it is to get around Placerville Speedway. While you won’t be allowed scooters, wagons, skateboards, or any wheeled transportation, you will be close enough to most amenities for comfortable travel on foot. There are parking areas nearby, not to mention grandstands in proximity to restrooms and concessions.

What to pack


Placerville has a Californian Mediterranean climate, which means that summers are hot and dry, but winters are cold and wet. How you pack your suitcase for your upcoming trip to Placerville can depend on the time of year you visit.

It can also depend on if you are visiting any other attractions while in the area, such as Eldorado National Forest near Diamond Springs, where you can walk and camp, and Stanislaus National Forest near Sacramento for rafting and hiking. Pack suitable outdoor clothing and footwear to ensure your comfort at any time of the year.


It’s worth putting some thought into the gear you take to Placerville Speedway. Not only can traveling light keep your hands free, but it can also speed up the screening process. Track officials do not allow coolers, alcohol, outside food, and beverages, or weapons.

It’s a good idea to bring plenty of cash for concession stands, as credit cards are not generally accepted, and ear protection for children and adults with sensitive ears. Even binoculars can prove useful for not missing a moment of the action. If you will be purchasing alcohol, a valid government-issued ID is also necessary.

Because you can park at Placerville Speedway for the day, it’s not inconvenient to leave your camping and cooking supplies tucked away in your motorhome.

Health & Safety

Motorsport can be dangerous, which means that everyone in your traveling party needs to have their wits about them as they navigate Placerville Speedway. Stay clear of bikes, and if you have a pit pass, make sure you check pathways before crossing.

Regarding supplies to bring, summery days in Placerville can be quite intense, which means that sun safety supplies like sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are all must-have items. For those who are checking out the local natural attractions, like hiking and picnicking at Tahoe National Forest near Reno, Nevada, then you will also need a first-aid kit and bug spray to add to the list.

Where to eat


As you may not bring food, coolers, or beverages into Placerville Speedway, you will not need to think all too much about what to cook while watching the racing. However, once you are comfortably back at your motorhome, you can let your imagination run wild. For convenience’s sake, there is a grocery store under one mile from the Placerville Speedway. Depending on the time of year, you may like to light a campfire if appropriate or treat your family to salads, stews, soups, or a camp-style hot dog if the fancy takes you.


If you want a night off cooking, then why not treat yourself to something delicious from local business owners in Placerville? Within a short driving distance of Placerville Speedway, vacationers can enjoy burgers, café treats, and hearty meals from intimate dining establishments. If you’re happy to travel, then more offerings are available toward the city center, such as pies, chicken, and barbecued meat.


Both food and beverages are available within a short walking distance of the grandstands at Placerville Speedway. Here, you can pick up a hearty meal or a light snack, and either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. Make sure you bring cash or a debit card, for credit cards have not always been accepted.



Security workers are positioned at the main ticket booth. Whether you’ve lost something, have an issue, or need to ask a question, they are the people to see. They also check all carry-in possessions to keep everyone as safe as possible and make sure that no one re-enters the facility once the first heats are underway.

When you arrive at Placerville Speedway, don’t forget to lock your motorhome and hide your valuables. There is also a police station within four miles of Placerville Speedway in case you have any concerns on your travels in the area.


It’s always worth checking a weather app before you hit the road for Placerville. Depending on the time of year, you can either expect brilliant sunshine or heavy rainfall. Weather conditions can ultimately impact the activities you take part in, as well. For example, you may be less inclined to go hiking at Inyo National Forest near Fresno when you know it’s going to be raining or icy.

The weather can also play a part in how you prepare your RV. Make sure your heating and cooling units are in tip-top shape, and that your fresh water tanks are full. You can then hit the road with complete confidence that you know what weather to expect.


Exploring outdoor attractions, like Mendocino National Forest, for example, can see the need for first aid care for cuts and scrapes. If you have a first aid kit in your campervan, then you’re sorted for those minor issues.

However, if you encounter any health issues or concerns at Placerville Speedway, there is a dedicated first-aid area to seek help. You can also phone 911 in an emergency or seek out emergency care at the nearest hospital near Rancho Cordova around 25 miles from the track.