San Diego to Tulsa Road Trip Guide


Located along the coast of California, sunny San Diego is a great place to spend some time before heading out on a road trip that culminates in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A bustling metropolitan city, San Diego sees many visitors each year who flock to this seaside haven to enjoy both the sand and surf and the plentiful abundance of recreational activities found in the region.

Located directly above the border to Mexico, San Diego boasts a climate that is amenable year-round. One of the city's most beloved attractions is its many beaches which feature white sand coastlines and turquoise-hued waters.

A city commonly referred to as "the birthplace ofCalifornia," this diverse cultural center makes an excellent starting point for a seven-day road trip that ends in Tulsa. A route that covers many major cities along the way, traveling in an RV to Tulsa from San Diego offers families the opportunity to travel through five states. Along the way, there are many interesting attractions to discover from incredibly scenic state parks to museums, restaurants featuring excellent cuisine, local landmarks, and much, much more.

Traveling from San Diego to Tulsa takes families on an exciting ride from the Pacific coast to the heart of the Oklahoma countryside. From hiking locales with stunning terrain to pristine beaches, incredible shopping, and more, families will find it all on this RV road trip. With lots of rural countryside and small quaint towns along the way, families will have no difficulty finding a campground for an overnight stay in their RV.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum is just a short distance from Bricktown in Oklahoma City. The building houses over 28,000 pieces of art handcrafted by Western and American Indians that once made the region their home. In addition to this extensive set of exhibits, this museum also is home to a large display of items from the American rodeo including photos, barbed wire, saddles, and even trophies from past competitions.

The museum's primary focus is paying homage to the rich past of the American West and its role in history. During the popular Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition which occurs yearly, the building is transformed into an art gallery with the proceeds of all sales benefiting the ongoing work of the museum.

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum shares its space with Prosperity Junction, a property that replicates life in the West at the beginning of the 20th century. Committed to authenticity, Prosperity Junction allows families to experience some of the familiar sights from towns in the early 1900s, including antique player pianos. During the winter months, the museum is home to dramatizations during their annual holiday event known as "The Night Before Christmas."


Bricktown is located in Oklahoma City and offers families plenty to see and do during their seven-day road trip from San Diego to Tulsa. Bricktown is found 266 miles from Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.

Bricktown Canal is a scenic spot where families can take a leisurely stroll, drinking in the beauty that surrounds them. The area is also chock full of great restaurants and clubs, making it the perfect locale to enjoy dinner and a show before retiring back at the RV for the night. In the summer months, water taxi rides are available for a fee.

Bricktown is renowned for its array of excellent restaurants with nearly every type of cuisine represented. Among the most beloved spots are Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse, Bricktown Brewery, and Toby Keith's. For those with a massive sweet tooth to satisfy, a stop by Bricktown Candy Co or Pinkitzel is definitely in order.

The shopping is excellent in Bricktown. Choose from novelty gift items at the Painted Door, Oklahoma memorabilia at Red Dirt Emporium, or some handmade local treats at Jumping Jackalope for things with that unique local flair.

Need a place to stay? Consider spending the night at Oklahoma City East KOA Holiday.

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch is a little off the beaten track, but for unusual landmarks, this spot is well worth traveling to when en route to Tulsa. Cadillac Ranch is 278 miles from Old Town Albuquerque but is on the way to the next stopping point, making it a good place for families to get out and stretch their legs during their drive.
Cadillac Ranch is found along the historic stretch of road known as Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas. It is essentially an art exhibition that was designed and created by artisans with a love for period pieces that represented the era of the 1960s. This group of individuals named themselves The Ant Farm. Local billionaire Mr. Stanley Marsh funded their work. The purpose of the piece was to produce something that defied explanation and would be a source of confusion to those living in the area. To accomplish this goal, the piece was designed to pay homage to a piece of the iconic Cadillac: its tail fin.
To complete the piece, it took ten Cadillacs. Each was submerged nose-first into the sand then partially buried to create a single line of half-buried vehicles

Old Town Albuquerque

Historic Old Town Albuquerque is a great stopping point for families en route to Tulsa on their RV road trip. Located 404 miles from Mesa, Old Town is a popular place for families looking to enjoy the beauty and attractions of this quaint region.

Established in 1706, Old Town is now the hub of Albuquerque, seeing many visitors each year who flock to the city to experience its many perks including boutique shopping, art galleries, and excellent restaurants. The landscaping in this charming city inspires relaxation through its pristinely manicured lawns and colorful flower beds. The walking paths are lined with brick and offer the ideal place for taking a leisurely stroll after a long day of driving.

One of the most popular places to visit while in Old Town is the Plaza located in the center of the city. This region is home to the ancient San Felipe de Neri Church and is a beautiful spot to explore. The church also hosts many cultural events throughout the year that are open to the public.

Other popular places to visit during a trip to Old Town include the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and the Albuquerque Museum; both of which are near enough to the Plaza that walking to them is possible.

Arizona Museum of Natural History

After a day of hiking fun, many families like to unwind by wandering through the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa, Arizona. This much-loved attraction is found only 15.7 miles from Camelback Mountain, making it an easy place to visit after spending the day out in the great outdoors.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History consists of 80,000 square feet of property in total. The museum's mission is to provide an educational experience that focuses on the region's prehistoric past and its significance in American history.

Found within the building are over 60,000 objects, 10,000 photos of ancient artifacts, and many different exhibits and interactive activities for families to enjoy. Arizona Museum of Natural History houses bones from dinosaurs as well as fossil remains of various animal and plant species. Also found within the main building is a diorama of a dinosaur mountain.

One of the most popular attractions here is a mock gold panning site as well as the opportunity to experience what it is like to go on an excavation adventure. There are plenty of activities here to keep families busy for an entire day.

Since it's a long drive to the next destination, many families opt to park their RV at one of the campgrounds in the region to get a good night's sleep before their next day of travel. Two of the most highly recommended campgrounds include Mesa/Apache Junction KOA Journey and Usery Park Campground.

Camelback Mountain

For families looking for a great place to do some hiking, Camelback Mountain will be a breath of fresh air. The drive from Dateland to Camelback Mountain is approximately 248 miles, taking slightly over three and a half hours in the RV.

Camelback Mountain rests near to metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, allowing families to enjoy a day of outdoor adventure coupled with the close proximity to the attractions of big city life. An extremely popular spot with hikers, Camelback Mountain sees a lot of visitors each year.

The property is home to two hiking trails; both of which are considered difficult to navigate. For this reason, they are best suited to experienced hikers. Each of the trails is open to the public from sunrise to sunset each day.

Dogs are not permitted on either trail due to the difficulty level of each path.

Echo Canyon Trail is an out and back path that is just over one mile in total length. For the comfort of hikers, this trailhead offers bathrooms, benches, and access to drinking water. This trail experiences a rapid and steep incline over extremely rocky terrain. Handrails are provided to help hikers reach the pinnacle of the mountain.

Cholla Trail is also an out and back path. It is slightly longer in length than Echo Canyon Trail. There are no amenities provided at this trailhead.

Date Shakes

Dateland, Arizona is worth a stop when en route to Tulsa from San Diego. Located just 85.7 miles from the Viejas Outlet Center, this small town sits between the two towns of Yuma and Gila Bend.

What makes Dateland a must-visit destination? Experts agree that no trip that passes through Dateland would be complete without a trip to Date Shakes, a restaurant renowned for its incredible milkshakes. Along the route, many billboards tout the virtues of "World Famous Date Shakes," encouraging visitors to stop by on their way through town.

Since dates are one of the only fruits that naturally thrive in the desert-like climate of Arizona, they have become a popular addition to food and drinks in the region since the early 20th century. Date Shakes places an emphasis on products produced by hand at their small shop with many of their recipes focused on the humble date. Some of their most popular items include date cream pies, date ice cream, date cookies, and of course, their date milkshakes.

Since the next stop en route is over three hours away, some families might like to make Dateland a place for an overnight stay. Painted Rocks Petroglyph Site and Campground and Gila Bend KOA are great spots to park the RV for a night before heading on to the next stop en route to Tulsa.

Viejas Outlet Center

Just 56 minutes from Sea World San Diego is the Viejas Outlet Center, a popular shopping mall that offers families the perfect place to scoop up some great bargains. Found in the small town known as Alpine, the Viejas Outlet Center is home to several high-end stores selling their wares at bargain-basement prices. Among the goods that can be scored here are clothing, shoes, housewares, bedding, and computer accessories.

But the Viejas Outlet Center is more than just a place to get in some retail therapy during an RV vacation. The area is also home to a beloved hotel and casino, providing families with a chance to try their hand at winning a fortune at the gaming tables before hitting the open road en route to Tulsa.

Alpine is a picturesque little town. A leisurely walk through its charming streets unearths such treasures as handcrafted artworks and verdant green landscapes.

Viejas Outlet Center is also renowned for its incredible restaurants, plethora of entertainment options, and year-round events designed for the whole family to enjoy.

Sea World San Diego

Found at the starting point of this epic journey, Sea World San Diego is a great place for families to spend the day before pointing their RV towards Tulsa. Sea World San Diego covers 190 acres and sits in an area known as Mission Bay Park.

It is quite easy for families to spend a full day enjoying the grounds at this great facility. Sea World houses many different aquatic animals and features daily shows, interactive exhibits, and rides on the grounds. The on-site aquariums allow families to view some of the most unusual, and in some cases dangerous, fish species up close.

Explorer's Reef is an exhibit that allows families to come in contact with sharks. Other water-dwelling species found here include dolphins, penguins, and orcas.

Ocean Explorer is an area designed specifically with children in mind. Here, families will discover rides and opportunities to interact with animals. It is in this section of the park that the Electric Eel rollercoaster is found, a ride that is believed to be the biggest and speediest of its kind in the city.

For families looking to extend their stay in San Diego to do more exploring, several area campgrounds offer accommodations for RVs and trailers. These include San Diego Metro KOA Resort and Kumeyaay Lake Campground.


At the end of such an incredible journey, many families are ready to hunker down for a few days of R&R in Tulsa. But Tulsa has many great attractions to offer travelers as well during their RV stay.

Tulsa, a city also commonly affectionately referred to as T-Town, is a booming metropolitan city. The second-largest in the state, Tulsa is the true center of Southern charm, offering families some of the best night life, shopping, and outdoor recreation in the region.

From the community-built Gathering Place which runs the length of the scenic Arkansas River to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and even the Tulsa Zoo, many adventures await each traveler during a visit to Tulsa.

But before plunging into the cool things to do in this great city, families will want to get their RV accommodations nailed down to ensure they have a comfortable place to relax. Tulsa offers many different campgrounds for families to choose from. Some of the most popular include Tulsa NE / Will Rogers Downs KOA Journey and Tall Chief Cove Campground.

For a road trip you'll never forget, load up the RV and get ready to enjoy the route from San Diego to Tulsa. You'll have an amazing time!

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