San Jose to Salt Lake City Road Trip Guide


Sunny San Jose in the beautiful state of California is home to many tech giants like Apple and Netflix. It’s best known for having sky-high rent prices and is the capital of Silicon Valley. Spanish colonizers founded the city in late 1777 and it was the capital of California for a few years in the 1800s. This bustling city is home to beautiful weather all year round, amazing seafood that’s freshly caught, and great job opportunities.

Many people visit San Jose to catch a baseball game or to explore the unique architecture that the area has. Just like anywhere else in the country, if you live here, you like to get away for a weekend every once in a while for a relaxing vacation. Thankfully, there are plenty of motorhome rentals in San Jose that make it even easier to take a road trip. With the beautiful city of Sante Fe just 800 miles away, it’s time to pack your bags and head out the door for an unforgettable road trip!

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 3-5 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: couple

Point of Interest

Crystal Ball Cave

You are almost to Salt Lake City, but trust that this last stop is worth it! The Crystal Ball Cave is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. Located in Garrison, Utah, just over 230 miles from Salt Lake City, the Crystal Ball Cave has tours available to help you safely explore the limestone caves. This place has been around for several decades but looks as if humans have never explored this area. At some points during the tour, you'll like you’re walking on a different planet.

This experience won’t cost you anything, though donations are always accepted to keep the tours available to visitors. When you explore this underground cave, it will feel as if you’re walking through a giant crystal or geode. There are headlamps provided to make it easy to see all of the different formations and crystals throughout the cave. You can camp at Bates Family Ranch if you need to rest up before reaching your destination.

Rye Patch State Recreation Area

After a night at the casino, take a break from electronics and enjoy an afternoon exploring Rye Patch State Recreation Area. This is an amazing place to see and there are plenty of ways to get around. You can hike on one of the many trails in the area or even take out a mountain bike and explore this place on two wheels! Rye Patch State Recreation Area consists of nearly 2,500 acres of nature and wildlife.

There are several different activities that you can do during your visit. After a long hike, you’ll likely be plenty hungry. Why not cast a reel and catch fresh fish for dinner? Cook it over a romantic and cozy campfire to really make the most out of this stop! To make this place even better, the stars shine extremely bright, thanks to the lack of any lighting in the area.

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

You can’t stop in Reno, Nevada without going to a casino. Even though there are several to choose from, the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino truly stands out. There are plenty of table games, slot machines, and games like Bingo to enjoy during your stop. The casino also has a pool that makes the perfect spot to cool off during those hot Nevada summer days.

This resort has a bunch of other fun activities including bowling, an escape room, and even an ice rink. There is shopping nearby if you have some money that’s burning a hole in your pocket. Conveniently, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino also has an RV park where you can stay for the night to get plenty of rest before the last couple of stops on your road trip! The RV park has hookups and amenities to keep you comfortable overnight.

California State Capitol Museum

Whether you’re traveling with a history buff or you’re someone that enjoys politics, making a pit stop at the California State Capitol Museum will make your trip one to remember. There are public tours available every day in the morning, throughout the afternoon until the evening. There is a theater in the basement of the museum that shows films throughout the day. These films are both educational and entertaining.

You are able to tour the grounds yourself without a guide if you’d like. There are special events held at the California State Capitol Museum each month and you may want to plan your trip accordingly! There is a cafeteria-style restaurant and a coffee cart in the basement of the museum for an afternoon pick-me-up. You may want to consider stopping by the gift shop before you head out to get something to commemorate your trip!

Municipal Rose Garden

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in the motorhome, it’s best to start the road trip off by exploring the great outdoors at the Municipal Rose Garden. Founded in 1927, this rose garden is home to nearly 200 different rose varieties and there are over 3,000 shrubs throughout the area. There are over five acres to explore, making it rather easy to get worn out for the trip ahead of you.

You won’t be the only ones there as the Municipal Rose Garden brings in thousands of visitors every year. Not only is this a great first stop, it’s the perfect place for a date. The smell of all of the roses is truly unforgettable. If you want to get some rest before continuing onto Utah, consider staying at one of the local RV parks. Trailer Tel RV Park and Garden City are both great options.


Whether you visit Red Butte Garden, Hogle Zoo, or the Clark Planetarium, Salt Lake City is a beautiful place to stay. There you will be able to explore the Great Salt Lake and much more. Don’t forget to try the amazing local cuisine at one of the local restaurants and have a night cap to celebrate making it to your destination.

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