Trap Pond State Park

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Trap Pond State Park is just one of over a dozen amazing state parks in Delaware, yet at the same time, it is unlike any other in Delaware. As one of Delaware's first state parks and encompassing 3,653 acres, including Trap Pond and Raccoon Pond, the park is one of the oldest surviving pieces of a wetland that used to cover the area. History buffs will love learning about why the lake was originally created back in the 1700s, the history of the area, and the history of other Delaware state parks in the nature center. The park also includes the southeastern tip of the James Branch Nature Preserve, but what makes it so unique is its the vast recreational activities offered at this nature treasure trove. RVers can enjoy exploring trails on foot, bike, or horseback. Once you head out of the camper you will love boating, birding, picnicking, hunting, and visiting the fascinating nature center. Other amazing adventures include playing horseshoes, cornhole, volleyball, disc golf, and more. The park and park store is open year round, with the busiest months being from early June to mid-August. Some RVers choose to go during the fall and winter months when things aren't quite as busy, but not all amenities are available at these times, so make sure you plan your trip ahead of time.

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Transportation in Trap Pond State Park


Getting to Trap Pond State Park shouldn't prove to be difficult, as it can easily be accessed using US-13. Once you enter the park, you'll find most of the "roads" are not paved and are actually trails. The paved roads within the park will take you around the forested section, but won't take you to most of the recreational activities. However, they are all pretty straight and lack any major hairpin turns. The road from the entrance to the campground is paved and should be easy to navigate. You probably won't want to use your RV to get around the park during your stay, so it is worth considering bringing an extra vehicle with you. If you bring an extra vehicle, be prepared to park it in the overflow lot because only one vehicle is allowed per campsite.

If you are staying in the park the easiest place to park is at your campsite. However, there is also parking located at the Day Use Area. If you are bringing your horse with you during your stay you can park at the Horse Trailer Parking Lot, which is located near the Nature Center. There are natures trails that will take you all over the park so it is easy to get around on foot, by bike, or on horseback.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Trap Pond State Park

Campsites in Trap Pond State Park

Reservations camping

Trap Pond Campground

The campground at Trap Pond State Park is very large, consisting of 142 campsites on the pond's northern shore. 12 of the campsites are tent-only, but the remaining 130 can accommodate RVs and trailers between 25 and 50 feet long and feature both water and electricity hookups. The electric sites are available to reserve up to a year in advance, and since it is a popular RV destination all year long, it's recommended you make a reservation.

Many visitors love the feeling of camping right in the middle of mother nature that this campground provides since the sites are within the tall loblolly pines. Besides being right on the lake's shore, a playground, dump site, recycling site, restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities are also available within the campground. You'll also enjoy a fire pit, grill, and picnic table at your campsite. Two hiking trails are also easily accessible from the campground, with one passing directly through the campsites. Pets are allowed at the campground but must be attended to at all times. Two yurts and five cabins are also available within the campground, which requires a reservation if you want to stay there.

First-come first-served

Trap Pond Campground

Getting a spot at this campground is almost impossible without a reservation. They stay pretty booked up and no sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Trap Pond State Park


Attending Day Camps

Kids of all ages can enjoy a variety of both day and overnight camps at Trap Pond State Park. The camps equip children with survival skills and inspire many to be outdoorsy nature masters. They're also a great way to get kids to spend some time outside and appreciate the nature in their everyday lives. Some camps are better suited for older kids, ages 10 to 14, but several short day camps are also available for younger kids. Trap Pond is a perfect place to take a family RV vacation with activities for all ages to enjoy.


If fishing isn't your thing, or you want to get out farther in the water before casting your line, try boating on Trap Pond. Both kayak and canoe rentals are available or you can bring your own to launch from the boat launch. There are even three "trails" within the park for you to follow, the Trap Pond Water Trail, Terrapin Branch Water Trail, and Raccoon Pond Water Trail. For an even more laid back boating experience, pontoon boat tours are offered during the summer months. The boating experience is one of the best in the entire state when you take an RV road trip to Delaware.


Staying at Trap Pond State Park wouldn't be complete without trying your hand at fishing. Whether you're brand new or have years of experience, Trap Pond is the perfect place to spend an afternoon fishing. Exactly what you get will depend on what time of year you go, but visitors report common catches such as crappie, bass, American eel, bluegill, and catfish. Just be sure to get your fishing license before going angling at Trap Pond State Park.



Birding is popular at Trap Pond State Park, but makes an especially good activity during the winter months when not all activities are doable. Whether you're exploring the trails or just relaxing by the pond, there are a plethora of avian species to spot. During the winter months, visitors can spot blue herons, turkey vultures, water geese, mallards, bald eagles, various owls, finches, and sparrows. The park really is a bird lover's paradise year round and the super helpful birding guide available on the park's website lets you know what birds you can spot during what seasons. So don't forget to pack your binoculars in your camper!

Hiking and Biking

Several miles of trails are available throughout Trap Pond State Park of varying difficulty and length. The good news is there are trails that are kid-friendly, like the short half-mile American Holly Trail. Most of the trails are meant for hiking and biking, but a few of them only allow hiking, so make sure you check what is allowed before setting off with your bike. A few of the trails also allow horseback riding. No matter how you choose to explore the trails, you'll certainly enjoy several scenic views of the park and the wildlife that inhabit it.

Playing Disc Golf

A fun, family-friendly disc golf course is available to use at Trap Pond State Park. Disc golf can be enjoyable any time of year. Not a lot of state parks boast this feature, so it's worth giving it a go before you leave the park, even if you've never played before. The course is great for beginners and experienced players alike, and best of all, it's free.

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