Trinidaddio Blues Fest

Don’t miss an opportunity for an RV trip. The Trinidaddio Blues Fest in Trinidad is here, and dozens of top performers are heading to Central Park in Colorado!

Event information

Blues lovers from across the state (and even the nation) will not be able to help but travel to Trinidad, Colorado, for the Trinidaddio Blues Fest. With a focus on local, regional, and international blues performers, it’s little wonder to anyone why thousands of people visit.

In past years, the line up at Central Park has included famous blues artists such as The Sugaray Rayford Band, Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, and Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers. Whether you’re from Colorado or neighboring states, this festival offers the perfect opportunity to take a much-needed summer road trip.

Held in August, this single-day festival is looked forward to every year. It attracts record-breaking crowds and takes place in the wonderfully serene location of Central Park at 700 Smith Avenue.

Not only is there a full day of blues performances, but also a PreFest Party and exclusive VIP perks for those who choose to upgrade their tickets.

This world-class blues festival in Trinidad, Colorado, will blow your socks off with its music and local offerings. Book your tickets, find somewhere to stay with an RV, and start thinking about taking an RV trip today. You’ll surely find it’s the highlight of your year and an excellent introduction to the new era of blues music.


Tickets for the Trinidaddio Blues Festival are often in demand, with blues fans from across the state ready and waiting to buy them online as soon as they go up for sale. In past years, both general admission and VIP tickets have been for sale. These have cost between $40 and $75. Don’t delay in securing your tickets, as you can then plan the rest of your Trinidad vacation around the event.

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Trinidad in Las Animas County, Colorado, is a nature-rich part of the country that attracts millions of visitors. It’s north of Raton, New Mexico, south of Denver, and is well-appointed to the Santa Fe Trail for those who like to get out and about in the mountains.

Driving to Trinidad, be it from the direction of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, or Oklahoma, can be quite distracting. There are so many beautiful natural attractions to capture your attention, that it may be hard to keep your eyes on the road! Leave the sight-seeing to your passengers and stick to the CanAm Highway, I-25, as the main thoroughfare into Trinidad.

If you’re not sure how much time to allow for nature preserve and state park stops along the way, monitor CDOT for road and weather conditions. You can then remain on schedule and stay up to date with possible congestion. When you get to Trinidad, you’ll find Central Park running parallel to the Purgatoire River. Allow extra time to find a parking space, as there is no dedicated parking lot for RVs or tow vehicles.

Parking areas

Trinidaddio Blues Fest does not offer dedicated parking areas for festival-goers. You may park in any legal spot you can find in and around Trinidad. Wear comfortable footwear in case you have a bit of a walk ahead of you, and lock your RV if you are parking it on the street for the day. Note your vehicle dimensions when planning your trip for ease of travel.

Public Transportation

As the Trinidaddio Blues Fest approaches on the calendar, organizers release information on transportation options they have set up for the festival. This might include shuttles from dedicated pick-up and drop-off points in Trinidad. You can also make use of taxi services and rideshare providers in Trinidad, who can bring you from your RV campground near Central Park and back to your vacation home on wheels.

Where to stay


Central Park is a beautiful facility for events, but it’s not available for travelers with an RV to camp overnight. Once you buy your Trinidaddio Blues Fest tickets, consider where to stay with an RV near the event. You will be astounded by the abundance of options, both for primitive RV camping and dedicated campgrounds with service hookups.


With thousands of people visiting Trinidad for the Trinidaddio Blues Fest, you are not going to want to delay in organizing accommodation. The good news is, there is no shortage of places that are accessible with a large RV, and the festival often lists nearby RV camping locations.

If you’re on a budget, then wilderness camping is available at the Apishapa State Wildlife Area. RV camping is also available at Trinidad Lake State Park less than five miles away, and Lathrop State Park is about 45 miles to the north.

Just across the state line in New Mexico, but within half an hour of Central Park, Raton KOA Journey more than delivers on luxury and convenience. It’s also well-appointed to Sugarite Canyon State Park for exploring opportunities once the festival is over.

Many standout RV campgrounds near Central Park in Trinidad sell out fast, but equally as many are on a first-in, first-served basis. Consider arriving a day before the festival to set up your site.

Getting around

Once you arrive at Trinidaddio Blues Festival, you’ll be surprised at how neatly laid out it is. The main stage is central to everything you need, including food and beverage vendors, seating areas, toilets, and more. Set up your seat and settle in for hours of blues entertainment. There will be no need for scooters, skateboards, or similar.

What to pack


The semiarid climate of Trinidad, Colorado, means you can pull your summer dresses and shorts out of storage. Hot summer days are nearly guaranteed, but the high elevation means the nights are often cold. Pack a few warmer layers for once night falls, and you’re back in your RV. You would be surprised at how quickly the mercury drops once the sun sets.


Many RV travelers think long and hard about the camping and cooking equipment they need for a trip into Colorado. While it’s paramount to think of your off-the-grid RV camping needs for trips to places like Spanish Peaks State Wildlife Area and the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, what about the festival?

You will need a photo ID to receive a wristband for alcoholic beverage purchases, a lawn chair, cash, and rain gear. This rain or shine event often experiences both rain and sunshine. Leave large and bulky items back in your RV, including food and beverages, frisbees, and umbrellas.

Health & Safety

With warm weather a common feature of the Trinidaddio Blues Fest, it pays not to skimp on sun safety supplies. Bring plenty of sun lotion, a sunhat, and sunglasses. The Trinidaddio Blues Fest team provides trash stations, drinking water, port-a-potties, and hand sinks to cater to the rest of your health and safety requirements.

If you plan on adventuring around Trinidad to fun places like Culebra Peak and Carson National Forest, then don’t forget to pack plenty of drinking water, toiletries, a first-aid kit, and any prescription medication you require.

Where to eat


How you cook for your family and friends can depend on where you set up camp. Some established RV campgrounds in Trinidad offer fire rings with grills, picnic tables, and even communal cooking areas. Others allow you to use your onboard kitchen appliances and grills, both charcoal and propane. Be aware of the RV camping rules for your location before you start cooking.

If you didn’t bring enough grocery supplies for camp-style hot dogs or omelets, then never fear! Trinidad delivers tenfold. There is a grocery store within a one-mile driving distance of Central Park. Plenty of local stores throughout Trinidad also ensure you never go hungry.


After a full day of walking at Trinidad Lake State Park, you’re bound to be near famished. Wander back into Trinidad and treat yourself to a hearty meal with your family and friends. Choose from Mexican, Chinese, fast food outlets, and even dedicated dessert stores. Whether you’re gearing up for the Trinidaddio Blues Fest or winding down from it, Trinidad satisfies all hungry tummies.


As no food or beverages are allowed into the Central Park blues festival venue, you can guarantee they have plenty of options to suit. Food vendors are abundant at Trinidaddio Blues Fest, so make sure you bring plenty of cash to ensure you can buy your first choice. Plenty of dietary requirements are also catered for, offering you peace of mind.



One of the most important things to remember on your RV vacation in Trinidad is that you need to lock your RV and stow your valuable possessions out of sight. Whether you’re at the festival or exploring natural attractions in Colorado like the Rio Grande National Forest past Spar City, security is essential.

At the Trinidaddio Blues Festival, bag and person checks will take place at the gate. You must also present your valid ID to be issued with a wristband to buy alcoholic beverages. If you require assistance on your travels in Trinidad, seek out the Trinidad Police Department within a mile of Central Park.


Summer in Trinidad is hot and dry, with temperatures often as high as 85 degrees-Fahrenheit. However, as soon as that sun sets, they can plummet to the low 50s. Prepare for both by carrying plenty of blankets onboard your RV, but also making sure your heating and cooling units are in excellent working condition. Travel with plenty of water for your RV and drinking as well.


Trinidaddio Blues Fest hosts make sure there are plenty of places to access drinking water, as well as toilets and washbasins. If you start to feel unwell at the festival, or you have a medical emergency, approach an official and dial 911. There is a hospital within three miles of Central Park, and a pharmacy for first aid supplies within a one-mile drive near Picketwire Valley.