University of Arkansas Tailgating

The University of Arkansas Razorbacks have a legacy going back decades, with over a dozen teams in their athletic program. Mascots Big Red and Tusk are mainstays at sporting events and beloved by fans. RVers are welcome to join the tailgating near Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

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With Arkansas as one of the few states without a professional sports teams, locals have poured all their passion into rooting for the University of Arkansas, which is part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), one of the most revered organizations in college athletics.

The Razorbacks, apart from being an academic institution, have an athletic legacy going back decades. The University of Arkansas has over a dozen athletic teams in multiple sports. Their mascots, Big Red and Tusk, are mainstays at sporting events and beloved by fans. Big Red is a costumed boar, while Tusk is a live Russian boar.

Gamedays in Fayetteville are a spectacle, and the tailgating begins early. There are many tailgate options available, but fans will happy to know that RV parking spots are available. The party, however, is only half the fun, and eventually, all fans make their way to Donald W. Reynolds Stadium, also known as Razorback Stadium, which seats 76,000 fans. Be ready to shout, "Sooie" as a part of the Hog Call and show your team support.

Historically, the games were split between Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville and War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. Now, only home games against Mizzou are played at War Memorial. Regardless of the sport or stadium, the Razorbacks are a top-quality team with a zealous fanbase and modern facilities.


To watch the Razorbacks take the field at Donald W. Reynolds Stadium, you’ll have to buy tickets first. Luckily, they are affordable. Tickets for football games begin at around $35, with an average price of $60, but the price can fluctuate based on the opponent. Apart from single-game tickets, you can also purchase season or mini-plan tickets, which include three games. While football remains the undisputed king, the other athletic programs are worth watching, and the tickets for those games are even more affordable.

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Fayetteville is in the northwest corner of Arkansas, and it’s near the Ozark National Forest. The state’s capital, Little Rock, is only three hours away by car. If coming from the north or south, you’ll want to take I-49, which is the only interstate that runs through Fayetteville. The flow of traffic changes before and after the game, so pay close attention to signage.

Parking areas

Whereas other stadiums allow RV parking at various parking lots, Razorback Stadium has one lot with approximately 100 RV parking spaces, which is called Roadhog Park. Non-members can park on a first-come, first-serve basis for about $150, which is good for seven days. Water is provided when you arrive, and there are four dump stations on site. Electricity is only available for Roadhog members. RVers are allowed to bring in a tow vehicle.

Public Transportation

There are two shuttles that ferry passengers from the parking lots to the stadium four hours before the game, which are the Silver and Gold Route Public shuttles. Both of these shuttle routes also drop off passengers after the game. If you’re at Roadhog Park with your RV, you’ll want to take the Silver route.

Where to stay


Unlike most other college or NFL RV parking lots, the Roadhog parking lot is open all week, and, for $150, you can stay for seven days. You can even leave your RV at Roadhog Park in between games. There are a few amenities, such as water and dump stations, but electricity is reserved for Roadhog members.


If the comforts of Roadhog Park are not enough for you, consider parking your RV at a nearby campground. There are a couple of RV campgrounds in Fayetteville, but there are more if you don’t mind the drive. The Eureka Springs KOA, which is an hour away, is tucked away in a scenic, wooded area. Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area rests about 30 miles to the northeast of the Razorback Stadium.

Getting around

Roadhog Park is a bit of a jaunt from the stadium, especially during the heat, and you may want to take the complimentary shuttle. The Silver route begins its journey four hours before the game starts, and it picks up passengers from Roadhog Park. Razorback Stadium also provides a bike valet, which you can use to store your bike during the game. The dropoff is on the east side of the Arkansas Union.

What to pack


In regards to temperature, Fayetteville is warm in the summer, with cool temperatures in the fall. If watching a game in the winter, pack warm clothing. You’ll also want to pack your favorite Razorbacks shirts, polos, sweaters, and other similar clothing. Pack red and white clothing to show your team spirit in Arkansas.


If you’re going to tailgate at Roadhog Park, bring a tent, grill, and other tailgating essentials. You’ll want to keep your space clean, so it’s a good idea to bring a roll of trash bags. In order to travel and get around the city, it might be nice to bring a tow car, which you’re allowed to park beside your RV.

Health & Safety

The University of Arkansas is adamant when it comes to it’s drinking policy, which prohibits the public display and consumption of alcohol. Grilling is allowed, whether it’s with propane or charcoal, but tailgaters must keep their eye on the grill at all times. Dumping coals or ash at the lot is not permitted.

Where to eat


If you are cooking for your fellow tailgaters, it’s best to keep things simple. Finger foods, kabobs, and grilled veggies are fan favorites on game day. Refillable water containers help keep things simple and easy to manage. Stock up on supplies the day before so you can start prepping the food as early as possible.


Fayetteville holds its own when it comes to eating out near Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Dining options present a variety of different cuisine, from Mexican to Thai. Fans can expect to find a selection of creative local grills and eateries within a 20-minute walk from the stadium.


If you forgot to wear your favorite red and white Razorback shirt, you’re in luck. There are multiple fan supply stores inside the stadium that can provide you with what you need.

Razorback Stadium has a great selection of food at its various concessions, such as pizza, burgers, nachos, and other options. There are six ATMs located throughout the stadium.



While most fans do not need to bring in a bag, the stadium has a strict clear bag policy in place. Bags that are larger than a clutch purse must also be clear. Guests can use a clear, plastic food storage bag if needed. Umbrellas, outside food and drink, strollers, and selfie sticks are not permitted. Smoking is not allowed on campus or at the stadium, and that includes electronic cigarettes.


Summers in Arkansas are warm and sunny, but fall can be cool and sometimes chilly. Temperatures drop in the winter, and the average low can drop to below freezing in December and January. It snows a few days every year, but it’s uncommon in Fayetville.


There are five first-aid stations at Donald W. Reynolds Stadium, and there are another three satellite stations throughout the stadium. Defibrillators can be found around the stadium. The nearest hospital is 12 minutes away, in case of an emergency. Pharmacy services have been less than a mile in recent years.