University of Missouri Tailgating

University of Missouri is the home of the Tigers and Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium. Fans refer to the stadium as “The Zou,” and the M-I-Z-Z-O-U chant is the university’s proudest tradition, led by Truman the Tiger. Pack up the RV and stay overnight for a Tiger's game.

Event information

The University of Missouri is the home of the Tigers and Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium. The field was named after Don Faurot, a legendary Mizzou coach. The stadium comfortably seats 62,000 fans, which makes it the third-largest stadium in the State of Missouri.

Fans refer to the stadium as “The Zou,” and the M-I-Z-Z-O-U chant is the university’s proudest tradition. The cheer is led on by Truman the Tiger, named after Missouri native President Harry S. Truman. The costumed Bengal tiger is a fan-favorite, and the crowd goes wild when he enters the stadium in his vintage fire truck, known as Truman’s Taxi.

While the Mizzou Tigers are one of the three SEC teams with a tiger mascot, they are proud of their unique culture and traditions. Game days are fun for all, and, if you want to immerse yourself in Mizzou traditions, head over for the Tiger Walk, which is where players enter the stadium. A Tiger Walk takes place two and a half hours before the game.

For those that want to grill, have a good time, and swap Mizzou football stories, head to Truman’s Landing, the RV tailgating parking lot.


Mizzou prides itself on its athletics, and, although they are known for football, their men’s and women’s basketball teams are great as well. Football tickets are affordable, and Tigers fans can find decent seats in the $40 to $60 price range, but premium seats are more. Games against rivals and big-name opponents usually drive up the price.

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The University of Missouri’s campus is situated in the City of Columbia, which is between Kansas City and St. Louis. If coming from either of those cities, take I-70 for the fastest route. On game days, the flow of traffic changes around the stadium, and Mick Deaver Drive partially closes.

Parking areas

Truman’s Landing is the only RV parking lot on stadium grounds and the best place for a tailgate. You must purchase a parking ticket online. If there are any available tickets on game day, you may purchase one in cash only. Truman’s Landing opens the evening before the game. You may park an accessory vehicle, such as your car or trailer, beside your RV.

Public Transportation

If you decide to park your RV elsewhere and you’re in need of a ride, take the Columbia Transit Shuttle bus, which picks up at several locations around town and is relatively inexpensive. When you’re done tailgating and ready to head inside the stadium, use the MO-X shuttle that picks up passengers at Truman’s Landing.

Where to stay


Truman’s Landing tailgaters are allowed to stay overnight at the parking lot but must be gone by noon the day after the game. A complimentary sewage service is often available on Sunday mornings, but that’s all the amenities the university provides. If you prefer a more extended stay or additional amenities, check out RV campgrounds near Tigers Stadium.


If you want to stay somewhere near the stadium, you’re in luck. There are a handful of privately owned RV campgrounds in the City of Columbia, and there are some a bit further away. Book your stay ahead of time for the best chance of securing a space if you wish to stay near Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium.

St. Louis West / Historic Route 66 KOA may already be near your route if coming through St. Louis from the east, or you may encounter Kansas City East / Oak Grove KOA along I-70 from the west. Alternatively, you can park your RV at Mark Twain National Forest, but do note that it is about a three-hour drive from Columbia.

Getting around

To reliably get from the parking lot to the Memorial Stadium, use the MO-X shuttle. Those who park on lots that are east or south of the stadium can ride on one of the complimentary shuttle carts, which run 90 minutes before the game.

What to pack


Columbia can reach high temperatures during the earlier part of the football season, so it’s best to pack comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Bring a pair of sunglasses and a hat with black and gold. Pack warm clothes if attending a game in November or December and consider a Tigers scarf or gloves to show your team support.


With hot temperatures at the beginning of the season, you’ll want to pack a shade tent no bigger than 10’ by 10’. You can bring a generator to tailgate, but make sure it has a noise-reducing device as not to disturb others. Grills are allowed, and the university provides receptacles specifically for hot coals.

Health & Safety

It’s a good idea to bring strong sunscreen for any time of the year. For any medical issues, keep a first-aid kit in your RV or your stadium-friendly bag. Accidents happen sometimes, and it’s best to be prepared. Watch tent poles and guylines at your Tigers tailgate spot as well as your neighbor's, and help the kids know to avoid them as well.

Where to eat


When you’re cooking for a tailgate, easy-to-handle finger foods are never a bad idea. Chicken wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, and other easy-to-prepare foods are well-loved by all. If you consider yourself a real grill master, make some Kansas City BBQ for your guests.


Columbia is a trendy college town with dozens of unique restaurants. With such proximity to Kansas City, you may want to try the BBQ in this area. Kansas City BBQ is smoked, saucy, and delicious. Another state delicacy is the Missouri-style pizza, which is a thin-crust pizza that is cut into squares.


Hungry fans are in for a treat when visiting Memorial Stadium because there are plenty of concessions. Tigers fans will find no shortage of amazing food and snacks, so don’t fill up at the tailgate. For official Mizzou merchandise, head to the Tiger Team Store, which is located inside the stadium near Gate 1, or visit one of the other stores throughout the stadium.



Fans are allowed to bring approved items in clear bags. Bags that are not clear will not be allowed inside the stadium. Other prohibited items include noisemakers, large signs, weapons, strollers, and umbrellas. If you lose an item, head to one of the guest service booths. Lost items that are not collected are handed off to the school’s police department.


The average low temperature for December in Columbia is 27 degrees, and the summers are hot and may reach 90 degrees. Missouri often experiences severe spring storms, and in December, snow is common, so be sure to monitor local weather stations as you embark on your RV trip to the University of Missouri.


EMS teams roam Memorial Stadium throughout Tigers athletic events, and there are multiple first-aid stations, too. Fans are encouraged to ask for assistance from any stadium employee. Medical emergencies should be attended to immediately, so do not hesitate to call 911. The university has its own hospital, and it’s located less than a mile from the stadium.