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Information About Upland, CA

Nestled in the picturesque San Bernardino Valley, the town of Upland, California was incorporated in 1906. The area of Upland originally became somewhat utilized by colonists in the 1770s as the area around it began to be decorated by Spanish missions. Upland lies right along the Old Spanish Trail, the route that one would follow to reach these mystical missions. As the area became more developed, Upland formed into its own community. Now part of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, the central location of Upland allows RV enthusiasts and adventurers the perfect middle ground between bustling Los Angeles and the natural wonders of Southern California.

With its wide streets, you’ll have no difficulty driving around in your RV rental in Upland. However, you can also jump aboard an Omnitrans bus. With 35 routes serving the San Bernardino Valley, you’ll have no difficulty reaching your destinations with plenty of time to spare.

When you book an RV in Upland, you’ll quickly realize that this centrally located town gives you easy access to anything you may need on your adventure through the Californian deserts and forests. As you travel around with a motorhome rental near Upland, you’ll be blown away by the changing landscapes and the ever-growing modernization of Southern California.

The Great Outdoors        

Just north of Upland is the sprawling Angeles National Forest. Almost acting as a natural barrier north of Los Angeles, the Angeles National Forest is bursting with exploration opportunities perfect for a day trip or an overnight excursion. If you’re just looking to spend the day, there are plenty of shorter hiking trails that will lead you through some of the most beautiful woodlands and up to some of the most breathtaking mountain lookouts. If you’re looking for a longer adventure, the Pacific Crest Trail runs through the park and you can challenge yourself by doing all or some of the 176-mile trail. Either way, the seemingly seamless transition from scrubland to woodland will make you feel as though you’re traveling great distances to see this natural beauty when in reality, you’re just a stone throw’s away from Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for a little bit of challenging hiking, but nothing to rigorous, head to Chino Hills State Park. Just south of Upland, Chino Hills is at the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains. You can go hiking over the tall hills and gaze down at the valleys below and up at the blue California sky above you. As you walk around, you’ll be treated to sights of the nearby Santa Ana Mountains plus, if you’re quiet, you might be able to see some of the more than 200 species of wildlife that call Chino Hills home, such as coyotes, rabbits, and deer.

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, turn your Upland RV rental south to Limestone Canyon Regional Park and Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. While they are two different parks, they share a border. So, if you plan to make the hour and a half journey south of Upland, you may as well spend some time in both parks.

Limestone Canyon Regional Park is home to a breathtaking canyon made up of layers of light and bright limestone that make for a very stark contrast against the dark green foliage in the area. You can go hiking along the crest of the canyon and gaze down at the natural wonder below.

On Limestone Canyon’s southern border is Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. At Whiting Ranch, with its 17 miles of trails, you can hike through the oak woodlands, climb through the pink and orange canyons, and take your shoes and socks off and play in the creeks that crisscross the park. You’ll go from surreal landscape to surreal landscape as you explore this perfect little pocket of Southern California.

RV Parks

After exploring around Southern California, you’ll want to find a place to park your Upland camper for the night.

Just to the west of town sits Fairplex KOA RV Park. Here, you’ll find full hookups, WiFi, a pool, an on-site convenience store, and even breakfast. After your long day of hiking through the Californian canyons, you can unwind in the park’s hot tub.

Still west of Upland is the East Shore RV Park. At East Shore, there are sites with full hookups, on-site laundry facilities, bathroom blocks with showers, and a convenience store. Not only that, but there is a playground for the kids, a lake stocked with trout and catfish, and even basketball and volleyball courts.

Explore the City

After you’ve driven your Upland RV rental by owner all over Southern California, it might be time to turn it back to town and learn more about the area.

Just to the west of town is the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. You can stroll through the gardens and be dazzled by the local Californian flora, inspired by the local artist installations and exhibitions. Find delight in the punny garden names, such as the Grove of Thorns. You’ll learn all about the native plant life and how people throughout history have relied on and interacted with their natural surroundings.

If you’re looking for something indoors, the Cooper Regional History Museum is the perfect place to spend the afternoon. You can learn all about the factual history and the cultural history of the Upland and San Bernardino County region. If you’re lucky, they may even be hosting a concert with local artists while you’re in town.

While in Upland, be sure to treat yourself to some of the famed Southern California Cali-Mex food. A little lighter than it’s well known cousin Tex-Mex, you’ll enjoy the fusion of California and Mexican cooking styles as you relax from all of the bouldering and hiking you accomplished that day.

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