The Northern Shore of Hawaii is known for its peace and tranquility. Haleiwa is a chill surf town known as the social and artistic center of the region. There are many unique boutiques, surf shops, amazing restaurants and quaint art galleries. It's a country setting here, you'll have scenic views, and watch the local wildlife.

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Stay And Explore Near Haleiwa

Kaiaka Bay Beach Park

Haleiwa, HI

A park located on a peninsula with no major street nearby, you'll have much tranquility while you listen to the sounds of the beach. This 53 acre beach park offers plenty of space to relax, play ball, or have a picnic. You'll have scenic views of the Waianae Mountains and you can marvel at the giant stone mushroom or otherwise known as the balancing rock, legend has it that it floated ashore.

Papa?iloa Beach

, HI

Known as the ?Lost? beach, since part of the series was shot here, your eyes will be filled with scenic landscapes. This long white-sand beach has shallow reef lines much of the coastline, so it is not a prime beach to go swimming, but this makes it a quiet beach. You can watch sea turtles, and if you?re into surfing, check out the off shore surfing spots known as the Himalayas.

Waimea Bay

Haleiwa, HI

If you?re looking for big waves this is perhaps one of the most iconic spots. When surfing was starting to pick up in the 1950s, the surfers would come to Waimea to challenge the waves. Located close to downtown Haileiwa, you can buy food and have a picnic here or enjoy a culinary experience from the food trucks.

Kauai Path

Kapaa, HI

Explore the Coconut coast by walking, jogging or biking Kauai Path. You can bring a picnic and enjoy side paths to the ocean every mile or so. You can start in South Kapaa and make your way North to Kealia Beach, approximately 7 miles in length.

Lydgate Beach

, HI

You can find a safe place to swim, snorkel and explore marine creatures. There are two rock enclosed ponds, which create natural pools where small reef tropical fish tend to visit. The beaches have a lifeguard, and make it the perfect atmosphere for beginners to learn snorkeling.

Na Pali Coast State Park

Kapaa, HI

Na pali (which means high cliffs) features beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. These emerald cliffs rise at 4,000 feet along the shoreline, where you'll find waterfalls within a rugged terrain. It is said that this landscape has remained intact and it appears as it did centuries ago. There is no access for vehicles, and the best ways to explore this gem are by hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, or by helicopter.

Priceville Botanical Gardens

Princeville, HI

This is a family grown and operated botanical garden, with showcases exotic flowers, delightful fruit trees, organic homegrown chocolate and beehives. There are tours where you'll get a taste of homemade chocolate, honey, seasonal fruit samplings, and where you'll learn about native Hawaiian flora, tropical medicinal plants, sacred flowers, and more.

Pali Ke Kua Beach (Hideaway's Beach)

Princeville, HI

After a tough hike, your reward is coming upon a secluded cove like beach. This gem is mostly hidden by palm trees and rocks. This is a perfect place to snorkeling once the tide is calm. Bring a picnic and enjoy this private beach.

Queen's Bath

Princeville, HI

Queen?s Bath is an open-air lava tube, which creates a natural spring swimming pool with caves. But this trip is for the experienced hiker and swimmer. It?s a bit of a treacherous hike and there are strong waves, but it?s well worth it. You'll be greeted with views of 20 foot waves and pristine beaches. Make sure you go during low tide.

Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park

Kailua-Kona, HI

Kaloko means pond and here at this park you can view important wetlands which harbor native birds, and the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, which is one of the only 2 mammals native to the Hawaiian Islands. Honokohau means "bay drawing dew" and it?s a reference to the ancient settlement which today is an archaeological site. Here you can hike and discover ancient fishponds, houses, petroglyphs and sacred sites. You can also marvel at the Ai?opio Fishtrap a 1.7 acre pond which is enclosed by stonewall which serves as an artificial enclosure to trap fish.

Honaunau National Historical Park

Kailua-Kona, HI

Honaunau is a 180 acre national park that preserves a sacred place. You can admire the tikis that stand around the bay, walk through an ancient Hawaiian village and witness how the kings of Hawaii once lived. Demonstrations of Hawaiian games, poi (taro-root paste) pounding, canoe making, and more events are frequently scheduled. There are natural pools and a picnic area. Nearby is an excellent snorkeling place composed of a lava shelf.

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