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Discover Honolulu, HI

The island of Oahu is home to Honolulu, the capital and well-traveled gateway to this chain of volcanic islands. This city on the island’s southern shore hosts everything from fine dining and high-end shopping to island trailheads, crashing waves, and historic landmarks.

The island is rich in history and boasts both a turbulent and volcanic past, as well as one that has seen the many changes people have brought here. At the very core of this island getaway is the “aloha” spirit. It is the combined working of the heart and the mind of each person and it is what brings us all together while learning about one’s self. It is an exploration that many come to immerse themselves in.

During a stay on the “heart of Hawaii”, what better way to take in all that the island offers than when you book an RV in Honolulu? When you are no longer limited to hotel stays and hoping for vacancy during your travels, you open up a whole new world of outdoor opportunity. Give yourself the freedom you deserve to experience all that the island has waiting for you.

City Trails

Take the Honolulu RV rental in any direction and you won’t be disappointed. From breathtaking ocean views to volcanic hillside escapes, the island beaches were just the beginning of the natural beauty that this island has to offer.

Honolulu stretches out past bustling, vibrant neighborhoods to the foothills of many trailheads. The forested trails range from moderately difficult, like the Ka’au Crater and Mau'umae Trails, to those like the Manoa Falls Trail, that are more of a leisurely walk.

The Manoa Falls Trail is popular among families and is only a 15-minute drive from the hustle of Honolulu. It gets pretty moist here in this Hawaiian rainforest microclimate, so expect to get wet and at least a little muddy. The reward of this shorter hike is a spectacular view of the Manoa Falls, the tallest of Oahu’s waterfalls.

North of Manoa Falls, and another 15-minute drive with the RV rental in Honolulu, Lulumahu Falls captivates on its own as well as with the forested trail to get there. This waterfall sits near the Kaniakapupu Ruins, a treasured part of Hawaii’s history. Parts of this trail are deemed private land, so tread accordingly through the mystical Hawaiian jungles.

Island Paradise

Often, those who rent an RV are looking for experiences, and what better world to explore than an island paradise? When your adventures take you from trails to the coast, don’t miss out on Honolulu’s oceanfront.

Several beaches, parks, and beach parks line Honolulu’s Pacific borders. There are several to choose from when you take the Honolulu camper rental to this edge of the island. Snorkel, swim, and surf wherever the winds lead you.

The waves washing along Waikiki give way to a family favorite, the Honolulu Zoo. Continuing on westward, the massive crater at Diamond Head is another beloved stop, along with the dolphin encounters at Kahala Beach.

Take the RV rental in Honolulu, Hawaii a little farther west to the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, where you can appreciate the fragility of the reef and diversity of marine life. Then, finish off the day at Makapu’u Point, where you can visit tide pools and a lighthouse built in the early 1900s.

Eat, Shop, Stay

Many other gems of Oahu lie beyond the stretches of Honolulu’s borders. An RV rental near Honolulu is the perfect way to make sure you get to experience all of the island’s hidden treasures. There’s so much to do, so much to see, and so much to experience here.

Back in Honolulu and now headed in the opposite direction, the notable Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is a perfect stop for the history buff. Next door, dine and shop like you would expect when surrounded by such tropical glamour.

Speaking of shops, Honolulu is a shopper’s dream destination. Between Waikiki and Ala Moana, alone, there are over 290 shops! Foodies will have a good time here as well, with over 80 dining options in this same small stretch.

Both RV parks and resorts pepper the spaces between Honolulu neighborhoods and toward the coast. There are so many options as to where to park the Honolulu motorhome rental, you won’t have to go far.

Stocking up for your RV adventures is also easy, as Honolulu hosts many shops, as well as a local Walmart. You will also find no shortage of campgrounds, where RVs are generally welcome. These are a fantastic alternatives if you prefer to stay outside of RV parks.

Still undecided? You shouldn’t be! Do your island getaway right. RV rentals can introduce you to the fulfilling, fun, and fantastic vacation experiences that Honolulu and the rest of Oahu can provide!

RV Rentals in Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, HI is the perfect spot to start your next road trip.

There are many popular rentals in Honolulu. Outdoorsy's Honolulu RV rental marketplace allows renters to choose from rental options from professional RV rental agencies as well as RVs for rent by owner.

RV and Motorhome Rentals Nearby

Nearby to Honolulu are a number of National, State and Local parks. Travelers can easily rent RVs and motorhomes near Diamond Head Crater Park, Round Top Forest Reserve, Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve, Koko Head Park, and Makapu‘u Point State Wayside.

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What's around Honolulu, HI

Check out local hikes, campgrounds, parks and more!

Local Hiking Trails

Hiking Trail City State
Haiku Stairs (Stairway To Heaven) from Kuneki St. [CLOSED] Honolulu Hawaii
Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail (Kaiwi) Honolulu Hawaii
Aiea Loop Trail Aiea Hawaii
Maunawili Falls Trail Kailua Hawaii
Kaiwa Ridge (Pillbox) Trail Kailua Hawaii
Koko Crater Trail Honolulu Hawaii
Diamond Head (Le'ahi) Summit Trail Honolulu Hawaii
Lulumahu Falls Trail Honolulu Hawaii
Kuliouou Ridge Trail Honolulu Hawaii
Manoa Falls Trail Honolulu Hawaii

Nearby Campgrounds

Kaiaka Bay Beach Park

campground Haleiwa, HI
A park located on a peninsula with no major street nearby, you'll have much tranquility while you listen to the sounds of the beach. This 53 acre beach park offers plenty of space to relax, play ball, or have a picnic. You'll have scenic views of the Waianae Mountains and you can marvel at the giant stone mushroom or otherwise known as the balancing rock, legend has it that it floated ashore.

Papa?iloa Beach

attraction None, HI
Known as the ?Lost? beach, since part of the series was shot here, your eyes will be filled with scenic landscapes. This long white-sand beach has shallow reef lines much of the coastline, so it is not a prime beach to go swimming, but this makes it a quiet beach. You can watch sea turtles, and if you?re into surfing, check out the off shore surfing spots known as the Himalayas.

Sunset Beach Park

campground Haleiwa, HI
Another beautiful quiet beach of the North Shore, where you can bask in the sun, enjoy the big waves and watch wildlife, the annual Van's Triple Crown of Surfing event takes place here, which draws a lot of crowds and there are much activities around this time, but otherwise it?s a prime spot for relaxing.

Camp Mokule`ia

campground Waialua, HI
Mokule`ia means ?a place of abundance?. During your stay here you'll have an abundance of activities to choose from, wonderful food and plenty of rest. You'll enjoy an oceanfront, which is home to sea turtles and seals. This beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or relaxing while watching the rising and setting of the sun. Within reach are trails, a nature reserve and you can try your hand at skydiving, gliding, and horseback riding.

Waimea Bay

attraction Haleiwa, HI
If you?re looking for big waves this is perhaps one of the most iconic spots. When surfing was starting to pick up in the 1950s, the surfers would come to Waimea to challenge the waves. Located close to downtown Haileiwa, you can buy food and have a picnic here or enjoy a culinary experience from the food trucks.

Nearby Parks