Lihue, HI RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$125 / Night
0Black and Gold  Lihue, HI
1Black and Gold  Lihue, HI
2Black and Gold  Lihue, HI
3Black and Gold  Lihue, HI
4Black and Gold  Lihue, HI
5Black and Gold  Lihue, HI
6Black and Gold  Lihue, HI
7Black and Gold  Lihue, HI
$75 / Night
01996 Toyota Corolla  Lihue, HI
11996 Toyota Corolla  Lihue, HI
$165 / Night
0Uli Kai  Kauai, HI
1Uli Kai  Kauai, HI
2Uli Kai  Kauai, HI
3Uli Kai  Kauai, HI
4Uli Kai  Kauai, HI
5Uli Kai  Kauai, HI
6Uli Kai  Kauai, HI
7Uli Kai  Kauai, HI
8Uli Kai  Kauai, HI
$165 / Night
0Kukui  Kauai, HI
1Kukui  Kauai, HI
2Kukui  Kauai, HI
3Kukui  Kauai, HI
4Kukui  Kauai, HI
5Kukui  Kauai, HI
6Kukui  Kauai, HI
$165 / Night
0Ruby Tuesday  Kauai, HI
1Ruby Tuesday  Kauai, HI
2Ruby Tuesday  Kauai, HI
3Ruby Tuesday  Kauai, HI
4Ruby Tuesday  Kauai, HI
5Ruby Tuesday  Kauai, HI
6Ruby Tuesday  Kauai, HI
$165 / Night
0Patsy  Kauai, HI
1Patsy  Kauai, HI
2Patsy  Kauai, HI
3Patsy  Kauai, HI
4Patsy  Kauai, HI
5Patsy  Kauai, HI
6Patsy  Kauai, HI
7Patsy  Kauai, HI
$165 / Night
0Mr. Salt  Kauai, HI
1Mr. Salt  Kauai, HI
2Mr. Salt  Kauai, HI
3Mr. Salt  Kauai, HI
4Mr. Salt  Kauai, HI
5Mr. Salt  Kauai, HI
6Mr. Salt  Kauai, HI
7Mr. Salt  Kauai, HI
$165 / Night
0Janie  Kauai, HI
1Janie  Kauai, HI
2Janie  Kauai, HI
3Janie  Kauai, HI
4Janie  Kauai, HI
$119 / Night
0Lulu Van-Gogo  Kapaa, HI
$150 / Night
02004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
12004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
22004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
32004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
42004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
52004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
62004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
72004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
82004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
92004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
102004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
112004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
122004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
132004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
142004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
152004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
162004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
172004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
182004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
192004 Toyota Tacoma  Koloa, HI
$150 / Night
004 Tacoma Doublecab  Koloa, HI
104 Tacoma Doublecab  Koloa, HI
204 Tacoma Doublecab  Koloa, HI
304 Tacoma Doublecab  Koloa, HI
$135 / Night
02006 Ford Ford F150  Koloa, HI
12006 Ford Ford F150  Koloa, HI
22006 Ford Ford F150  Koloa, HI
32006 Ford Ford F150  Koloa, HI
42006 Ford Ford F150  Koloa, HI
52006 Ford Ford F150  Koloa, HI
$149 / Night
0Beach, Love & Camping  Waialua, HI
1Beach, Love & Camping  Waialua, HI
2Beach, Love & Camping  Waialua, HI
3Beach, Love & Camping  Waialua, HI
4Beach, Love & Camping  Waialua, HI
5Beach, Love & Camping  Waialua, HI
6Beach, Love & Camping  Waialua, HI
7Beach, Love & Camping  Waialua, HI
$200 / Night
0RV Sprinter Van  Haleiwa, HI
1RV Sprinter Van  Haleiwa, HI
2RV Sprinter Van  Haleiwa, HI
3RV Sprinter Van  Haleiwa, HI
4RV Sprinter Van  Haleiwa, HI
5RV Sprinter Van  Haleiwa, HI
6RV Sprinter Van  Haleiwa, HI
$125 / Night
02013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
12013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
22013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
32013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
42013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
52013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
62013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
72013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
82013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
92013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
102013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI
112013 Ford Ford F150  Mililani, HI

Recent traveler reviews in Lihue, HI

Bryce and Melody were amazing! We were able to arrange for pick up and drop off at the airport without any difficulties. They gave us great tips, pointers and suggestions about...
My wife and I had the best time on Kauai just because of he amazing 4Runner. We spend 9 nights in it and have been all around the island. If you love being outside all day with...
This was easily the highlight of our trip to Hawaii. Bryce and Melody were not only extremely nice and accommodating, but they had thought through every little detail so that...
We spent 6 days exploring and camping in the Green Bandit and it was easily the highlight of our trip!! We only wish we'd rented it for longer! It's just the best to beach camp...
Albeit older, the car is in very good shape. It is equipped with everything you need for camping out. Things are very well organised and thought through to the last detail. The...
The car it was perfect! The best option to explore Kauai!!!
Had the most amazing experience. Bryce and Mel could not have been kinder or more helpful without being overly fussy about everything. Saying we had to come back with the Toyota...
Genuinely one of the best trips we've ever done. Great vehicle with pretty much all the gear you'd need. Bryce and Melody were awesome guides too - a wealth of knowledge on the...
Bryce and Mel did a fantastic job of communicating clearly with us, extending loads of aloha and good vibes and providing everything we needed for a great vacation. Bryce picked...
What an awesome experience! Bryce was easy to work with and the truck came with everything we needed and more. I've been to the Hawaiian islands many times but this was by far...
Hula Girl treated us very well as we explored Kauai! Bryce was an excellent host who provided us with great insights on places to see on the island and made sure we were set up...
We had 3 days and 2 nights with our 4runner and were able to accomplish everything we had planned. Bryce was timely and very helpful when we arrived, and the vehicle was stocked...

RV Rentals in Counties Near Lihue, HI

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Ka'ena Point Trail (from South) Waianae Hawaii
Ehukai Pillboxes Haleiwa Hawaii
Mount Kaala Trail Waianae Hawaii
Canyon Trail to Waipoo Falls Kekaha Hawaii
Waimano Falls Trail Pearl City Hawaii
Puu O Hulu Waianae Hawaii
Ka'ena Point Via Farrington Hwy Waianae Hawaii
Hanakapi'ai Falls Trail Hanalei Hawaii
Kealia Trail Honolulu Hawaii
Na Pali Coast (Kalalau) Trail Hanalei (Kauai) Hawaii