2006 Forest River Sunseeker

Class CHumble, TX
Sleeps 829 ftYear 2006
200 miles/day freeUnlimited generatorEasy to DriveGood for Families or Groups

Meet your host, Anna

Member since 2019

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Class CRental #123343

It’s nice & cozy. A home away from home.

  • Sleeps: 8 guests
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Transmission: Automatic

Owner rules

  • Pet friendly
  • Music festival friendly
  • Tailgating not allowed
  • No smoking


  • Daily$206.00 /night
  • Weekly$166.00 /night19.4% discount
  • Monthly$146.00 /night29.1% discount
Minimum stay
1 night
Refundable security deposit
24/7 unlimited roadside assistance
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Cancellation policy flexible
  • Free cancellation for 48 hours after booking, as long as you cancel more than 14 days before departure.
  • If canceled more than 5 days prior to departure:
    • Insurance is refunded
    • 100% of the booking total is refunded
    • The service fee is not refunded
  • If canceled within 5 days prior to departure:
    • Insurance is refunded
    • 75% of the booking total is refunded
    • The service fee is not refunded
Free unlimited use
Generator usage
Unlimited generator hours

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June 2021
2006 Forest River Sunseeker

2006 Forest River Sunseeker







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About the host, Anna


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Lynell J.

May 20215

This was my very 1st trip in an RV and Ms Anna made it very enjoyable WE had an amazing time and will do this again in the near future

Kimberly C.

March 20213

This unit is a solid unit as far as getting you to where you are going. It isn't fancy, but did the trick. Do NOT rent this unit if you are not experienced with RVs and/or if you have never rented an RV before. Anna is busy, works nights, so she basically handed us the keys and sent us on our way, which was fine for us because we are experienced RV users. If you are expecting someone to sit down and give you an orientation/overview of the unit, rent from somewhere else.
We had a couple of issues along the way that we needed to troubleshoot (late at night) that we couldn't address with Anna until the next day, so it meant that we stayed one full night with no water/electricty/heat. Anna is great to work with, but she doesn't know alot about the unit, so she had to reach out to others for answers. Our issue ended up being really minor (loose fuse) but we didn't know how to trouble shoot it. The propane bottle on the unit was EMPTY when we picked up the unit, which we didn't realize until we arrived at our destination and our food in the refrigerator wasn't cold. Bummer. Anna was 100% willing to make it right so she told us to get propane and she would reimburse us; however, by the time we realized the propane issue, we had totally connected the water/sewer lines...which meant we had to disconnect everything and drive a few miles to the nearest propane dealer, then drive back to the park and reconnect to the sewer/water. Very inconvenient. Overall, we had a great time. The unit got us where we wanted to go.

Latina S.

January 20213

The owner was very laid back with explaining all the functions of the RV. Definetly do your homework prior to renting an RV. I was expecting a more detailed approached at hand off. This was an okay first experience with riding in this RV. The next time we will be a little more experienced and pick a newer model for a smoother ride. A huge plus was unlimited miles and generator use.

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Jeffrey T.

October 20201

Generator didn’t work. While I didn’t expect it to use it a lot , did want to use 3 out of the 7 days. Check engine light was on entire trip and apparently anna thinks it’s not an issue.

Zarafshan S.

August 20205

The RV drove so smoothly and we had a lot of fun with little to no complications. Although we had a minor issue with the electrical gauge but that has nothing to do with Anna's customer service. Anna was super helpful and responded to our questions very quickly. I would suggest replacing the electronic gauge but for us the electronic gauge was not a show stopper. I believe it was really not a big deal. Nonetheless it was a great trip and a smooth and safe travel in the RV. It really felt like a mini home which is ideal when you are traveling. I would recommend traveling with maybe 8 people instead, to compensate with the sleeping arrange. The bathub was way too small for us. Not convenient to shower in at all, but at the end of the day there were RV parks and it ended up not being too big of a deal. This problem was the RV manufacturers fault and not Anna's. With that being said Anna's customer service was amazing and I would highly recommend getting this RV. It's very comfortable to sleep in and for our first time in an RV, we have no regrets whatsoever and would definitely get this RV again.

Anna’s answer

Thank you so much, Zarafshan! I am so glad y’all had such a great time! I strive to make sure all my renters experience that same quality of service! Again, thank you! Take care & be safe!

Alicia H.

October 20191

Anna is awesome as a person; however, the RV did not match our expectations. Radio is mediocre and had more static than sound. The inside was still dirty from the previous renter. The pic below was only what we swept up under the right side couch. When we left, from an eyes view, we thought we only had to do a quick sweep; however it was bags of trash left (party favors, table linens, and champagne flutes)in the overhead compartments for us to clean out, confetti still on the floor, as well as mop and wipe down the RV. Not to mention the huge stain covered up by linens shown in the pic below. When we took the linens off to place clean ones the below pic is what we found under it. In all honestly, that alone would’ve been a reason NOT to get the RV had we known. Next the “poop” tank was not empty. When we brought this to her attention she said the monitor was not accurate. When we emptied it ourselves, the monitor showed that it was empty, so it was accurate. Bad alone we have to dump our own, but others?? Gross indeed. Next issue we noticed was that we couldn’t get the plugs to work, so no electricity in the RV. Called Anna, and she had to call someone else to assist us. Luckily we have some type of electrical knowledge, we were able to get it working. Final and major issue was that WE HAD NO WATER the entire trip! Talk about roughing it. Luckily we bought plenty of jugs of water just in case. Called Anna and no help there, she directed us to the same individual that couldn’t help from afar. Really couldn’t keep calling her as she had to go to work so we we were stuck. So yea rough trip indeed. She didn’t ask if we got the water working UNTIL we brought back the RV. Found out that there was an issue with the pump. All of this could’ve been avoided if Anna was knowledgeable about the RV and had done the needed checks and balances prior to day of rental. As stated nothing against Anna, but this experience was horrible for us.

2 Photos submitted by Alicia H.

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