State Parks in Texas

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State Parks

Abilene State Park, TX

28 RV rentals

Spending time exploring the vastness of Texas makes for the ideal family vacation. There are so many breathtaking places to visit and big-city fun to enjoy in the Lone Star State. Book an RV in Taylor County and mosey on over to Abilene State Park for swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking in the great outdoors. RV camping at Abilene State Park gives you the perfect opportunity to visit Abilene, just a mere 16 miles to the southwest of the park.

Make some time to visit Cisco, a place with lots of small-town charm, located about an hour’s drive to the east of the park. The bustling metropolis of Fort Worth is about two and a half hours east …

Amistad National Recreation Area, TX

3 RV rentals

Amistad National Recreation Area is a shimmering oasis in the heart of the Southwest. The cobalt blue reservoir is surrounded by soaring limestone cliffs and set at the confluence of the Rio Grande, Pecos, and Devils Rivers. There are plenty of opportunities to make a splash, whether you're basking on the beach, launching a boat, or casting a line for black bass. The park's name is derived from the Spanish word for friendship, which makes Amistad National Recreation Area a fantastic place to enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest. History buffs will love discovering prehistoric Native American rock art and soaking up the vibrant mix of American and Mexican cultures.

If you're planning a getaway to the Southwest, …

Atlanta State Park, TX

96 RV rentals

Astonishingly not located in Georgia, Atlanta State Park is a scenic camping, birding, and fishing destination tucked away in the northeast corner of Texas. Situated along the shores of the pristine Wright Patman Lake in Atlanta, you’ll want to camp in an RV after taking a virtual tour of this place online. Apart from the amazing setting, the park is a formidable hiking destination with a wide variety of trails to choose from. While the trails here are fairly easy for people of all abilities, the park also holds a fair share of trails reserved only for ardent hikers. What is it you’re waiting for, search for an RV in Cass County and have the time of your life RV …

Balmorhea State Park, TX

1 RV rentals

Balmorhea State Park sits on San Solomon Springs in Toyahvale, located approximately an hour’s drive away from Marfa and about 50 minutes away from Pecos. Balmorhea State Park was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and ever since, it has served as an oasis where Balmorhea campers come to cool off. The main attraction at this historic 46-acre park is the spring-fed pool, where guests can relax, swim, and scuba dive.

Another attraction visitors love to explore is the protected desert wetlands. Known as “cienegas,” these restored habitats house a number of endangered species. If you plan to enjoy the beauty of Balmorhea, relax by the pool, or explore the native flora and fauna, book an …

Bastrop State Park, TX

873 RV rentals

The perfect place to bring your RV and explore all the hidden gems it has to offer, Texas awaits with its majestic parks and colorful history. Bastrop State Park in Bastrop is a family-friendly park where you can reconnect and spend time motorhome camping in nature. Don't have your own rig? Book an RV in Bastrop County and explore the surrounding area while RV camping at Bastrop State Park.

The bustling metropolis of Austin is less than an hour’s drive west of Bastrop State Park. Enjoy the day at the park and then head over to the city for a taste of its vibrant nightlife. Smithville is only 15 minutes southeast of the park and offers quaint shopping as well …

Big Bend National Park, TX

0 RV rentals

At Big Bend National Park, you can’t possibly get any closer to Mexico without actually crossing the border — the Rio Grande is the southern border of the park. Located in southwest Texas, Big Bend National Park encompasses the entire Chisos Mountain Range and a vast portion of the Chihuahuan Desert. Find an RV rental in Alpine and drive down to Big Bend for convenient camping, exceptional terrain, and panoramic views.

Venture into nearby towns, such as Study Butte, for a taste of small-town living. Study Butte, just minutes from Big Bend, offers so much for tourists to see, including gift shops, convenience stores, galleries, restaurants, and gas stations. Make a quick stop in Study Butte to pick …

Big Bend Ranch State Park, TX

0 RV rentals

Not to be confused with Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park is located in Marfa, Texas and stretches along the Rio Grande in west Texas, right on the United States-Mexico border. Book an RV in Presidio County and enjoy camping at Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Take a trip to Fort Stockton and enjoy the sights of a small Texas town. Fort Stockton is about a three-hour drive from the park, so you may want to make a day of exploring many of the towns along the way, such as Alpine and Altuda. El Paso is another great destination to visit after RV camping at Big Bend Ranch State Park. Even though San Antonio is about …

Blanco State Park, TX

772 RV rentals

RV camping at Blanco State Park is an experience the whole family will enjoy. If you don't have your own motorhome, search for RV rentals in Blanco County, TX and plan to camp at Blanco State Park to discover all the fun activities at this beautiful recreation area.

Located just on the outskirts of Blanco, the state park offers excellent swimming, fishing, and boating opportunities. Austin is located just over an hour east of Blanco State Park and offers a wide variety of shopping and dining opportunities. An hour’s drive south will take you into historic San Antonio, where you can spend time exploring the city's magnificent history. No matter where you decide to venture next after visiting …

Bonham State Park, TX

643 RV rentals

Sitting on 261 acres of rolling prairies and woodlands, Bonham State Park was constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It is within easy reaching distance of the bustling cities of both Fort Worth and Dallas, providing an ideal escape out to the Texas countryside.

The park is centered around a beautiful 65-acre man-made lake, which was built in 1935, and perfect for a range of water-based recreational activities. Whether you come to hike along one of the many trails, fish from the fishing pier or simply enjoy a picnic with friends and family, the options are endless. So, what are you waiting for, search for an RV rental in Fannin County and go make some memories.

Brazos Bend State Park, TX

577 RV rentals

Nature lovers can’t say enough good things about Brazos Bend State Park in southeast Texas, located roughly an hour southwest of Houston. This nearly 5,000-acre park is situated on the Brazos River and contains multiple ecosystems. Bring your cameras and binoculars and keep a tally of how many different animals you see on your Brazos Bend adventure.

Brazos Bend State Park has a diverse history, all of which is on display in the unique exhibits throughout the park. First settled by natives, the land was later used for cultivating cotton and pecans, cattle grazing, and hunting. The state of Texas acquired the property in the late 1970s, and it became a state park shortly after, with the main focus …

Buescher State Park, TX

983 RV rentals

South-central Texas is home to three of the biggest cities in the state: Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. And centrally located within a few hours of all of them is the scenic Lost Pines area. Buescher State Park is a 1,000-acre park nestled right in the heart of Smithville in Lost Pines.

The CCC constructed many of the buildings and structures in the park in the mid-1930s. Plagued with a recent history of record-breaking heatwaves, this park was nearly burned to the ground back in 2011. Large swathes of loblolly pines were destroyed, but a few patches were saved. This gives the park its unique landscape and interesting history.

If you plan to do a bit of …

Caddo Lake State Park, TX

90 RV rentals

Peaceful, breathtaking, and unique in its own way, Caddo Lake State Park is named after the biggest naturally formed lake in the state of Texas and boasts one of the largest cypress forests in the world. This location offers a magnificent opportunity to paddle the shallows, observe the local wildlife, and simply soak up the splendor of an awe-inspiring environment.

The park entices campers from Texas, Louisiana, and beyond with its near-gothic beauty and mystique. Rising from the shallows are cypress trees cloaked in Spanish moss, while the entwined slough and ponds form marshy labyrinths that shelter a variety of species.

The most captivating feature of the park is Caddo Lake, which can span over 26,000 acres across Texas and …

Caprock Canyons State Park & Trailway, TX

71 RV rentals

In the northern section of Texas, almost equidistant from Amarillo and Lubbock, is the Caprock Canyons State Park & Trailway. When you book an RV in Briscoe County, you’ll be able to explore this state park with ease. Just be sure to spend a few days or more motorhome camping here to see all there is to see. The park was originally opened in 1982 after the State of Texas purchased the land from Theo Geisler in 1975.

But the history of the land that the park is on goes back way further than 1975. The earliest known people to live and explore the area surrounding the park were Native Americans, specifically the Folsom culture, which can be …

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