2001 Fleetwood Tioga with 2-way Propane or Electric Fridge/Freezer

Class CLynnwood, WA
6 seatbeltsSleeps 522 ftYear 2001
100 miles/day freeGenerator includedBudget FriendlyEasy to Drive

Meet your host, Jeffrey

Member since 2017

Owner bio coming soon! Jeffrey is committed to providing great stays for guests.

Class CRental #14497

For Sept 2020 available for delivery to a nearby location of your choosing.
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  • Sleeps: 5 guests
  • Seats: 6 seatbelts
  • Fresh water tank: 36 gallons
  • Fuel: Gas

Owner rules

  • Pets not allowed
  • Music festival friendly
  • Tailgating friendly
  • No smoking

Allow owner to be closely involved in any repair, modification or to help resolve issues rather than doing it yourself. It could prevent damage, loss of time and may be much easier!


  • Daily$135.00 /night
  • Weekly$135.00 /night0% discount
  • Monthly$135.00 /night0% discount
Minimum stay
1 night
Refundable security deposit
24/7 unlimited roadside assistance
Learn more about Roadside Assistance


Cancellation policy strict
  • Free cancellation for 48 hours after booking, as long as you cancel more than 14 days before departure.
  • If canceled more than 14 days prior to departure:
    • Insurance is refunded
    • 50% of the booking total is refunded
    • The service fee is not refunded
  • If canceled within 14 days prior to departure:
    • Insurance is refunded
    • 0% of the booking total is refunded
    • The service fee is not refunded
100 miles free per day You will be charged $0.35 for every mile over per day.
Generator usage
1 free generator hour per day If you exceed the included hour you will be charged $3.00 per hour.

Owner fees

  • To reduce everyones exposure (including owner) please clean interior upon return (use generator or campground or driveway power sources to vacuum, sweep, wipe surfaces, door handles, fridge, bathroom, windows (inside). (Owner will wash exterior and use sterilizing equipment) The required minimum fee if not returned clean inside will be $50 minimum. (poison gas warning: Avoid liquid bleach products down the toilet) common mild soaps are acceptable for most cleaning, if using a product containing bleach wipe off with paper towel and dispose in garbage bag do not flush down toilet.

  • Check with owner about delivery, training, kit, power or generator, water/waste, fuel etc to increase availabilty and save time.

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Enhance your trip

  • (Specify SEATAC or new Paine Field) $64 is one way $128 is both ways (additional after hour fee between 8pm-10am)

  • (Specify Seatac or new Paine Field) $64 is one way $128 is both ways (additional after hour fee between 8pm-10am)

  • Training and fee is required for any use of awning


June 2021
2001 Fleetwood Tioga with 2-way Propane or Electric Fridge/Freezer

2001 Fleetwood Tioga with 2-way Propane or Electric Fridge/Freezer







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About the host, Jeffrey


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Carl V.

June 20215

James T.

June 20213

Jeffery is a very nice owner and easy to deal with.

1 Photo submitted by James T.

Vinita A.

May 20215

Not bad for an older model! Was a great introduction to RVing. Jeff was always available when/if needed and very communicable. Could use some updates and minor repairs cosmetically on the inside, but overall worked as expected!

Chundong W.

April 20215

Host provided very detailed instruction of the vehicle and applicants. The trip is very fun and the kids are getting attached with the car already in 2 days!

2 Photos submitted by Chundong W.

Paul D.

August 20203

It was fine for a first time. We were told to clean it, we did, still charged cleaning fee after wiping all touchable surfaces with antibacterial wipes.

Jeffrey’s answer

People do have differing opinions of what clean is but you can't escape reality, if two other people you don't know tell you it's not clean then it's just not clean. Paul was very well aware of the policy and accepted it fully, we discussed it several times in writing back and forth. The final bill was complete and well explained right after return (same day or next) including that the minimum cleaning charge $50 was required because both I and the next group had to work on the inside otherwise the trip would have to be delayed! Paul didn't contact me after that but 10 days later they asked support to review the charge saying it was unfair. The interior condition was bad enough on return that even after I spent time cleaning and ran out of time, the following party complained about the condition of the interior and had to work on it. During peak season the turnaround time between trips is a loaded time frame with a long checklist. Usually 2 hrs outside cleaning alone (which I am doing at no charge in exchange for customer participation on focusing on the interior cleaning upon return). And many other things must be done. It's not like I have plenty of time and a cleaning crew to take care of it if the renter leaves a mess. It's also not just about dividing chores or fees, this is during a pandemic, taking these trips is increasing everyone's risk and 4 different groups are involved each time (the group before, the current group, the group after and the owner) and I don't want anyone getting sick, including me. So when asked to focus on cleaning inside, what I mean is that I don't want anyone to get sick or dead from a camping trip. The cleaning procedure is intended to reduce cross contact between groups and with the owner. Not to make money off of cleaning charges. I'm not getting rich charging $50 when I've already spent 10 hours for free doing other things. I can spend all day working on the outside and have zero risk, but if I have to go inside and spend time cleaning up right after a group took a long road trip in it, before it's been sterilized.... I'm at risk. The procedures go in a specific order so that no group is exposed to anything except what they encounter on there own trip. (you clean your own dust/germs and I sterilize it even more after) When it arrives I use UV lights and ozone gas inside while I clean the outside, this process alone takes hours. I can't even enter the rv until I finish this first. This keeps me and all groups separated from exposure (at least in theory). Anyone doing a poor job of cleaning the interior or complaining about having to participate or pay the fee is putting peoples lives in danger literally. Most rentals have something closer to a $250 required cleaning fee in normal years, this is not a normal year and $50 is more than fair if you don't complete the cleaning required. According to our drivers licenses at least.... we are all adults here so please wear a mask outside your home and if an rv owner tells you to clean the inside on your return as part of a "Pandemic Response Plan" then do a decent job and stop whining about it. I've lost family and some have been in the hospital for months, its not a Hoax.

Garrett H.

August 20205

The RV looked and worked as promised. Jeff was fantastic in responding quickly and took the time to explain everything. The RV was a great value. It is a little older and does need some repairs, but Jeff was very upfront about everything. Our family had a great trip and it was all thanks to Jeff and this RV!

Jeffrey’s answer

During a Pandemic no less! Thanks Garrett, happy to again.

1 Photo submitted by Garrett H.

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