2001 Fleetwood Tioga with 2-way Propane or Electric Fridge/Freezer

Class CLynnwood, WA
6 seatbeltsSleeps 522 ftYear 2001

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Class CRental #14497

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  • Sleeps: 5 guests
  • Seats: 6 seatbelts
  • Fresh water tank: 36 gallons
  • Fuel: Gas

Owner rules

  • Pets not allowed
  • Music festival friendly
  • Tailgating friendly
  • No smoking

Allow owner to be closely involved in any repair, modification or to help resolve issues rather than doing it yourself. It could prevent damage, loss of time and may be much easier!


  • Daily$145.00 /night
  • Weekly$130.50 /night9.9% discount
  • Monthly$116.00 /night19.9% discount
Minimum stay
1 night
Refundable security deposit
24/7 unlimited roadside assistance
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100 miles free per day You will be charged $0.35 for every mile over per day.
Generator usage
1 free generator hour per day If you exceed the included hour you will be charged $3.00 per hour.

Owner fees

  • To reduce everyones exposure (including owner) please clean interior upon return (use generator or campground or driveway power sources to vacuum, sweep, wipe surfaces, door handles, fridge, bathroom, windows (inside). (Owner will wash exterior and use sterilizing equipment) The required minimum fee if not returned clean inside will be $50 minimum. (poison gas warning: Avoid liquid bleach products down the toilet) common mild soaps are acceptable for most cleaning, if using a product containing bleach wipe off with paper towel and dispose in garbage bag do not flush down toilet.

  • Helps complete your preparation list etc.

  • Check with owner about delivery, training, kit, power or generator, water/waste, fuel etc to increase availabilty and save time.

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Enhance your trip

  • Will be strapped on cargo carrier.

  • (Specify SEATAC or new Paine Field) $64 is one way $128 is both ways (additional after hour fee between 8pm-10am)

  • (Specify Seatac or new Paine Field) $64 is one way $128 is both ways (additional after hour fee between 8pm-10am)


December 2021
2001 Fleetwood Tioga with 2-way Propane or Electric Fridge/Freezer



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Terrill J.

3July 2021

Jeff L.

2July 2021

We were supposed to be able to pick up the RV at 11:30 am. The owner informed us that the RV was in another location and if we were to go and pick it up and bring it to his house, it would save him from being even more late. It costs us $60 for a taxi to go and pick up the RV. We immediately had to put $100 in gas in the RV. We drove to the owners house and didn't get to leave with the RV until 5:00 pm. Wasted our entire day of our vacation. The RV drove awful. If you were going above 40 mph and hit a bump or dip in the road, the top of the RV would sway from side to side uncontrollably. The stereo didn't work. And coming down a steep mountain road, the brakes continuously gave away causing us to slide into a log sticking out in the road, causing damage that will cost me even more. Also, at the end, the owner is trying to charge me for cleaning, when I did clean as he told me to, and is charging me for dumping the tank, when I did dump the tank. This costs me much more than anticipated with additional costs.

Jeffrey’s answer

Multiple accidents including hitting the ferry ticket booth just blocks from pickup (within minutes of leaving they hit something and didn't tell me) The damages nearly totalled the vehicle and the didn't say a word about any of it until after I asked at time of return. They did ask questions throughout the trip about how to use appliances and get plugged in, but deliberately kept damage a secret nearly costing me more cancelled trip. The next customer naturally left a poor review because it was damaged.
Tree stumps don't stick out into the road on appropriate paved roads. If they were on dirt or gravel forest service roads (which I have no doubt they were) it was in violation of contract and of course tire traction, braking on steep dirt/gravel would be a serious concern, they put there lives at risk and caused severe damage! I would not rent to them again and asked the website to block all future rental requests. (I have never had to say that before!)
The gas was left same as picked up so fuel was a non issue (if they dropped it off full then the first receipt could be a fuel credit but they gave it back low on gas). After booking they did not respond/call me back until pickup day so many details needed to be worked out last minute (which is not the best way to get organized). Pickup time is clearly posted at 3pm (not 11) and we were very close to that, I could not reach them and they never contacted me for early phone training so in person training had to be done at time of arrival. This ofcourse means using trip time to do training. Training can take 30-90minutes so departing around 430pm was very normal, they were likely delayed getting onto the ferry because they struck the ticket booth and had to exchange insurance info! The taxi to my location would have been $120 so they saved half of that and it was very close to the airport and they needed to get to the ferry a block from my house so it just made very good sense to arrange the pickup the way I did. It was a "same day turn around" so it was necessary to work hard to keep on schedule. Yes the interior floor was dirty and yes my minimum clean fee is $50. Its prominent at the top of every booking so you can't miss it. When I look down toilet and see liquid waste and when I pull open the valves and it all comes out, the charge is $20 each, 2 tanks is $40. Compared to hitting the RV on a tree stump while driving it's cheep! I always explain how you can do this for free yourself, it's up to you! Trust me it would be just fine with me if everyone dumped the waste tanks before returning it. It's a dirty job but someone does have to do it. The shop has inspected the tires and suspension, so far no problems found and no recommended service. But I'm sure it doesn't help to run over logs!

Frankie P.

5July 2021

Thank you

Jeffrey’s answer

Repeat customer and very happy to work with again 100%
Thank you!

Sarah F.

5June 2021

Jeffrey was great! Very personable, responsive, and gave clear instructions on how to use the RV and it's features. This was a great way for me and my kiddos to survive the record-breaking heat wave and make some great memories too.

4 Photos submitted by Sarah F.

Sarah F.

5June 2021

Jeffrey’s answer

Response for James bellow:
Deliberately negative review
They requested fire wood be stacked up on the bumper cargo carrier which they did not pay for, did not use and did not unload so I had to unload it at my house (some cleaning fee should have been charged)
Of course that meant generator and gas can had to be stored in shower area inside.
Built in generators are nice when they work, when they don't work its useless and can't be fixed all summer. My portable system works well if even needed which is not often.
The Fleetwoods bounce more than the other brands for some reason. Shocks are not even at half life yet. Low tire pressure, wind and speeding on the other hand can make this worse. It is the renters responsibility to drive at safe speeds, report everything to owner asap, have tire pressure checked and this renter did not tell me anything until writing this bad review. Where is the concern for their own safety, my vehicle or the next group not even telling me about anything? False
It has 6 seat belts, they just didn't bother to ask or take them out of the cushions, this small size RV doesn't have any storage, I don't have any junk in rv (I rarely use it myself) it has things customers may need, if you don't use it for your trip that doesn't mean its junk. This group took out the leveling blocks so if they used the fridge without leveling the RV they risked destroying a $2,000 fridge. With 9 faucet handles plus special valves in the water system, ANY drip or use will cause the pump to cycle. That's why it makes sense to turn OFF the pump when not using it, which they did not think to do? No gas fumes inside if you fallow basic instructions for generator and gas can use. Especially if you don't load up your own "junk" on the bumper cargo carrier where things like gas cans are best stored during travel. I am always always happy to answer questions, troubleshoot any problem and even fix or find solutions when needed. But it helps to ask for my help and report things to owner.

Carl V.

5June 2021

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