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State Parks in Washington

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State Parks

Potholes State Park, WA

178 RV rentals

A really easy way to explore central Washington is to search for an RV in Grant County, which is centrally located in the state. This county is home to Potholes State Park, which is a great destination to visit when you are staying in the area. Potholes State Park is a very unique, 773-acre park that has over 6,000 feet of freshwater shorelines for guests to enjoy. The park was originally formed after an Ice-Age event carved chunks out of the land, creating hundreds of tiny islands that are surrounded by small, pothole like lakes.

Potholes State Park is …

Dosewallips State Park, WA

839 RV rentals

Western Washington's Olympic Peninsula is a place of impressive and diverse natural beauty. It's home to untamed forests, towering mountains, scenic rivers, and beautiful coastline. Dosewallips State Park is commonly referred to as the eastern gateway to the peninsula.

Located in Brinnon, a little over two hours west of Seattle, Dosewallips State Park is a 1,064-acre park on the shores of Hood Canal. It offers excellent fishing, boating, birdwatching, and beachcombing, and it's open for camping all year round.

If you're searching for a beautiful Washington state park for relaxed RV camping, Dosewallips may just be your ideal destination. …

Lincoln Rock State Park, WA

583 RV rentals

Lincoln Rock State Park lies at the heart of Washington, a few miles north from the town of Wenatchee, where Routes 2, 97, and 28 meet. Less than a three-hour drive from both Spokane and Seattle, Lincoln Rock State Park is a perfect summer retreat for those renting an RV to escape the big cities.

Mauve crops and rocky outcrops envelop the park. One rock in particular, which has been known by Native Americans for hundreds of years, resembles the profile of Abraham Lincoln, after whom the park is named. The rocks themselves are not strictly within the …

Fort Ebey State Park, WA

1071 RV rentals

What started in 1942 as a coastal defense fort is now a 651-acre recreation area used for camping, mountain biking, and paragliding. The park was named after Isaac Neff Ebey, who was the first permanent white citizen of Whidbey Island. Since this is one of the last defense system forts constructed in the Puget Sound, it harbors many secrets and insights that World War II history buffs will find interesting. To that end, guests are encouraged to have their flashlights at the ready, as concrete platforms, the former underground battery, and gun sites are the main attractions for explorers.

Geologists …

San Juan Island National Historical Park, WA

1065 RV rentals

San Juan Island National Historical Park is located near Friday Harbor, Washington. The historical park is situated on the southern tip of San Juan Island, which is found within the Haro Strait. This branches off the Pacific Ocean which is located farther to the west. It is one of the farthest western islands that is still within the borders of the US in this area, as it is located just east, across the strait, from Canada's Vancouver Island.

There are ferries that connect this series of islands with the mainland. One of the larger towns, locally, is Oak Harbor that …

Wenatchee National Forest, WA

776 RV rentals

Recognizing a need to protect this pristine wilderness from overzealous logging and mining companies, Congress declared a huge swath of Washington wilderness, a National Forest. Officially established in 1908, Wenatchee National Forest saw very little development over the subsequent decades. Considered a low priority, Wenatchee National Forest, for example, received only $250 for developing roads in 1914, which is roughly $6,500 in today’s dollars (as of 2020). In the 70s and 80s, however, the potential for recreational opportunities grew, and a larger budget was allocated to develop that. Wenatchee National Forest was combined with Okanogan National Forest in 2007 to …

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, WA

235 RV rentals

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, located in northeast Washington State, is not far from the towns and cities of Spokane, Chewelah, and Wellpinit. The recreational area lies on the banks of Lake Roosevelt, a lake formed with the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River. Being on the banks of Lake Roosevelt and the Columbia River gives visitors a vast opportunity for all sorts of water-based recreation. From the world-class fishing to the entire spectrum of watersports. The land surrounding Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area is also a landscape of rolling foothills, mountains, and …

Maryhill State Park, WA

599 RV rentals

Set against a backdrop of rolling hills on the northern bank of the Columbia River, Maryhill State Park is a beautiful camping spot with a little something for everyone. Located near Goldendale in southern Washington, this 81-acre park is small in size but offers easy access to a wide range of activities and attractions.

Fishing, boating, windsurfing, and relaxing are all on offer within the park itself, while a world-famous art museum and scores of wonderful wineries are all just a short drive away. Best of all, Maryhill State Park also has a scenic campground where you can set up …

Olympic National Park, WA

866 RV rentals

Tucked away in the northwesternmost point in the continental United States, you’ll find one of the most untouched wilderness areas in the country. Olympic National Park is easy to access from nearby Olympia and Tacoma, making it an ideal destination for visitors looking to rent an RV in King County for their Olympic National Park camping adventure. Seattle isn’t too far away, either. The park is open year-round, but snow and heavy rains can cause seasonal closures. You'll find an abundance of visitors’ centers and ranger stations where you can learn more about the park's ecosystem.

Olympic National Park, inhabited …

Dash Point State Park, WA

772 RV rentals

If you enjoy swimming, kayaking, fishing, and a variety of other water sports, you'll love Dash Point State Park. Located just west of Federal Way on the Puget Sound, and easily accessible from both Seattle and Tacoma, this 461-acre park is all about being on, in, or near the water.

And with an RV-friendly campground that's open all year round, Dash Point State Park is a great place to take the family for a weekend or even a whole week of water-based fun and relaxation. Keep reading to find out how to plan your perfect camping vacation in this beautiful …

Saltwater State Park, WA

776 RV rentals

Located in the scenic state of Washington is where you will find the beachfront Saltwater State Park, an 88-acre marine camping park designated as a "Marine Protected Area." An ideal getaway to the edge of Washington’s largest urban area, it"s very easily accessible, just off Interstate 5. A unique aspect of the park’s location is the fact that it’s at the halfway mark between the cities of Tacoma and Seattle, where both cities decided to literally "bury the hatchet" of a long-standing competition that prevailed between the cities: the hatchet is indeed buried under a rock in the park. …

Paradise Point State Park, WA

759 RV rentals

Paradise Point State Park lies next to the Washington and Oregon border, near Ridgefield, WA, and is known for its peaceful atmosphere. The park is located by the East Fork Lewis River which is a popular spot for fishing and swimming. This state park can be accessed from Interstate 5 with your RV making it very easy to get to.

While the park only covers 101 acres, it’s filled with plenty of stunning places, such as woodlands and ancient cedar forests. There’s also a small apple orchard on the eastern edge of it and a waterfall. The park also …

Twin Harbors State Park, WA

383 RV rentals

Twin Harbors State Park lies in the middle of Washington’s coastline. Only accessible via Route 105, the largest towns of Raymond and Cosmopolis, can be found around an hours drive away and are a great place to stock up on any last-minute supplies.

Situated on the south cape of the idyllic North Bay, it is hard to believe that this pristine state park was once a military training ground. Established as a state park in the early 1980s, the grounds are now open to the public with a plethora of recreational activities on offer such as dune hiking, surfing …

Potlatch State Park, WA

746 RV rentals

The Olympic Peninsula is the northwesternmost tip of the continental United States. It's made up primarily of the Olympia National Forest and contains some of the most scenic sights in the country. On the Hood Canal, an hour from Tacoma, 30 minutes from the state capital of Olympia, and just outside of Hoodsport rests the quaint Potlatch State Park.

In the mid-1800s, the Potlatch region was a settlement for the Skokomish tribe. With western expansion well underway over the next 100 years, European settlers colonized the land and harvested the mighty trees in lumber mills for ship masts. …

Alta Lake State Park, WA

151 RV rentals

Searching for a secluded camping spot with great fishing and a host of other water sports on offer? Alta Lake State Park could be just what you're looking for.

Located ten miles southwest of the town of Brewster, and nestled in the hills near Lake Chelan, this 181-acre park allows you to immerse yourself in the pristine natural beauty of central Washington. Whether you want to go for a leisurely paddle, cast a fishing line, take a refreshing dip, or just relax beside the water, you'll find everything you need in the park.

And with a pretty and serene …

Wanapum State Park, WA

188 RV rentals

Although there were Native Americans and pioneers living around the area for many years prior, the significance of Wanapum State Park was not fully realized until 1932. Professor George Beck taught geology at Washington Normal School in Ellensburg (now Central Washington University). He frequently would take his students on trips to regions with known geological features and instruct them to search the area for unusual features. It was on one of these trips that Beck found a tree log made out of stone. A few short years later, in 1935, the area was established as a state park.

Wanapum State …

Daroga State Park, WA

473 RV rentals

The name, Daroga, is an amalgamation of three brothers’ names: DAvid, RObert, and GRady Auvil. The trio founded a peach orchard company, the Auvil Fruit Company, in the early 1940s and created a new type of peach called Daroga Peach. The original site of the orchard was flooded after the construction of Rocky Reach Dam. The orchard had to be moved further inland as a result. Grady Auvil is also credited with creating the famous Granny Smith apple and bringing Rainier Cherry to Washington State. The site of the original orchard was later sold to Chelan County in 1981 and …

Fort Casey State Park, WA

1073 RV rentals

RV camping at Fort Casey State Park is a great way to see the collection of islands north of Seattle, in the Puget Sound. When you book an RV in Island County, you’ll have easy access to all the islands have to offer, and by taking the ferry system, it is possible to make it back to the mainland easily. Fort Casey State Park was originally created in 1955 after Washington State Parks acquired the land. The park rests on the spot where, starting in the late 1800s, the U.S. Army held the position as a defensive and …

Mount Rainier National Park, WA

839 RV rentals

Mount Rainier is an active volcano that towers above Ashford, Washington. Search for an RV in Pierce County and plan to stay a while exploring all Washington and Mount Rainier National Park have to offer. People flock from all over the country to visit Mount Rainier National Park, which boasts the most glaciated peak in the contiguous United States. Tacoma is only an hour and a half northwest of Mount Rainier National Park and is a great tourist destination.

For visitors seeking the best of both worlds, explore the big city of Seattle, just under two hours away from …

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