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State Parks near Tacoma, WA

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State Parks

Penrose Point State Park, WA

738 RV rentals

Penrose Point State Park immerses you in the natural beauty of the Evergreen State. The 165-acre park is perched on the southern end of Puget Sound and combines lush forest scenery with postcard-perfect shorelines. Beaches are the main draw, with more than two miles of shoreline to discover. Peer into colorful tide pools, harvest local oysters, and enjoy a picnic on the grassy foreshore. The park was named after Dr. Stephen Penrose, a local academic and passionate lover of the outdoors. Today, Penrose Point welcomes visitors from across North America and prides itself on creating a family-friendly, nature-centric atmosphere.

Planning …

Olallie State Park, WA

733 RV rentals

Olallie State Park is situated near the northern edge of Washington and covers 2,329 acres. This park is best known for its stunning landscapes, which range from raging rivers to towering waterfalls. Olallie State Park gets its name from a Chinook word meaning “berries.”

Olallie State Park is a short drive away from Seattle and Tacoma. While summers can be somewhat comfortable, winters can be very windy and snowy.

Getting Outdoors

You’ll find plenty of outdoor activities to do while at Olallie State Park. Hiking is popular thanks to the park’s vast amount of trails. Some trails hikers can choose …

Jarrell Cove State Park, WA

743 RV rentals

Located just north of Olympia, WA, and less than two hours away from Seattle, WA, Jarrell Cove State Park is a 97-acre marine park nestled on Harstine Island. The island has dense forests that are suitable for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. This state park was named after Philura Jarrell, the first pioneer woman who lived on the island.

Harstine Island used to be accessible only by water. A bridge was completed in 1969, allowing vehicles and RVs to get to the island. Nowadays, Jarrell Cove State Park is one of the most visited places in Puget …

Saltwater State Park, WA

776 RV rentals

Located in the scenic state of Washington is where you will find the beachfront Saltwater State Park, an 88-acre marine camping park designated as a "Marine Protected Area." An ideal getaway to the edge of Washington’s largest urban area, it"s very easily accessible, just off Interstate 5. A unique aspect of the park’s location is the fact that it’s at the halfway mark between the cities of Tacoma and Seattle, where both cities decided to literally "bury the hatchet" of a long-standing competition that prevailed between the cities: the hatchet is indeed buried under a rock in the park. …

Potlatch State Park, WA

746 RV rentals

The Olympic Peninsula is the northwesternmost tip of the continental United States. It's made up primarily of the Olympia National Forest and contains some of the most scenic sights in the country. On the Hood Canal, an hour from Tacoma, 30 minutes from the state capital of Olympia, and just outside of Hoodsport rests the quaint Potlatch State Park.

In the mid-1800s, the Potlatch region was a settlement for the Skokomish tribe. With western expansion well underway over the next 100 years, European settlers colonized the land and harvested the mighty trees in lumber mills for ship masts. …

Lake Sylvia State Park, WA

679 RV rentals

Lake Sylvia State Park spans over 233 acres and rests near Washington’s coastline. This state park surrounds an old lumber mill that was once used to provide electricity to the local area. Today, the state park is best known for being home to a handful of bird species, like ducks and eagles, which often nest in the nearby forest and hunt in its waterways.

Lake Sylvia State Park is a short drive away from Olympic National Park and cities such as Olympia and Centralia. This area of Washington tends to be very rainy throughout the year, although summers have somewhat …

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