State Parks near Kennewick, WA

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State Parks

Brooks Memorial State Park, WA

399 RV rentals

Brooks Memorial State Park is situated in south-central Washington 15 miles north of Goldendale, a city and county seat of Klickitat County. The 682-acre seasonal camping park is located just off Highway 97 in between the barren hills of the south Yakima Valley and the pine forests of the Simcoe Mountains.

The park was established between 1944 and 1957 and was named in honor of local resident Nelson B. Brooks, who is credited with developing a fantastic community road system. Book an RV in Klickitat County and plan a rustic retreat at Brooks Memorial State Park, where you'll be able to experience Washington’s stunning environments, epic views, and abundant wildlife.

Catherine Creek State Park, OR

32 RV rentals

Looking for a relaxing weekend getaway in your RV rental? Located just half an hour away from the stunning town of Cove, Catherine Creek Park offers spectacular views of Oregon’s rugged Wallowa Mountains and Catherine Creek. Far away from modern distractions, unplug and rewind on the hilly North Fork Catherine Creek Trail, or kick off your shoes and splash your feet in the cool water of the creek itself.

Once owned by a Mr. Collins, the land was gifted to the county so that it could remain a park. Later in the 1950s, after transferring hands to the state of Oregon, the land was developed for recreation and day-use for the public. To this day, camping near Catherine Creek …

Columbia Hills State Park, WA

645 RV rentals

Sitting on the Northern banks of the Columbia River, Columbia Hills State Park is also referred to as Columbia Hills Historical State Park. This 3,338-acre the riverside park encompasses the 90-acre Horsethief Lake, 12 miles of trails and a variety of outdoor recreation. The park is ideal for horseback riding, biking, and rock climbing. The park is located just 14 minutes from Lyle and a few miles from Goldendale. Columbia Hills State Park was established in 2003 by merging Horsethief State Park and Dalles Mountain Ranch.

Columbia Hills State Park is a home to Native American Petroglyphs dating back to 1957. These historic petroglyphs and pictographs were salvaged from being submerged in Columbia River Gorge area following the construction …

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, WA

627 RV rentals

At 292,000 acre Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is one of the largest and most popular national scenic areas in America and was designated in 1986. This area gets its name from the 85 miles long, and 4,000 feet deep Columbia River Gorge created when Columbia River cuts through the Cascade Mountains. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a year-round outdoor-recreation attraction located just 30 miles from Portland, OR, and approximately 47 away miles from Troutdale, OR. The scenic area lies along the Washington-Oregon border and extends to six counties.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area features cliffs, deserts, rain forests, grasslands, rivers, alpine meadows, lakes, wetlands, and native Indian petroglyphs. In addition, this area is …

Daroga State Park, WA

473 RV rentals

The name, Daroga, is an amalgamation of three brothers’ names: DAvid, RObert, and GRady Auvil. The trio founded a peach orchard company, the Auvil Fruit Company, in the early 1940s and created a new type of peach called Daroga Peach. The original site of the orchard was flooded after the construction of Rocky Reach Dam. The orchard had to be moved further inland as a result. Grady Auvil is also credited with creating the famous Granny Smith apple and bringing Rainier Cherry to Washington State. The site of the original orchard was later sold to Chelan County in 1981 and has been leased to the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission since then.

Central Washington, in contrast with the coastal …

Deschutes River State Recreation Area, OR

630 RV rentals

Deschutes River State Recreation Area lies in northern Oregon, on the border with Washington state and near the towns of Wasco, The Dalles, and Hood River. Deschutes River State Recreation Area is created at the confluence of two rivers, Deschutes and Columbia. These two rivers create some of the most fertile ground for both fishing and watersports for those choosing to visit this borderland recreational site.

Although only 35 acres, Deschutes River State Recreation Area is favorite of both Oregon and Washington campers, as it is only one of 28 parks with camping available all year round. As well as boating and fishing along the two rivers, the Deschutes River State Recreation Area is also great for …

Hells Gate State Park, ID

156 RV rentals

Hells Gate State Park sits on a river bottom that was exposed after the great ice age floods. The result of this is a beautiful park, filled with recreational opportunities, drawing people from Idaho and beyond. The park was also the site of New Perce Village; however, there is little of this left to see now.

The park is located in Lewiston, Idaho, along the states Banana Belt. This and it's higher elevation means that the state park has a long warm period in the summer months, drawing people to search for an RV in Nez Perce County. As well as visiting the park, for those that make use of the campgrounds, there are also nearby towns to explore, …

Hilgard Junction State Park, OR

89 RV rentals

Nestled by the banks of the Grande Ronde River, Hilgard Junction State Park is just outside Baker City, OR. The park is also less than an hour away from Pendleton. This state park features breathtaking landscapes, untouched nature, and very rich wildlife. Anglers are a frequent sight on the banks of the river, as they try to catch bull trout, spring chinook salmon, and many other species.

This 23-acre park is not large but offers plenty of outdoor opportunities for visitors who love to spend their time in the wilderness. Dense woods are a perfect location for wildlife watching as the area has a healthy population of deer, beavers, and minks. Birds can be spotted in the trees …

Iron Horse State Park, WA

724 RV rentals

Iron Horse State Park spans over 1,612 acres and rests within Washington’s Cascade Mountains. The state park was once where a major railroad line passed through, and the track has since been converted into a trail. Iron Horse State Park also contains a few historic railroad buildings, some of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Iron Horse State Park is a short drive away from Seattle and Tacoma. While summers can be comfortable, winters can be very frigid, and temperatures can sometimes drop to below zero.

Lake Easton State Park, WA

729 RV rentals

Impressive and stoic mountain ranges, lanky and robust trees touching the skyline, and friendly, happy-go-lucky residents; sounds like Washington State. Situated comfortably between Seattle and Ellensburg in the tiny town of Easton, Lake Easton State Park is a great hideaway from the bustling life of the metropolitan areas. The park has more acres than the town does people, in case you were wondering just how small Easton really is.

Tucked away in a glacial valley within the Cascade Mountain foothills, Lake Easton State Park is a 697-acre camping park with a whopping 24000 feet of freshwater access along the shores of Lake Easton. Open year-round, camping at Lake Easton State Park draws winter and summer travelers alike. While perusing …

Lincoln Rock State Park, WA

583 RV rentals

Lincoln Rock State Park lies at the heart of Washington, a few miles north from the town of Wenatchee, where Routes 2, 97, and 28 meet. Less than a three-hour drive from both Spokane and Seattle, Lincoln Rock State Park is a perfect summer retreat for those renting an RV to escape the big cities.

Mauve crops and rocky outcrops envelop the park. One rock in particular, which has been known by Native Americans for hundreds of years, resembles the profile of Abraham Lincoln, after whom the park is named. The rocks themselves are not strictly within the boundaries of the state park but are the main attraction of the park that provides a stunning platform on which …

Maryhill State Park, WA

599 RV rentals

Set against a backdrop of rolling hills on the northern bank of the Columbia River, Maryhill State Park is a beautiful camping spot with a little something for everyone. Located near Goldendale in southern Washington, this 81-acre park is small in size but offers easy access to a wide range of activities and attractions.

Fishing, boating, windsurfing, and relaxing are all on offer within the park itself, while a world-famous art museum and scores of wonderful wineries are all just a short drive away. Best of all, Maryhill State Park also has a scenic campground where you can set up camp in an RV for a few nights or more, so it's well worth visiting for anyone exploring the spectacular …

Mayer State Park, OR

633 RV rentals

Mayer State Park is located in northern Oregon, close to the Oregon - Washington border and the towns and cities of The Dalles, Hood River, and Rufus. The park sits in the Columbia River Gorge, a massive canyon of the Columbia River. The picturesque riverside location of Mayer State Park makes it one of the best places to escape the concrete jungle of the many Oregon and Washington cities. The park is a natural wonderland perfect for hiking, nature watching, and dog walking.

Easy access to the Columbia River means Mayer State Park is also ideal for both fishing and boating. This unfrequented Oregon state park is a fantastic place to set up camp with your RV …

Memaloose State Park, OR

638 RV rentals

A spectacular park in the Columbia River Gorge, Memaloose State Park offers a relaxing and beautiful vacation destination for campers of all ages. Located in Mosier, roughly an hour and a half east of Portland, this 441-acre park is a landscape of tall trees, beautiful river views, and peaceful surroundings.

It boasts a shady campground with 43 full-hookup sites and easy access to a wide range of nearby attractions. So if you're planning to head east out of Portland and explore the historic Columbia River Highway, make sure you add Memaloose State Park to the list of destinations worth visiting along the way.

Minam State Recreation Area, OR

94 RV rentals

Minam State Recreation Area lies in northeastern Oregon, close to the towns and cities of Elgin, Wallowa, and Enterprise. Cutting its way through the northern valleys of Oregon, the Minam State Recreation Area encompasses vast swathes of green woodlands, grassland, and the Wallowa River. Many of its visitors seek the great outdoors that only this part of Oregon can offer. From the fantastic fishing and rafting to be had down the Wallowa River, to the woodland hikes and exploration to be had around the park, Minam State Recreation Area has it all.

This endless repetiteur of outdoor recreation makes Minam State Recreation Area the ideal place to take an RV rental. Accessing the park with a rental …

Palouse Falls State Park, WA

259 RV rentals

In the heart of the Washington Palouse region, Palouse Falls formed around 13,000 years ago as the last great glacier scraped and gouged its way north. Palouse Falls is one of the few waterfalls from the Ice Age-era still flowing today in the United States. In 1951, Palouse Falls State Park was officially established, providing it some protection from commercial endeavors. The Palouse region is a gently rolling plains that somewhat resembles sand dunes, especially in late summer, when the heat has set in and browned the wheat and barley to shimmering gold. Largely an agricultural region, most of the towns are centered around farming and transport of grains.

The closest large town, Pomeroy, is about 40 miles to …

Potholes State Park, WA

178 RV rentals

A really easy way to explore central Washington is to search for an RV in Grant County, which is centrally located in the state. This county is home to Potholes State Park, which is a great destination to visit when you are staying in the area. Potholes State Park is a very unique, 773-acre park that has over 6,000 feet of freshwater shorelines for guests to enjoy. The park was originally formed after an Ice-Age event carved chunks out of the land, creating hundreds of tiny islands that are surrounded by small, pothole like lakes.

Potholes State Park is a pleasant place to enjoy some state park RV camping, and since it is centrally located in the state, there …