State Parks near Wenatchee, WA

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State Parks

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA

747 RV rentals

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, in Washington, was originally established as “Alpine Lakes Limited Area” in 1946, but because this classification didn’t protect it from mining operations and commercial endeavors, nature lovers lobbied for several years to increase the protections. In 1976, President Ford agreed and signed an act to reclassify it as a wilderness, “Alpine Lakes Wilderness.” He was heard saying about Alpine Lakes, “anywhere so beautiful should be preserved.” This pristine slice of wilderness is the home of several endangered and threatened animals, including the golden eagle, goshawk, spotted owl, and lynx.

The closest large town is Leavenworth, WA, which is a charming Bavarian-themed town. Many businesses, restaurants, and shops center around this niche, and visitors will find confectionaries, …

Alta Lake State Park, WA

151 RV rentals

Searching for a secluded camping spot with great fishing and a host of other water sports on offer? Alta Lake State Park could be just what you're looking for.

Located ten miles southwest of the town of Brewster, and nestled in the hills near Lake Chelan, this 181-acre park allows you to immerse yourself in the pristine natural beauty of central Washington. Whether you want to go for a leisurely paddle, cast a fishing line, take a refreshing dip, or just relax beside the water, you'll find everything you need in the park.

And with a pretty and serene campground just a short walk from the lake, Alta Lake State Park is the ideal place to visit in a …

Belfair State Park, WA

763 RV rentals

The Pacific Northwest is an absolutely gorgeous destination to explore, and when you book an RV in Mason County, you’ll have easy access to not only the Olympic Peninsula but also major cities like Seattle and Tacoma. Belfair State Park is located just east of the Olympic Peninsula and lies on the shores of the Hood Canal, an offshoot of the Puget Sound. This state park offers a diverse collection of wooded areas and wetlands to explore.

The boundaries of the park contain both water and land, and the combination of wetlands, pebble-filled beaches, tidal flats, and intricate salmon runs will keep you entertained for days on end. RV camping at Belfair State Park is also a great …

Boulder River Wilderness, WA

1042 RV rentals

Located just outside Darrington, WA, and roughly 30 miles away from Arlington, Boulder River Wilderness covers 48,674 acres. Designated in 1984, this area gets its name from Boulder River that weaves through this wilderness. It is one of the ten wilderness areas within the Mount Baker–Snoqualmie National Forest. Boulder River Wilderness is dotted with lakes, waterfalls, alpine meadows, rivers, mountain peaks, and streams. No matter the season you plan on exploring Boulder River Wilderness, you will be treated with rewarding views of the awe-inspiring mountain vistas.

Hike or bike through Boulder River Wilderness rugged terrain to get a view of its diverse plants and animal species. Regardless of your reason for visiting this area, it is always a great …

Bridle Trails State Park, WA

818 RV rentals

Nicknamed “the wilderness in the city," Bridle Trails State Park is a pristine pocket of rainforest in the Seattle metro. The state of Washington purchased nearly 500 acres in 1930 and officially established it as a state park in 1932. It, however, laid largely disused until the late 30s when the Civilian Conservation Corps, operating under President Roosevelt’s New Deal program, cleared out the underbrush and blazed several miles of trails. An extremely horse- and dog-friendly park, Bridle Trails State Park is considered one of the premier equestrian trails in the west.

The town border of Kirkland butts up against Bridle Trails State Park. Just a mile to the northwest, Kirkland is the former home of the Seattle Seahawks, a …

Brooks Memorial State Park, WA

399 RV rentals

Brooks Memorial State Park is situated in south-central Washington 15 miles north of Goldendale, a city and county seat of Klickitat County. The 682-acre seasonal camping park is located just off Highway 97 in between the barren hills of the south Yakima Valley and the pine forests of the Simcoe Mountains.

The park was established between 1944 and 1957 and was named in honor of local resident Nelson B. Brooks, who is credited with developing a fantastic community road system. Book an RV in Klickitat County and plan a rustic retreat at Brooks Memorial State Park, where you'll be able to experience Washington’s stunning environments, epic views, and abundant wildlife.

Conconully State Park, WA

200 RV rentals

One of the Washington State Bureau of Reclamation’s first projects to control irrigation and create reservoirs for local farmers, Conconully State Park was created in 1910 alongside with the Conconully Dam. Washington State Parks took over management in 1945, and officially established as a recreation spot for outdoorsmen and nature lovers.

The neighboring town, Conconully, butts up against the park’s boundaries, and they hold annual events in the park throughout the year. Perhaps the most notable one is the Outhouse Race, held in January. Participants dress in costumes, plop their outhouses on skis, and ride to the finish line. The Outhouse Race has been run since the late 1980s and is fast becoming a popular draw for the local towns …

Curlew Lake State Park, WA

260 RV rentals

Curlew Lake State Park is located in northern Washington state, close to the US - Canada border and the towns of Republic, Curlew, and Tonasket. The park, as its namesake suggests, lies on the eastern shores of Curlew Lake. Flanked by the Colville National Forest, the Ferry National Forest, and a string of mountain ranges, Curlew Lake State Park is located in some of the most idyllic and breathtaking scenery in all of Washington State.

With an endless list of lakeside recreation and a vast area of woodland and foothills to explore, Curlew Lake State Park is the perfect place to take an RV rental in the state of Washington. Accessing the park with a rental RV …

Daroga State Park, WA

473 RV rentals

The name, Daroga, is an amalgamation of three brothers’ names: DAvid, RObert, and GRady Auvil. The trio founded a peach orchard company, the Auvil Fruit Company, in the early 1940s and created a new type of peach called Daroga Peach. The original site of the orchard was flooded after the construction of Rocky Reach Dam. The orchard had to be moved further inland as a result. Grady Auvil is also credited with creating the famous Granny Smith apple and bringing Rainier Cherry to Washington State. The site of the original orchard was later sold to Chelan County in 1981 and has been leased to the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission since then.

Central Washington, in contrast with the coastal …

Dash Point State Park, WA

772 RV rentals

If you enjoy swimming, kayaking, fishing, and a variety of other water sports, you'll love Dash Point State Park. Located just west of Federal Way on the Puget Sound, and easily accessible from both Seattle and Tacoma, this 461-acre park is all about being on, in, or near the water.

And with an RV-friendly campground that's open all year round, Dash Point State Park is a great place to take the family for a weekend or even a whole week of water-based fun and relaxation. Keep reading to find out how to plan your perfect camping vacation in this beautiful Washington state park.

Discovery Park, WA

828 RV rentals

Discovery Park is located in the northwest corner of the Seattle metro area. The park sits on the inner, Elliot, and Shishole Bays, that branch off of Puget Sound, which eventually leads to the Pacific Ocean. Other larger towns in the local area include Bellevue, which is less than 15 miles to the east, and Tacoma, which is around 40 miles to the south.

This is a beautiful area of Seattle to visit. Discovery Park offers a quieter, more secluded and natural setting in a very scenic part of town. In addition, you are just on the outskirts of a large city and can enjoy all the cultural activities and eclectic restaurants, shops and museums available there.

Dosewallips State Park, WA

839 RV rentals

Western Washington's Olympic Peninsula is a place of impressive and diverse natural beauty. It's home to untamed forests, towering mountains, scenic rivers, and beautiful coastline. Dosewallips State Park is commonly referred to as the eastern gateway to the peninsula.

Located in Brinnon, a little over two hours west of Seattle, Dosewallips State Park is a 1,064-acre park on the shores of Hood Canal. It offers excellent fishing, boating, birdwatching, and beachcombing, and it's open for camping all year round.

If you're searching for a beautiful Washington state park for relaxed RV camping, Dosewallips may just be your ideal destination.

Flaming Geyser State Park, WA

722 RV rentals

Flaming Geyser State Park is a hidden gem in Washington that not many know about, despite its close proximity to the sprawling metropolis of Seattle and the capital of Olympia. In fact, if you head along the Route 169 from Seattle, it takes just 45-minutes to reach Black Diamond, the gateway town to this 480-acre state park.

Flaming Geyser State Park is named after its central feature, a natural gas vent that once shot a flame eight feet into the air. Nowadays, the flame is only 6-8 inches tall, but it’s still worth a look during your Flaming Geyser State Park camping adventure, as is the second bubbling geyser that can be found in the park. Other than …

Fort Casey State Park, WA

1073 RV rentals

RV camping at Fort Casey State Park is a great way to see the collection of islands north of Seattle, in the Puget Sound. When you book an RV in Island County, you’ll have easy access to all the islands have to offer, and by taking the ferry system, it is possible to make it back to the mainland easily. Fort Casey State Park was originally created in 1955 after Washington State Parks acquired the land. The park rests on the spot where, starting in the late 1800s, the U.S. Army held the position as a defensive and resupplying depot.

Over time Fort Casey was slowly abandoned, one piece at a time. It wasn’t until the park system …

Fort Flagler State Park, WA

1071 RV rentals

When vacationing in Washington, make sure to check out Fort Flagler State Park. Fort Flagler is located on Marrowstone Island, just 15 minutes from Chimacum, half an hour from Port Townsend, and about 90 minutes north of Tacoma.

This old military barracks was built in the early 1900s as a fort to protect the country during WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. It has since been retired and transformed into a lovely state park. Fort Flagler is the perfect place to go hiking, watch wildlife, or play in the water. Start your vacation by searching for an RV in Jefferson County. Then, gear up for a memorable getaway on the bay.

Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA

944 RV rentals

Established in 1897, Oregon's Gifford Pinchot National Forest is one of the oldest National Forests in the United States. Originally called Columbia National Forest, it was renamed as Gifford Pinchot National Forest in 1949 in honor of Gifford Pinchot, a prominent politician, and advocate. Gifford Pinchot is often is credited with spawning the idea that nature should be protected and preserved for the future. Pinchot was not shy about leaning on his network to achieve his goals of creating national parks and national forests, and one of his close contacts was President Roosevelt, who was like-minded.

The closest large town is Portland, which is about 50 miles west of the southern entrance to the national forest. Portland is considered …