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Information About Layton, UT

Just west of the Rockies, just east of the Great Salt Lake, and just north of Salt Lake City, there sits the town of Layton, UT. With mountain slopes and hundreds of acres of reservation areas almost literally in your back door, when you book an RV in Davis County, you are sure to get your fill of wilderness and wildlife. In addition to offering fantastic access to a number of the area’s most beautiful views and hiking trails, Layton is also a highly family-friendly city. Kids of all ages will love the many attractions of downtown Layton. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Rent an RV in Layton today!

The Great Outdoors

No Layton motorhome rental vacation would be complete without a trip to Antelope Island, a site that, in addition to its namesake animal, is home to about 600 bison, along with tons of mule deer, pronghorn, and bighorn sheep. It’s also a waystation for thousands of migratory birds, although not quite as many as the nearby Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve. On any given day you’ll likely find tens of thousands of birds roosting here. It’s estimated that between four and six million birds feed and rest at Great Salt Lake and its wetlands every year, as the area provides a critical stop on the journey between North and South America. Some of the largest wildlife gatherings around the Great Salt Lake have been in the Shorelands Preserve. It has a number of diverse habitats, with saltwater and freshwater marshes along with sloughs, pools, and mudflats. It was actually the nature conservancy’s first Utah preserve.

Another great site to take the Layton RV rental is the Adams Canyon Trail, the most popular trail in the whole county. Highly accessible, Adams Canyon has a number of beautiful views of the valley below. It’s very rocky, blanketed in scrub oak and white pines and punctuated every here and there with waterfalls. The biggest of these is the 40-foot Adams Canyon Waterfall at the top. If you’re looking for some better views of the Great Salt Lake, though, you’ll be better off at Mueller Park Trail, a 13-mile stretch near Bountiful, covered from its base with pine and fir that give way to Gambel oak and bigtooth maple as you make your way up to the summit. In the final stretch, though, even these fade away, leaving little but stone behind as you approach Elephant Rock. From here, you’ll be able to see all of Mueller Park, Bountiful, the Great Salt Lake, the foothills, and Elephant Island. You also might be able to see some of Layton in the distance, though for views of that city you’d be better off braving Thurston Peak.

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly outdoors outing, consider taking the Layton camper rental out to Patsy’s Mine, a 200-foot tunnel system near Farmington. There aren’t any roads that lead directly to it, so you’ll have to hike a little way to get there. Once you’re in, though, you’ll be able to see exactly where the mine cart system was built. In the back, you can even check out a rusted old set of rail tracks!

RV Parks

After you’ve found a luxury Layton RV rental, you’ll find several lovely RV parks in and around the area. If you’re coming with kids, in particular, you’ll definitely want to consider Lagoon RV Park and Campground. This is a quiet, shaded area right next to Lagoon Amusement Park. It comes with laundry, restrooms, and showers, and it also has a short walking/bicycle trail. Another great place for kids is Cherry Hill, over in Kaysville. With two pools, a Pirate Cove play center, and a “Hamster Haven,” River Run, and more, this is every adventurer’s paradise. Cherry Hill will also get you 50 amps of electricity, and it has space for RVs up to 40 feet in length.

If you’re looking to get a little farther away from the hustle and bustle of the city, have a look at Bountiful Peak Campground. It’s in an alpine basin way up in the Wasatch Mountains, at an elevation of 7,500 feet. Farmington is nine miles away, and there are lots of local trails through the pine and aspen forests. There are also some campgrounds even further out, but you’ll have to individually check with them to see if they allow for RVs.

Exploring the City

There are a ton of things to check out in the city itself with a Layton camper rental, especially if you’re coming with young people (or still have the energy of one yourself). At the Classic Fun Center, for instance, you’ll find practically everything a kid could dream of, including skating, a bounce zone, arcade games, a mini bowling alley, a water park, an obstacle course, and more. Another great place for kids of all ages is Dartside, a giant indoor dart tag arena.

Other fun things to see in Layton include SeaQuest Utah, an interactive aquarium with thousands of different land and sea creatures, and the Layton Heritage Museum.

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