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State Parks in Utah

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State Parks

Green River State Park, UT

86 RV rentals

Located in the town of Green River, and along the west bank of the Green River, Green River State Park covers 53 acres of flat fields interspersed with cottonwood trees. It’s a pleasant space to spend time in the shade of the trees reading a book or as a starting point for a boating expedition along the river.

With easy access to Green River, boating and fishing are very popular outdoor activities in the park. There is a golf course, a campground, and bird-watching opportunities to enjoy. The terrain here is mountainous, and the park is situated at an elevation …

Yuba State Park, UT

708 RV rentals

Located just over 100 miles south of Salt Lake City, Yuba State Park is Utah's hidden gem. With warm waters and sandy beaches, it is no wonder people come from miles around to rent an RV near Juab County. Perched around the Yuba reservoir, it got its name from the people who built the dam, which was built between 1902 and 1917. The reservoir is the key attraction at this state park, with its glinting waters offering a range of recreational opportunities for its many visitors.

Once you have had enough of the beautiful warm water of the Sevier Bridge …

Huntington State Park, UT

395 RV rentals

Huntington State Park is a desert oasis surrounded by chiseled peaks, towering buttes, and sandstone cliffs. A warm-water reservoir anchors the park and lures droves of sunseekers during the hot summer months. Relax on the beach, launch a kayak, or cast a line for bluegill. The park was founded in 1966 and named after the Huntington brothers, a trio of 19th-century explorers who helped develop Emery County and keep the peace between settlers and natives. Today, the park is a treasured outdoor recreation destination for locals and visitors alike. The scenery is fantastic, with the park hemmed in by the …

Willard Bay State Park, UT

889 RV rentals

This park is situated in the north-central portion of Utah, on the shores of a large reservoir that shares its name. The small municipality of Willard sits on the park's fringes. The nearest larger city is Ogden, found less than 20 miles to the south. The state's capital, Salt Lake City, lies around 50 miles to the south, at the southern tip of the Great Salt Lake.

The climate in this region is fairly arid, while plenty of trees can be found spread around the local area, it isn't largely forested. The bay sits adjacent to the Great …

Steinaker State Park, UT

33 RV rentals

Exploring Utah will reward you with mountains, desert landscapes, and plenty of unique cities to keep you entertained. In the northeastern corner of Utah is Steinaker State Park, a fantastic place to visit when you book an RV in Uintah County. Steinaker State Park is named for John Steinaker, who was a member of a pioneer family that settled in the region the park is located. Motorhome camping in this region will give you a sense of what pioneer life was like.

Steinaker State Park officially opened to the public in 1964, and one of the main fabricated features …

Millsite State Park, UT

216 RV rentals

Millsite State Park sits at the southern end of Millsite Reservoir on State Route 10 in Utah and is located right at the mouth of the Ferron Canyon. A great location for a motorhome camping trip, Millsite State Park is popular with adventure enthusiasts from around the state. Located on the western edge of the town of Ferron, the state park is a favorite with off-highway vehicle riders and mountain bikers, in particular, thanks to vast expanses of rugged terrain; a terrain that includes sandstone buttes that rise over 2000 feet, looming above the cool blue waters of the reservoir. …

Zion National Park, UT

140 RV rentals

Zion National Park welcomes more than four million visitors each year, and it’s not hard to see why. Located just north of Springdale in the southwestern corner of Utah, this iconic national park should be on every RV traveler’s bucket list.

Boasting an ancient landscape of vibrant, soaring sandstone cliffs, Zion National Park looks like something out of a movie. It offers breathtaking scenery, a diverse range of flora and fauna, and enough recreational opportunities to satisfy any outdoor adventurer. From canyoneering and kayaking to bird watching and stargazing, there’s plenty to see, do, and explore in this wonderful …

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