State Parks near Provo, UT

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State Parks

Antelope Island State Park, UT

885 RV rentals

An island in Utah? There are actually several islands in the Great Salt Lake, and Antelope Island is the largest. This 15 by 5-mile island is on the northwest side of Salt Lake City and can be accessed by a 7-mile causeway on the north side of the island. Visitors come to Antelope Island year-round for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, boating, RV camping, and wildlife watching. The island's biggest star is the American Bison. A dozen animals were brought here in 1893, and today the population stands close to 600. Other park inhabitants include pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, bobcat, and birds such as hawks and falcons. Over 40 freshwater springs on the island keep the wildlife nourished.

There are signs …

Bear Lake State Park, UT

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Bear Lake State Park, situated along the Utah and Idaho border, is composed of three main areas: Rendezvous Beach, East Side, and Bear Lake Marina. The area was once used by fur trappers, such as Jedediah Smith, and the Native Americans that lived in the area. The city is also near historic areas where old trading posts from the Oregon Trail still stand.

Bear Lake State Park is about 145 miles away from Salt Lake City. One of the parks main highlights is Bear Lake, which has water so clear it’s called the “Caribbean of the Rockies." This park is also situated near the Cache Valley.

Bear Lake State Park, ID

570 RV rentals

Some people may not consider Idaho the perfect getaway; however, there's a hidden gem in St. Charles that's a water lover’s absolute paradise. Packed fun of fun outdoor activities, Bear Lake State Park is only minutes from Montpelier and a variety of shopping and restaurants. Be sure to book an RV in Bear Lake County and spend some time camping at Bear Lake State Park.

The park is situated close to the Utah and Wyoming border, making it easy to visit three states within a weekend of motorhome camping. Salt Lake City is only 133 miles away, or about two and a half hours south of Bear Lake State Park whereas Jackson, Wyoming is about 134 miles away, about two …

East Canyon State Park, UT

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Surrounded by rugged peaks, East Canyon State Park immerses you in the natural beauty of Utah. The park is anchored by an enormous reservoir and is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and water sports. Spend the day relaxing on the beach or rent a kayak and enjoy a scenic paddle. For high-octane thrills, hit the water on a speed boat, jet ski, or wave runner. Scenic picnic sites dot the shoreline and promise lunch with a view.

History buffs will love exploring the nearby Mormon Pioneer Trail, which recalls the journey of pioneers who traveled more than 1,300 miles from Illinois to Utah. Planning a motorhome camping getaway to Utah? Book an RV in Morgan County and you can …

Fossil Butte National Monument, WY

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Fossil Butte National Monument is a fossil hunter’s dream spot. Thousands of marine and land fossils have been found in this region, which was a vast, shallow sea 40 million years ago. Fossil Butte National Monument became established as a national monument in 1972, granting it protection from oil and mining companies.

The Fossil Butte National Monument Visitor Center has on display several examples of fossils found in the area, which includes crocodiles, fish, turtles, and bats.

The closest town is Kemmerer, WY, which is about 15 miles to the east. The small town of about 3,000 residents has a handful of stores and fossil shops, restaurants, and a medical center. Kemmerer is best known as the birthplace of …

Golden Spike National Historic Site, UT

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The Golden Spike National Historic Site is located near Promontory, Utah, in the far north-central portion of the state. The nearest larger town is Perry, found around 30 miles to the east, with the nearest large city is the state's capital, Salt Lake City, at almost 90 miles to the southeast. The park is also less than 50 miles from the state border that Utah shares with Idaho to the north.

This portion of Utah consists mostly of open prairie land, dotted with scrub brush. It is bordered by rugged mountain peaks, and the large, Great Salt Lake, just to the south. This scenic area is a prime place to enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities, such as hiking and camping …

Great Salt Lake State Park, UT

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Tucked away in the northern part of Utah, Great Salt Lake is the largest lake west of the Mississippi, and it also doubles up as the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. To cross it off your bucket list, consider camping in a rental motorhome at Great Salt Lake State Park. The park is located a short distance away from Salt Lake City, making it a perfect place to set up your RV rental due to the proximity to the creature comforts of modern living. To experience the charm of one of Utah’s most asked about tourist attractions, search for an RV in Salt Lake County and make memories camping in an RV right by ‘America’s dead sea."

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Green River State Park, UT

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Located in the town of Green River, and along the west bank of the Green River, Green River State Park covers 53 acres of flat fields interspersed with cottonwood trees. It’s a pleasant space to spend time in the shade of the trees reading a book or as a starting point for a boating expedition along the river.

With easy access to Green River, boating and fishing are very popular outdoor activities in the park. There is a golf course, a campground, and bird-watching opportunities to enjoy. The terrain here is mountainous, and the park is situated at an elevation of over 4,500 feet. Keep this in mind if camping with an RV in spring or autumn, when the temperatures …

Huntington State Park, UT

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Huntington State Park is a desert oasis surrounded by chiseled peaks, towering buttes, and sandstone cliffs. A warm-water reservoir anchors the park and lures droves of sunseekers during the hot summer months. Relax on the beach, launch a kayak, or cast a line for bluegill. The park was founded in 1966 and named after the Huntington brothers, a trio of 19th-century explorers who helped develop Emery County and keep the peace between settlers and natives. Today, the park is a treasured outdoor recreation destination for locals and visitors alike. The scenery is fantastic, with the park hemmed in by the rugged mountains of the Wasatch Plateau and the sunbaked San Rafael Swell desert.

Planning a road trip to the Beehive …

Hyrum State Park, UT

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Hyrum State Park is located in northern Utah, just north of Ogden and Salt Lake City and slightly south of Logan. The state park lies on the northern shores of Hyrum Lake and is the recreation bounty of the lake that brings in its many visitors, season after season. Surrounded by the rolling green mountains and foothills of Uinta National Forest, you will struggle to find a more scenic destination in all of northern Utah. From its impeccable fishing and boating to its wonderland of hiking and nature watching, Hyrum State Park is the ideal place to take a rental RV.

Navigating your way to Hyrum State Park with an RV rental is made much easier with Highway …

Jordanelle State Park, UT

893 RV rentals

With its abundant recreational opportunities, striking natural beauty, and convenient location, Jordanelle State Park is one of Utah's most-loved camping destinations. Located north of Heber City and less than an hour east of Salt Lake City, the park sits on the shores of Jordanelle Reservoir.

Whatever outdoor recreational activity you can think of, there's a good chance you'll be able to enjoy it in Jordanelle State Park. You'll find excellent boating, fishing, and hiking throughout the park, while swimming, snow sports, and picnicking also bring plenty of visitors to the area.

And with a big, RV-friendly campground at the heart of the park, Jordanelle State Park is the perfect place to stay and explore for a few days in a …

Millsite State Park, UT

216 RV rentals

Millsite State Park sits at the southern end of Millsite Reservoir on State Route 10 in Utah and is located right at the mouth of the Ferron Canyon. A great location for a motorhome camping trip, Millsite State Park is popular with adventure enthusiasts from around the state. Located on the western edge of the town of Ferron, the state park is a favorite with off-highway vehicle riders and mountain bikers, in particular, thanks to vast expanses of rugged terrain; a terrain that includes sandstone buttes that rise over 2000 feet, looming above the cool blue waters of the reservoir. 

Camping with an RV at Millsite State Park is convenient if you’re looking to immerse yourself in outdoor activities. Renting …

Mount Ogden Park, UT

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Mount Ogden Park is in Ogden, UT, which is in the northern portion of the state and is one of the larger towns in the local area. Salt Lake City, the state's capital, is situated only around 30 miles to the south, while the Great Salt Lake is located less than 20 miles to the west of the park.

This portion of Utah is a beautiful area with so much to do. As there are several larger cities found locally, there are plenty of museums and big-city activities to enjoy. With the large lake to the west of town and towering mountains situated just east of the city's center, there are also many outdoor recreational opportunities to be found …