State Parks near Bozeman, MT

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State Parks

Bannack State Park, MT

87 RV rentals

Bannack State Park rests within an old Montana ghost town from 1862. The area was named after the Bannock Indians and once served as the capital of the Montana Territory before it was moved to Virginia City. Guests to the park can still see buildings remaining from this time period which has been restored.

The park is located in the southern part of the state and is situated near the border of Idaho. Bannack State Park is located near a few major cities and towns, such as Bozeman and Jackson. The park is also next to a few beautiful outdoor destinations, such as Grasshopper Creek and Beaverhead River.

Black Sandy State Park, MT

124 RV rentals

Black Sandy State Park is located in west-central Montana near the towns and cities of Helena, Great Falls, and Deer Lodge. The park lies on shores of Hauser Lake and is one of the few to do so making a unique attraction to those with an RV rental in the local area. Black Sandy State Park encompasses everything that’s appealing to camping in the state of Montana. From its picturesque mountain views - perfect for trekking and hiking to its crystal clear lakes and rivers ideal fishing and boating. Rent a camper near Black Sandy State Park, and you can lose yourself in this Eden-like wilderness in the heart of the ‘Treasure State.’

Making your way to …

Buffalo Bill State Park, WY

39 RV rentals

This park is located near the northwestern corner of the large state of Wyoming. The nearest town is Cody, found around 10 miles to the west. This state is one of the most rural in the country, so towns are few and far between. The nearest true city is Billings, MT, located more than 100 miles to the north, while the state's capital, Cheyenne, is found over 400 miles to the southeast.

This park sits in a relatively dry region, sometimes known as a high desert. Due to this, visitors should expect very few trees or little shade to protect them from the sun's heat in the summer. The area is also known to frequently be windy. …

Custer National Forest, MT

133 RV rentals

In 1907 the US Forest Department became concerned about the risks of overgrazing and mining Montana and purchased a huge swath of land. This area was originally called Otter National Forest. However, sometimes in 1908, the romanticized stories about the Battle of the Little Bighorn and Custer’s Last Stand approached a fever pitch, and the Forest Department caved to the pressure and changed it to Custer National Forest. The Forest Department steadily added large land purchases over the subsequent decades. Today, Custer National Forest sprawls across a large chunk of eastern Montana, spilling over into South Dakota.

The closest large town depends on which part of Custer National Forest one is visiting. Bozeman, MT, is a growing ski town that …

Gallatin National Forest, MT

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Gallatin National Forest is situated in the southwest portion of the very large state of Montana. It is bordered by the larger town of Bozeman on the north and runs to the state border of Idaho to the south. On its south end, the forest also meets up with the northern border of Yellowstone National Park, which is in northwest Wyoming. The popular skiing town of Big Sky, MT, is located within the forest borders as well.

There is so much to do in this part of the country when you are on an outdoor adventure. Recreational opportunities are available year-round, from camping, hiking, and scenic drives during the summer to winter sports and ski resorts that are available …

Henrys Lake State Park, ID

217 RV rentals

Henrys Lake State Park is located near the very small community of Island Park, Idaho, which is in the far northeast corner of the state. The park is situated less than 10 miles from the state border with neighboring Montana. A very small portion of that large state separates Idaho from Wyoming in this area, making the lake also only around 20 miles from the western border of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The nearest larger town is West Yellowstone, MT, while the nearest larger city is Idaho Falls, ID, at almost 100 miles to the south.

This is a very scenic and rugged part of the country. Henrys Lake State Park is nestled in a lower-elevation amongst …

Lost Creek State Park, MT

135 RV rentals

Montana is known for its beautiful scenery, excellent fly fishing, and remote RV camping opportunities. Book an RV in Deer Lodge County and spend a few days experiencing everything Lost Creek State Park has to offer. This park, founded in 1957, is in the heart of Montana’s copper country and is surrounded by a wealth of mining history.

Lost Creek State Park is in southern Montana, just over 100 miles south of Missoula and 30 miles northwest of Butte. But despite its relatively close distance to these cities, it still offers a feeling of serenity. Lost Creek State Park is 502 acres and is known for its feature 50-foot waterfall in the northwest corner of the park. The park itself …

Missouri Headwaters State Park, MT

127 RV rentals

The Missouri Headwaters State Park is situated in west-central Montana, just north of I-90 and the small town of Three Forks. The nearest larger town is Bozeman, at about 30 miles to the southeast. The state's capital, Helena, is the nearest true city, at almost 100 miles to the north.

The park is located in a fairly rural part of this very large state. It sits in a flatter, lower-lying, plains region, surrounded by mountains, where the Gallatin, Missouri, and Madison Rivers all meet. This is the origin of the Three Forks' name. As the name of the park would suggest, this is where the mighty Missouri River, which eventually becomes a major tributary to the Mississippi …

Targhee National Forest, ID

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Originally comprised of several individual state parks and state forests, these Idaho parks were combined to form Targhee National Forest in 1891. The name, Targhee, comes from a prominent Native American chief, Tyhee, who was killed in a battle between the Nez Perce and U.S. Army in 1877. For several years, the main use of Targhee National Forest was grazing sheep. Targhee National Forest was later combined with Caribou National Forest, in part to minimize administrative oversight, ultimately forming over 2.6 million acres.

The closest large town is Rexburg, which is about 60 miles to the south. Rexburg is nicknamed the “reddest place on the earth” thanks to its residents’ strong conservative belief. Indeed, politicians consider the town the …

Yellowstone National Park, WY

206 RV rentals

As the country’s first national park, Yellowstone needs no introduction. Covering 3,400 square miles in the northwestern corner of Wyoming, but also encompassing territory in Montana and Idaho, this world-renowned park offers some of the most breathtaking natural scenery anywhere in the USA.

Regardless of whether you want to hike through remote backcountry, paddle a canoe through pristine waters, or just do some sightseeing, you’re well catered for throughout this extensive park. Best of all, if you’re planning on camping with an RV at Yellowstone National Park, there are 12 campgrounds to choose from.