State Parks near Carlsbad, NM

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State Parks

Balmorhea State Park, TX

1 RV rentals

Balmorhea State Park sits on San Solomon Springs in Toyahvale, located approximately an hour’s drive away from Marfa and about 50 minutes away from Pecos. Balmorhea State Park was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and ever since, it has served as an oasis where Balmorhea campers come to cool off. The main attraction at this historic 46-acre park is the spring-fed pool, where guests can relax, swim, and scuba dive.

Another attraction visitors love to explore is the protected desert wetlands. Known as “cienegas,” these restored habitats house a number of endangered species. If you plan to enjoy the beauty of Balmorhea, relax by the pool, or explore the native flora and fauna, book an …

Bottomless Lakes State Park, NM

16 RV rentals

Located 14 miles east of Roswell, NM Bottomless Lakes State Park is a popular attraction for those in the state and further afield. The biggest draw to the park is, of course, the lake itself, where there are plenty of opportunities for recreational activities. What makes the lake's unique are the fact that they are sinkholes, ranging in depth from 17 to 90 feet. Each of them is a beautiful greenish color, created from aquatic plants which help to give the illusion of great depth.

The park was discovered by cowboys who were exploring the wild west and came across these nine lakes. They tried to find how deep the lakes were using rope, but with no luck. It is …

Brantley Lake State Park, NM

13 RV rentals

Situated near Carlsbad, New Mexico is the home of Brantley Lake State Park. The park was founded in 1989 and was named after Brantley Lake which was created after the Brantley Dam was built. The Pecos River also flows nearby and is filled with bass, catfish, and carp. The park was once inhabited by various Native American tribes, and many archaeological sites can be seen while here.

The park features an elevation of 3,295 feet which provides some impressive views of the surrounding area. This high elevation also lets guests see the dazzling sunsets that cover the surrounding Chihuahuan Desert in stunning colors at the end of the day. The climate can get to be very hot and humid here, …

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM

12 RV rentals

Discovered in 1898 by a teenager, Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico was officially designated a national park in 1923 by President Calvin Coolidge. With this act, park rangers were able to create easier and safer access to the Carlsbad Caverns (people were previously using a steep makeshift ramp and other unsafe jury-rigged equipment to explore) and add modern features like electric lights.

One of the largest cavern systems in the world, there are over 20 named halls and rooms and well over 100 caverns, and it is believed that there are several more caverns yet to be discovered. Around 120 miles have been explored, and there are maze-like tunnels that may still reveal more. The largest room aptly …

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, TX

26 RV rentals

Tourists love to visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park to see one of the world’s largest Permian fossil reefs and the tallest mountain peaks in the state of Texas. Bring your own motorhome or book an RV in Culberson County and plan on staying a while, exploring the diverse fauna and flora of the area. Guadalupe Mountains National Park isn't far from the New Mexico border; you can find an RV rental in Carlsbad, NM and then make the hour drive southwest to the park.

Visitors enjoy learning about the history of the area as well as camping at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. You might also want to set a course for the bustling city of El Paso, less than …

Monahans Sandhills State Park, TX

18 RV rentals

Monahans Sandhills State Park may look like a rolling dessert, but it’s so much more. Famous for having towering sand dunes that sometimes reach as high as 70 feet. It is part of a semi-arid ecosystem home to both groundwater and sand, a place where the wind sculpts the ever-changing sand into peaks and valleys. While searching for an RV in Ward County, take note of the vast distances between major cities. With that in mind, the closest larger cities of interest are Carlsbad, NM, located around two hours northwest, and Big Spring, TX, an hour and a half northeast. Other smaller towns dot the area and provide the opportunity to explore.

Overall the park covers an …

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, NM

44 RV rentals

When you book an RV in Otero County, you’ll be in the southern reaches of New Mexico. You will have unbridled access to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, which is at the foot of the Sacramento Mountain range, and all of the exciting features that it contains. Oliver Lee Memorial State Park is named in celebration of Oliver Milton Lee, a 19th-century legislator, and rancher who helped shape the region into what it is today. Motorhome camping near Oliver Lee Memorial State Park will give you mountain views and more.

In total, Oliver Lee Memorial State Park covers over 600 acres of land and rests at an elevation of around 4,500 feet. The park was established in 1980 and …

White Sands National Monument, NM

44 RV rentals

White Sands National Monument is located in south-central New Mexico, near the medium-sized town of Alamogordo. This locale is found only about 100 miles north of the international border with Mexico. The nearest larger city is El Paso, Texas, which is also about 100 miles to the south.

There are so many things to do in this part of the state! From outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring the local sand dunes, to museums, shopping opportunities, and plenty of unique restaurants, there is always something to do when you visit this region.