State Parks in New Mexico

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State Parks

Alameda Open Space, NM

122 RV rentals

Alameda Open Space is an urban park in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. It's located across the Rio Grande River from a shopping center and near a riverside walk that follows the Rio Grande River in both directions. The river is lined along the banks with gnarled cottonwood trees that provide some shade and protection from the sun if it gets too hot. The park is close to several restaurants where you can treat yourself to a good meal. Better yet, grab some takeout and head back to your RV rental near Alameda Open Space to dine out under an afternoon sky or the stars.

The open space offers excellent opportunities to enjoy the Albuquerque scenery. Hop on the Paseo …

Bottomless Lakes State Park, NM

16 RV rentals

Located 14 miles east of Roswell, NM Bottomless Lakes State Park is a popular attraction for those in the state and further afield. The biggest draw to the park is, of course, the lake itself, where there are plenty of opportunities for recreational activities. What makes the lake's unique are the fact that they are sinkholes, ranging in depth from 17 to 90 feet. Each of them is a beautiful greenish color, created from aquatic plants which help to give the illusion of great depth.

The park was discovered by cowboys who were exploring the wild west and came across these nine lakes. They tried to find how deep the lakes were using rope, but with no luck. It is …

Brantley Lake State Park, NM

13 RV rentals

Situated near Carlsbad, New Mexico is the home of Brantley Lake State Park. The park was founded in 1989 and was named after Brantley Lake which was created after the Brantley Dam was built. The Pecos River also flows nearby and is filled with bass, catfish, and carp. The park was once inhabited by various Native American tribes, and many archaeological sites can be seen while here.

The park features an elevation of 3,295 feet which provides some impressive views of the surrounding area. This high elevation also lets guests see the dazzling sunsets that cover the surrounding Chihuahuan Desert in stunning colors at the end of the day. The climate can get to be very hot and humid here, …

Caballo Lake State Park, NM

28 RV rentals

Steeped in history, remnants of civilizations long gone dot the landscape around Caballo Lake State Park. Abandoned old-west towns, cliffside dwellings of a mysterious, vanished civilizations, and dry wells, evidence of pioneers who tried to eke out a living in the arid, harsh desert. Lake Caballo takes its name from the Caballo mountain range that rings the lake to the east. In Spanish, Caballo means horse. Herds of wild horses once roamed these mountains.

Caballo Lake, and a few short years later, Caballo Lake State Park were formed in the 1930s when the locals created a large earthen dam to create a more convenient source of water, as well as to tame the desert wilderness. Though the reservoirs are used …

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM

12 RV rentals

Discovered in 1898 by a teenager, Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico was officially designated a national park in 1923 by President Calvin Coolidge. With this act, park rangers were able to create easier and safer access to the Carlsbad Caverns (people were previously using a steep makeshift ramp and other unsafe jury-rigged equipment to explore) and add modern features like electric lights.

One of the largest cavern systems in the world, there are over 20 named halls and rooms and well over 100 caverns, and it is believed that there are several more caverns yet to be discovered. Around 120 miles have been explored, and there are maze-like tunnels that may still reveal more. The largest room aptly …

Carson National Forest, NM

62 RV rentals

The dry heat and mild winters of the southern United States, and New Mexico, can be an incredibly inviting atmosphere. More specifically, the desert areas leave some to revel at the sandy expanse, while others only see a barren and unbearable terrain. But, Taos, NM, is able to draw interest from those who love the wasteland riddled with cacti and tumbleweeds and those who favor a more sustainable environment.

Individuals looking to book a rental RV to Carson National Forest will have access to the forest and the surrounding area, which is rich in Spanish and Native American history. Book an RV in Taos County and head out on a fabulous outdoor adventure.

Spread over 1.5 million acres of …

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM

119 RV rentals

Located in New Mexico, Chaco Culture National Historical Park protects what may be one of the oldest remains of civilization in North America. This pre-Columbian site consists of a group of pueblo dwellings and buildings that were built between AD 900 and 1150. Several petroglyphs, carvings, and other evidence of their presence have been found in this area. The region in which the dwellings are located is so remote that though European settlers were aware of its presence as early as 1849, it wasn’t until 1896 that archeological expeditions were sent to explore it. Chaco officially gained federal protection in 1949 as a national monument, and later as a historical park in 1980.

In this far-flung corner of New Mexico, …

Cibola National Forest, NM

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Cibola National Forest was originally established in the late 1800s as a forest reserve park. The national forest's status was upgraded in the 1950s to grant it additional protection. The origin of Cibola, which is pronounced as “SEE-bo-lah,” is murky. It’s thought to be either a Zuni Native American word for their pueblos, which once dotted New Mexico or a Spanish word for buffalo.

Cibola National Forest sprawls across a huge swath of New Mexico, and small portions are also in Texas and Oklahoma. Though it’s clear that various Native American tribes have dwelled in this region for a few hundred years, archeologists have found evidence of human presence as far back as 14,000 years ago.

The closest large town, …

Cimarron Canyon State Park, NM

28 RV rentals

This park is found in the northern portion of New Mexico and runs along a canyon that was named for the river that formed it. Eagle Nest is the closest town to the park and is found a short drive of fewer than 10 miles to the west, down US 64, which also traverses the canyon. The popular, tourist town of Taos is located around 40 miles to the southwest, while the state's capital, Santa Fe, is around 100 miles to the southwest.

Cimarron Canyon State Park is situated in the arid, pine forests that are common in this mountainous region. Somewhat unusual for this desert state, because of this area's higher altitude, it does receive snowfall during the …

City of Rocks State Park, NM

17 RV rentals

As the name suggests, City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico is filled with unusual rock formations, created out of lava. The park is small, encompassing only one square mile, in the Chihuahuan Desert region. The rock formations were created around 35 million years ago when a huge volcano erupted, and thanks to erosion, the strange formations were created.

The park is located around midway between Deming and Silver City, so is easily accessible for those that are looking for adventure when booking an RV in Grant County. There is a huge range of things to do in the park, whether you are making use of the state park campground or staying somewhere further afield. There are …

Clayton Lake State Park, NM

7 RV rentals

Located approximately 45 miles from Boise City, OK, Clayton Lake State Park stretches over 471 acres in Northeastern New Mexico. This amazing park lies about 15 miles from Clayton, NM, and close to the border that is shared with Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. As a result, residents from these states often visit the park for amazing outdoor recreation. Within the park are grasslands, volcanic rocks, and sandstone bluffs awaiting you.

The park offers plenty of recreational activities in addition to its rustic campground. The 170-acre Clayton Lake is a major attraction. The lake waters are popular with anglers all year round. Clayton Lake also offers a perfect setting for boaters to explore aquatic life and the park scenery. …

Conchas Lake State Park, NM

11 RV rentals

Located in the northeastern corner of New Mexico, Conchas Lake State Park is a 293-acre state park that has a gorgeous lake at the very center of it. This state park is close to Santa Fe and two and a half hours away from Albuquerque. Besides breathtaking nature and unique rock formations, Conchas Lake State Park has a fascinating history.

This area was once inhabited by Native Americans and Spanish Conquistadors. Outdoorsy people who decide to go hiking around this state park could see ancient petroglyphs and fossils along the way. Conchas Lake State Park is an excellent destination for anyone who loves to spend time in nature and engage in outdoor activities. When you want to experience this …

Coyote Creek State Park, NM

62 RV rentals

Coyote Creek State Park is situated in the northern section of New Mexico and is nestled within the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The park was home to numerous Native American tribes before the land was taken by settlers and eventually turned into ranches.

This state park is home to a vast amount of unique geological structures, including some made of limestone and sandstone. The area has an interesting climate, with summers being brutally hot and winters being very cold and snowy.

Eagle Nest Lake State Park, NM

28 RV rentals

Situated in the northern section of New Mexico lies Eagle Nest Lake State Park. The park was established in 2004 and features a 2,400-acre alpine lake. Because of its vast size, the park is also home to a variety of different animals, such as elk and bears.

The area tends to have an arid climate with plenty of sunshine. However, during the winter, snow can be abundant. Eagle Nest Lake State Park is about two hours away from Santa Fe.

Elephant Butte Lake State Park, NM

23 RV rentals

Elephant Butte State Park, a large state park in New Mexico, was established in 1916 when a dam was built. The dam was a major engineering accomplishment in its day, and as a result of the construction, a massive 40-mile-long lake formed. The park is named for an elephant-shaped butte near the dam. The choice in the name turned out to be doubly apt: a stegomastodon fossil was found there in 2014.

Far from civilization, it’s easy to feel like you’ve stepped back into the Old West. Steeped in history and culture, search for an RV in Sierra County, NM, and explore it fully when you go out on your recreational adventure. The closest large town is Truth or …

El Malpais National Monument, NM

105 RV rentals

The El Malpais National Monument is an important historical area that has played a major role in the lives of those who lived and passed through here. The name is Spanish for “badlands” and was assigned by Spanish explorers who avoided the area; not everyone who came agreed with the Spanish, though. Many Native American civilizations passed through, leaving cairns to mark their passage and incorporating the landscape into their stories and ceremonies. Settlers tried to establish themselves along the outskirts, and the remains of some of their homes can still be seen today. Camping near El Malpais National Monument will provide you access to everything the park has to offer.

The monument has a unique landscape, most notably from …

El Morro National Monument, NM

49 RV rentals

El Morro National Monument, located near Mountain View, is a historic site that has served pioneers and travelers for hundreds of years; the monument is the location of a waterhole that has been used by Ancestral Puebloans and Spanish and American settlers. Many of these people have carved their names or left other markings to show they were there. Today the monument is a testament to the area's history and culture and a popular destination for hikers. Camping near El Morro National Monument puts all of its attractions right at your doorstep.

The monument is composed partially of Zuni Sandstone, a yellowish-gray white rock that dates back more than 145 million years to the Jurassic Period, and Dakota Sandstone. …

El Vado Lake State Park, NM

108 RV rentals

El Vado Lake State Park is situated in the northern section of New Mexico and is best known for containing El Vado Lake, which holds water from the nearby El Valdo Dam. This state park offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and is just a short distance away from the Rio Chama. During the winter, many birds flock here for warmth, including bald eagles.

The area tends to have an arid climate with plenty of sunshine, although winters can be a little chilly and sometimes even cause snowfall. El Vado Lake State Park is located near towns and cities such as Albuquerque and Taos.