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State Parks in New Mexico

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State Parks

Carson National Forest, NM

62 RV rentals

The dry heat and mild winters of the southern United States, and New Mexico, can be an incredibly inviting atmosphere. More specifically, the desert areas leave some to revel at the sandy expanse, while others only see a barren and unbearable terrain. But, Taos, NM, is able to draw interest from those who love the wasteland riddled with cacti and tumbleweeds and those who favor a more sustainable environment.

Individuals looking to book a rental RV to Carson National Forest will have access to the forest and the surrounding area, which is rich in Spanish and Native American history. …

Santa Fe National Forest, NM

125 RV rentals

Unsurprisingly, Santa Fe National Forest sits twenty miles west of its namesake city, Santa Fe, in the north-central region of New Mexico. Stretching across an impressive 1.6 million acres, this mountainous forest has become a must-see for those who book an RV in Santa Fe County. Interstate Route 25 runs directly from Albuquerque and provides the easiest access to these spectacular landscapes.

The history behind the Santa Fe National Forest is a simple one that dates back to the early 20th century. The forest was established in 1915 when Jemez National Forest and Pesco National Forest merged together …

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM

119 RV rentals

Located in New Mexico, Chaco Culture National Historical Park protects what may be one of the oldest remains of civilization in North America. This pre-Columbian site consists of a group of pueblo dwellings and buildings that were built between AD 900 and 1150. Several petroglyphs, carvings, and other evidence of their presence have been found in this area. The region in which the dwellings are located is so remote that though European settlers were aware of its presence as early as 1849, it wasn’t until 1896 that archeological expeditions were sent to explore it. Chaco officially gained federal protection in …

Navajo Lake State Park, NM

70 RV rentals

Navajo Lake State Park is one of the most popular summer recreation areas in New Mexico. The man-made reservoir is the second largest lake in the state with over 150 miles of shoreline. Camping, boating, fishing, hiking, and biking are sure to keep you busy for days. Wildlife abounds, including antelope, elk, and mountain lions. If you look up, you might see falcons, osprey, and bald eagles. Start your motorhome camping adventure by booking an RV in San Juan County.

The park itself consists of 21,000 acres and sits at an elevation of 6,000 feet. Navajo Dam was constructed …

Manzano Mountains State Park, NM

123 RV rentals

Found in the wooded foothills of the Manzanos is Manzano Mountains State Park, a popular spot for camping and for simply enjoying the incredible landscape in this part of New Mexico. Due to the remoteness of the park, it is the ideal getaway for those looking for a little peace and quiet, surrounded by stunning Ponderosa Pines and Alligator Juniper. The nearest towns include Manzano, Mountainair, Vaughn, and the city of Albuquerque is less than an hour away.

The visitor’s center and ranger’s station make a great first stop, as you’ll learn more about your unique surroundings, plus …

Conchas Lake State Park, NM

11 RV rentals

Located in the northeastern corner of New Mexico, Conchas Lake State Park is a 293-acre state park that has a gorgeous lake at the very center of it. This state park is close to Santa Fe and two and a half hours away from Albuquerque. Besides breathtaking nature and unique rock formations, Conchas Lake State Park has a fascinating history.

This area was once inhabited by Native Americans and Spanish Conquistadors. Outdoorsy people who decide to go hiking around this state park could see ancient petroglyphs and fossils along the way. Conchas Lake State Park is an excellent destination …

Brantley Lake State Park, NM

13 RV rentals

Situated near Carlsbad, New Mexico is the home of Brantley Lake State Park. The park was founded in 1989 and was named after Brantley Lake which was created after the Brantley Dam was built. The Pecos River also flows nearby and is filled with bass, catfish, and carp. The park was once inhabited by various Native American tribes, and many archaeological sites can be seen while here.

The park features an elevation of 3,295 feet which provides some impressive views of the surrounding area. This high elevation also lets guests see the dazzling sunsets that cover the surrounding Chihuahuan Desert …

Ute Lake State Park, NM

33 RV rentals

New Mexico has a diverse landscape, ranging from mountains to deserts, plains, and a lot of interesting things in between. When you book an RV in Quay County, you’ll be on the eastern side of New Mexico, near the border that it shares with Texas. Quay County is home to flat plains cut with deserts, which are occasionally broken up by towns, small lakes, and moderate bluffs. Ute Lake State Park is home to one of those lakes and is located between Albuquerque, NM, and Amarillo, TX.

RV camping at Ute Lake State Park is a wonderful …

Leasburg Dam State Park, NM

38 RV rentals

Leasburg Dam State Park is located in south-central New Mexico, just north of the city of Las Cruces. The small town of Radium Springs sits just outside the park's boundaries. It is also only around 60 miles south of the touristy town of Truth or Consequences. The nearest large city is El Paso, TX, at around 60 miles to the south.

Leasburg Dam State Park lies on the banks of the Rio Grande River, amongst the dry scrub brush and arid mountains that comprise this part of the country. Many activities are available to participate in here, …

Oasis State Park, NM

43 RV rentals

Oasis State Park is precisely what the name implies, an oasis amid an arid environment, so it's no wonder that the park is a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike. The park has a stand of cottonwood trees that surrounds rolling and shifting sand dunes, and a central lake. It has a hiking trail that circles the lake; you can take a leisurely walk along the trail, getting lost in the turquoise green pond waters, or try your hand at fishing in the pond. As the sun sets, beautiful turns to blazing gorgeous as the setting sun reflects …

Morphy Lake State Park, NM

125 RV rentals

In the northern section of New Mexico, on the opposite side of the Pecos Wilderness from Santa Fe, is Morphy Lake State Park. This state park is a wonderful place to visit when you book an RV in Mora County, offering activities like fishing, swimming, hiking, and more. Morphy Lake State Park was established in 1965 and is one of the state’s smaller state parks, covering under 40 acres in total.

Motorhome camping at Morphy Lake State Park will put you at about 8,000 feet in elevation, and you’ll have the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as the backdrop …

Pancho Villa State Park, NM

36 RV rentals

Pancho Villa State Park is a historic landmark near Deming that was established in 1975 to remember the 1916 raid on the city of Columbus by a Mexican general, Francisco “Pancho” Villa. The city was home to Camp Furlong, which became important overnight (following the raid) as a center for guarding against further attacks and mounting a counterstrike across the border in Mexican territory. The strike occurred at the same time as the Mexican Revolution, and Camp Furlong continued to be an important installation, helping to drive Pancho Villa's troops out of Ciudad Juarez in the summer of 1919.

Today …

Sumner Lake State Park, NM

15 RV rentals

Located in the east New Mexico, Sumner Lake State Park is a gorgeous oasis with grassy plains and low shrubbery. The state park is just outside of Fort Sumner and two and a half hours away from Albuquerque. Outdoor enthusiasts come here to experience the magnificent nature of this part of the United States and engage in different watersports at Sumner Lake.

The clear blue waters of Sumner Lake attract boaters and swimmers who cam here from May to September. This state park is known for strong winds, and windsurfers make sure to use this natural phenomenon to their …

El Morro National Monument, NM

49 RV rentals

El Morro National Monument, located near Mountain View, is a historic site that has served pioneers and travelers for hundreds of years; the monument is the location of a waterhole that has been used by Ancestral Puebloans and Spanish and American settlers. Many of these people have carved their names or left other markings to show they were there. Today the monument is a testament to the area's history and culture and a popular destination for hikers. Camping near El Morro National Monument puts all of its attractions right at your doorstep.

The monument is composed partially of Zuni …

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