State Parks near Farmington, NM

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State Parks

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, AZ

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Canyon de Chelly National Monument was established in 1931 in what would become one of the unique partnerships in the United States and Arizona. As a National Monument, the park would be maintained by the National Park System even though it was still owned by the Navajo Nation (typically the Federal government purchases the land). This arrangement continues to this day. Canyon de Chelly National Monument harbors not only Navajo Native American settlements but also Ancient Pueblo People. “Chelly” is an Anglicization of a Navajo word for “canyon.” One of the rock monuments in the park has been featured in several television commercials, shows, and movies.

The closest large town is Chinle, AZ. In addition to a variety of …

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM

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Located in New Mexico, Chaco Culture National Historical Park protects what may be one of the oldest remains of civilization in North America. This pre-Columbian site consists of a group of pueblo dwellings and buildings that were built between AD 900 and 1150. Several petroglyphs, carvings, and other evidence of their presence have been found in this area. The region in which the dwellings are located is so remote that though European settlers were aware of its presence as early as 1849, it wasn’t until 1896 that archeological expeditions were sent to explore it. Chaco officially gained federal protection in 1949 as a national monument, and later as a historical park in 1980.

In this far-flung corner of New Mexico, …

Cibola National Forest, NM

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Cibola National Forest was originally established in the late 1800s as a forest reserve park. The national forest's status was upgraded in the 1950s to grant it additional protection. The origin of Cibola, which is pronounced as “SEE-bo-lah,” is murky. It’s thought to be either a Zuni Native American word for their pueblos, which once dotted New Mexico or a Spanish word for buffalo.

Cibola National Forest sprawls across a huge swath of New Mexico, and small portions are also in Texas and Oklahoma. Though it’s clear that various Native American tribes have dwelled in this region for a few hundred years, archeologists have found evidence of human presence as far back as 14,000 years ago.

The closest large town, …

El Morro National Monument, NM

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El Morro National Monument, located near Mountain View, is a historic site that has served pioneers and travelers for hundreds of years; the monument is the location of a waterhole that has been used by Ancestral Puebloans and Spanish and American settlers. Many of these people have carved their names or left other markings to show they were there. Today the monument is a testament to the area's history and culture and a popular destination for hikers. Camping near El Morro National Monument puts all of its attractions right at your doorstep.

The monument is composed partially of Zuni Sandstone, a yellowish-gray white rock that dates back more than 145 million years to the Jurassic Period, and Dakota Sandstone. …

El Vado Lake State Park, NM

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El Vado Lake State Park is situated in the northern section of New Mexico and is best known for containing El Vado Lake, which holds water from the nearby El Valdo Dam. This state park offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and is just a short distance away from the Rio Chama. During the winter, many birds flock here for warmth, including bald eagles.

The area tends to have an arid climate with plenty of sunshine, although winters can be a little chilly and sometimes even cause snowfall. El Vado Lake State Park is located near towns and cities such as Albuquerque and Taos.

Fenton Lake State Park, NM

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Northern New Mexico has a fascinating volcanic history, mostly hidden, but you can definitely see it at Fenton Lake State Park with a little bit of imagination. This relatively small 700-acre state park is located in the Jemez Mountains, 80 miles north of Albuquerque and 70 miles west of Santa Fe. The land was acquired by the New Mexico Department of Fish and Game and was quickly transformed into a state park.

Fenton Lake State Park sits at a high altitude of 7,650 feet, meaning it often sees snow in the winter. Many winter sports aficionados come to Fenton Lake in the winter for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. In the summer, however, Fenton Lake State Park is a gorgeous …

Goosenecks State Park, UT

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If you've never heard of entrenched river meanders before, you're probably not alone. Better known as goosenecks, these river bends that cut deep into the surrounding terrain are truly spectacular, and you'll see the perfect example of them at Utah's Goosenecks State Park.

Located in southern Utah near Mexican Hat, this small but beautiful park offers picture-perfect views of a deep meander of the San Juan River. It's a stunning sight which will keep you reaching for your camera. The park's cozy campground also features a handful of primitive sites, making it a lovely place to spend a few relaxing nights camping in a rental RV.

Heron Lake State Park, NM

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The tall pines of northern New Mexico make a terrific location for Heron Lake State Park, which is nestled snug in Tierra Amarilla. With the southern shores of Heron Lake making up Heron Lake State Park, it is a favored motorhome camping destination. Designated a state park in 1973, Heron Lake was named after Kenneth A Heron, an engineer who came up with the idea of diverting water from the wetter areas in the north to the more arid region of the south. Today, outdoor enthusiasts get to soak in scenic views of rock formations, high cliff walls, and densely forested land around Heron Lake. An interesting aspect of Heron Lake State Park is its proximity to the neighboring …

Jemez National Recreation Area, NM

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The Jemez National Recreation Area is located near Jemez Springs in north-central New Mexico. This is a very rural area, comprised mostly of rugged, forested hills. The nearest larger town is Bernalillo, which is around 40 miles to the south, while the nearest large city is Albuquerque, which is around 70 miles to the south.

This area is located within the Santa Fe National Forest, so there are numerous recreational activities that can be enjoyed here. There are also all sorts of historical and natural sites that you can visit. Should you need to refresh your supplies, you will find a few gas stations and grocery stores within 25 miles of the recreation area. There is also a …

Mancos State Park, CO

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About 50 minutes away from the tribal city of Towaoc and half an hour away from the small town of Cortez, Mancos State Park lies comfortably in the San Juan Mountain range. Inhabited by Anasazi Native Americans until the 14th century, the land was soon overtaken by the Spaniards from the 17th to the 19th centuries. When the park became a popular site for recreation, it was established as a state park in 1987. Offering an enjoyable climate throughout the summer, the park is a prime place to go hiking, biking, boating, and fishing. Open year-round, the park offers a variety of activities during the winter months, from snowshoeing to cross-country skiing.

Set inside a Ponderosa pine forest at …

Mesa Verde National Park, CO

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When a national park is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you know it’s a pretty special place. Mesa Verde National Park earned this accolade in 1978 thanks to its unique historical relevance, and it’s a park where any history buff will feel right at home.

Tucked away in southwestern Colorado, just 10 miles east of Cortez, Mesa Verde National Park preserves more than 50,000 acres that were once the home of the Ancestral Pueblo people. It’s a remarkable spot with almost 5,000 archeological sites, so you’ll want to take your time exploring.

RV campers are more than welcome in Mesa Verde National Park, so search for an RV near Montezuma County and start planning your perfect camping …

Natural Bridges National Monument, UT

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The site of the current 13th-largest natural bridge in the world happens to be located in Utah. Natural Bridges National Monument was officially declared a National Monument in 1908 by President Roosevelt after a National Geographic expedition shared pictures in its magazine. In those days, there were no roads, and the only way in and out was on horseback, which took three or four days. A road was finally created in the mid-1970s, and only then did the outdoor recreation begin to grow. Archeologists have found evidence of ancient settlements that date back to at least 7500 BCE. There are rock art and petroglyphs in various spots around the park.

Though there are a handful of small towns dotting the …

Navajo Lake State Park, NM

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Navajo Lake State Park is one of the most popular summer recreation areas in New Mexico. The man-made reservoir is the second largest lake in the state with over 150 miles of shoreline. Camping, boating, fishing, hiking, and biking are sure to keep you busy for days. Wildlife abounds, including antelope, elk, and mountain lions. If you look up, you might see falcons, osprey, and bald eagles. Start your motorhome camping adventure by booking an RV in San Juan County.

The park itself consists of 21,000 acres and sits at an elevation of 6,000 feet. Navajo Dam was constructed in the late 1950s as a way to control erosion, floods, irrigate farms, and provide recreational opportunities. The dam is …

Navajo State Park, CO

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Near the border between New Mexico and Colorado, you can find the small, quaint town of Arboles on the Navajo Reservoir. Arboles is the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself on the riverfront deep within the Colorado mountains. When you begin searching for RV rentals in Archuleta County, you'll also find that there's no better place to spend your time than Navajo State Park.

This park offers a variety of outdoor activities for nature lovers of all kinds. Sit back and relax on the banks of the Navajo Reservoir. On either side of the lake, you can experience vistas of the forested mountains that Colorado has become famous for. Whether you enjoy watching wildlife, boating, or camping with …

Ridgway State Park, CO

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This park is found in the southwest portion of the state. This very rural area provides visitors with picturesque views of the Rocky Mountains that surround it. The nearby village of Ridgway is found just south of the park, while the scenic town of Ouray sits around 10 miles to the south. The nearest larger city is Grand Junction, found around 75 miles to the northwest.

The state park is nestled amongst evergreen trees and includes a large reservoir. It offers visitors easy access to a large variety of activities, throughout the year, including fishing, various water sports, hiking, camping and picnicking. This site also makes for a prime base camp to enjoy the variety of recreational opportunities available …