State Parks near Lewiston, ID

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State Parks

Catherine Creek State Park, OR

32 RV rentals

Looking for a relaxing weekend getaway in your RV rental? Located just half an hour away from the stunning town of Cove, Catherine Creek Park offers spectacular views of Oregon’s rugged Wallowa Mountains and Catherine Creek. Far away from modern distractions, unplug and rewind on the hilly North Fork Catherine Creek Trail, or kick off your shoes and splash your feet in the cool water of the creek itself.

Once owned by a Mr. Collins, the land was gifted to the county so that it could remain a park. Later in the 1950s, after transferring hands to the state of Oregon, the land was developed for recreation and day-use for the public. To this day, camping near Catherine Creek …

Coeur d'Alene National Forest, ID

211 RV rentals

This Idaho forest was originally established as a forest reserve in 1906 by President Roosevelt and was reclassified as Coeur d'Alene National Forest in 1907. Coeur d'Alene National Forest sat, largely undeveloped and ignored by the majority of the country, in part due to a lack of easy transport. After World War II ended, and vehicles became more common, the park slowly saw an increase in recreational activity.

In the early 70s, the National Forest Service conceded it was overwhelmed and petitioned to consolidate a few national forest parks into one park in an effort to streamline administrative paperwork and budget oversight. The request was approved, and Coeur d'Alene National Forest, Kaniksu National Forest, and Saint Joe National Forest were …

Dworshak State Park, ID

154 RV rentals

Make your way to the state of Idaho for a motorhome camping trip this summer. Dworshak State Park is ready to welcome you with loads of outdoor fun. Located along the western shore of the scenic Dworshak Reservoir just north of Orofino, ID, Dworshak State Park covers close to 850 acres of land covered in trees and meadows. Apt for a range of adventure activities, camping at Dworshak State Park is ideal for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts keen on immersing themselves in the outdoors.

Not very far from Dworshak State Park are the cities of Lewiston and Moscow that you could include a visit to when you’re in the area. Renting an RV is convenient, and for visitors …

Farragut State Park, ID

170 RV rentals

Farragut State Park, 20 miles north of Coeur d’ Alene and 50 miles east of Spokane, has a fascinating background that other state parks within the United States can‘t claim. It was once the second-largest Navy training center in the world during World War II, and even housed German prisoners of war. Nearly 300,000 sailors trained here before shipping off to the war, and it was the largest city in Idaho between 1942 and 1946. Construction of the facility was rapid and started right after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The 4,000-acre state park is on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho, where you will find several RV rentals in Kootenai County.

The training center, …

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, OR

27 RV rentals

Nestled in the Oregon Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is not only home to the deepest river gorge in the United States but is also a place with incredibly diverse flora and fauna. Nature lovers flock to this place all year round to explore it in a boat or on foot. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is perfect for hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation.

This 652,488-acre recreation area was established by President Gerald Ford in 1975. The U.S. Congress recognized the historical importance of this land and wanted to protect the Hells Canyon Archeological District. The recreation area is located east of Enterprise and two hours away from La Grande. When you want to experience the …

Hells Gate State Park, ID

156 RV rentals

Hells Gate State Park sits on a river bottom that was exposed after the great ice age floods. The result of this is a beautiful park, filled with recreational opportunities, drawing people from Idaho and beyond. The park was also the site of New Perce Village; however, there is little of this left to see now.

The park is located in Lewiston, Idaho, along the states Banana Belt. This and it's higher elevation means that the state park has a long warm period in the summer months, drawing people to search for an RV in Nez Perce County. As well as visiting the park, for those that make use of the campgrounds, there are also nearby towns to explore, …

Heyburn State Park, ID

177 RV rentals

When you plan a motorhome camping trip in Idaho, consider a visit to Heyburn State Park, Idaho's very first state park. Located in the city of Plummer, it’s also the oldest state park in the Pacific Northwest. Covering a massive 8000-acres, the state park is not very far from the cities of Post Falls and Saint Maries. Book an RV in Benewah County and set off on an adventure to explore these cities, after your camping trip to the park. Heyburn State Park is home to three scenic lakes, Benewah, Chatcolet and Hidden Lakes, along with a part of St. Joe River winding through parts of the park as well.

A tribe of Native Americans was the first …

Hilgard Junction State Park, OR

89 RV rentals

Nestled by the banks of the Grande Ronde River, Hilgard Junction State Park is just outside Baker City, OR. The park is also less than an hour away from Pendleton. This state park features breathtaking landscapes, untouched nature, and very rich wildlife. Anglers are a frequent sight on the banks of the river, as they try to catch bull trout, spring chinook salmon, and many other species.

This 23-acre park is not large but offers plenty of outdoor opportunities for visitors who love to spend their time in the wilderness. Dense woods are a perfect location for wildlife watching as the area has a healthy population of deer, beavers, and minks. Birds can be spotted in the trees …

Liberty Lake Regional Park, WA

176 RV rentals

Liberty Lake Regional Park is located in eastern Washington, close to the Idaho border, and the towns of Liberty Lake, WA, Spokane, WA, and Hayden, ID. Lying on the shores of Liberty Lake, Liberty Lake Regional Park acts as the place to go for folks of the city and its surrounding area. The sprawling park encompasses a vast area of nearly four thousand acres. These include a picturesque landscape of wetlands, montane forests, and idyllic lawn areas. With the backdrop of Washington State’s foothills and vast woodlands, Liberty Lake Regional Park is a dream come true for any lover of the great outdoors.

The combination of great lakeside and hiking recreation, combined with easy access to nearby …

Minam State Recreation Area, OR

94 RV rentals

Minam State Recreation Area lies in northeastern Oregon, close to the towns and cities of Elgin, Wallowa, and Enterprise. Cutting its way through the northern valleys of Oregon, the Minam State Recreation Area encompasses vast swathes of green woodlands, grassland, and the Wallowa River. Many of its visitors seek the great outdoors that only this part of Oregon can offer. From the fantastic fishing and rafting to be had down the Wallowa River, to the woodland hikes and exploration to be had around the park, Minam State Recreation Area has it all.

This endless repetiteur of outdoor recreation makes Minam State Recreation Area the ideal place to take an RV rental. Accessing the park with a rental …

Mount Spokane State Park, WA

178 RV rentals

Covering 13,919 acres, Mount Spokane State Park is one of the biggest state parks in Washington state. With miles of trails and stunning views from the 5,883-foot summit of the mountain, it is not surprising that so many people book an RV in Spokane County. Although most widely known for alpine winter recreation, the park offers all sorts of activities throughout the year, including horseback riding, biking, berry picking, hiking, snowshoeing, and picnicking, to name a few.

There is limited camping in Mount Spokane State Park, but there are plenty of places you could stay nearby, such as in the neighboring towns of Chewelah, Cheney, and the city of Spokane itself.

Palouse Falls State Park, WA

259 RV rentals

In the heart of the Washington Palouse region, Palouse Falls formed around 13,000 years ago as the last great glacier scraped and gouged its way north. Palouse Falls is one of the few waterfalls from the Ice Age-era still flowing today in the United States. In 1951, Palouse Falls State Park was officially established, providing it some protection from commercial endeavors. The Palouse region is a gently rolling plains that somewhat resembles sand dunes, especially in late summer, when the heat has set in and browned the wheat and barley to shimmering gold. Largely an agricultural region, most of the towns are centered around farming and transport of grains.

The closest large town, Pomeroy, is about 40 miles to …

Ponderosa State Park, ID

199 RV rentals

Both summer and winter RV campers enjoy Ponderosa State Park for the serenity and abundance of year-round activities found here. This 1,000-acre park in central Idaho lies on the shores of Payette Lake, most of it within the city limits of McCall. The park gets its name from the preponderance of Ponderosa pines found within it, many of which are over 300 years old. Idahoans have long visited this area for recreation, and in 1905, the state legislature was pushed to set aside the land as a state park. The bill was passed in no time, and Ponderosa State Park was created.

Ponderosa State Park is popular for boating, fishing, and hiking through the various landscapes found in this …

Potholes State Park, WA

178 RV rentals

A really easy way to explore central Washington is to search for an RV in Grant County, which is centrally located in the state. This county is home to Potholes State Park, which is a great destination to visit when you are staying in the area. Potholes State Park is a very unique, 773-acre park that has over 6,000 feet of freshwater shorelines for guests to enjoy. The park was originally formed after an Ice-Age event carved chunks out of the land, creating hundreds of tiny islands that are surrounded by small, pothole like lakes.

Potholes State Park is a pleasant place to enjoy some state park RV camping, and since it is centrally located in the state, there …

Riverside State Park, WA

221 RV rentals

Located just a few miles north of Spokane, Riverside State Park lies along the route of the Spokane and Little Spokane Rivers. It is one of the largest state parks in Washington, covering over 11,000 acres and offers a range of outdoor activities to enjoy. There are very few large towns in the area due to the terrain, but you are very close to several forests, including the large Coeur d'Alene National Forest.

The terrain in this area is hilly as it’s on the edge of the Cascade Mountain range, but it makes a great location for exploring the Washington State area when you search for an RV in Spokane County.

The park was established in 1933 …

Round Lake State Park, ID

175 RV rentals

A quiet RV camping trip is waiting in northwestern Idaho right below the Canadian border. Just 15 minutes from Sandpoint, one hour east of Spokane, and 15 minutes north of Athol, you’ll find the quaint 142-acre Round Lake State Park. At an elevation of 2,100 feet, Round Lake State Park is a getaway for motorhome campers who love seclusion and enjoy the sounds of nature.

This area was formed thousands of years ago during the Ice Age when glaciers carved up the land and formed the lakes, mountains, and valleys you see today. The main draw of this park is its namesake, Round Lake, which covers 58 acres and is home to a large variety of land …