State Parks near San Luis Obispo, CA

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State Parks

Andrew Molera State Park, CA

559 RV rentals

Located on central California’s coastline is Andrew Molera State Park. This stunning state park covers 4,766 acres and is filled with trails and beaches for visitors to explore. The park was once a large ranch before the family sold the land to The Nature Conservancy in the 1960s. However, the family had one exception during the sale - the park was to be named after a prominent family member.

Today, Andrew Molera State Park is a sought-after destination for wildlife lovers and surfers. The area tends to have very comfortable temperatures year-round, although winters can be a little chilly.

Asilomar State Beach, CA

958 RV rentals

Situated on central California’s coastline, Asilomar State Beach covers over 107 acres and was established in the early 1950s. This state beach offers breathtaking views of the coast and is filled with historic structures, including the Asilomar Conference Grounds.

Asilomar State Beach was once home to the Rumsen people and gets its name from a Spanish word meaning “asylum.” Because of its unique landscape, hundreds of rare birds live on the beach. This state beach is situated near cities such as Monterey and Carmel-By-The-Sea.

Carpinteria State Park, CA

1648 RV rentals

Located in the town of Carpinteria, only 12 miles south of Santa Barbara and shrouded by the towering hills of Santa Ynez, lies a modest 62-acre recreation area with more than 4,600 feet of beachfront. The original inhabitants of the land were Chumash peoples, who called the area mishopshnow, which roughly translates to “correspondence.” The Chumash used the area’s resources for crafts, such as bowls, effigies, and beads.

The area also boasts rich tar deposits that were utilized for multiple purposes, one of which was paving the roads of Santa Barbara County. Santa Barbara campers and Carpinteria campers love to come here to beat the summer heat, but the park’s beauty beckons visitors from all across the state as …

Channel Islands National Park, CA

1792 RV rentals

Channel Islands National Park offers a unique chance to discover the wild, rugged beauty of the Southern California coast. The park is made up of five pristine islands, each with its own unique charm. Exploring the islands takes a little enthusiasm and planning, though the payoff is access to one of the most unique and untouched coastal ecosystems in North America. Whether you're getting up close with sea lions on San Miguel, kayaking to hidden sea caves on Santa Cruz, hiking to historic lighthouses on Anacapa, strolling along sugar-white beaches on Santa Rosa, or exploring underwater kelp forests on Santa Barbara, Channel Islands National Park promises unforgettable adventures.

Looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure? Book an RV in Ventura County and …

Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park, CA

505 RV rentals

Located between Tipton and Delano, only a few miles away from Earlimart, is Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. This 3,700-acre park was established to preserve Allensworth, a town that was founded and led by African Americans back in 1908. The central figure behind that initiative was Colonel Allen Allensworth, former slave, Union Army officer, and doctor of theology.

After Allensworth's tragic death, the town was hit by drought, and in 1966, arsenic was discovered in the town’s water supply. All of these events led to the decision to demolish the town, but luckily, citizens rallied to protect Allensworth, despite the fact that it was uninhabitable. The land then became a state park in 1974.

History buffs, bikers, and …

El Capitan State Beach, CA

998 RV rentals

Fringed by soft sand, rolling waves, and rocky cliffs, El Capitan State Beach showcases the natural beauty of the Golden State. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this picturesque corner of Southern California, whether you're sunbathing, surfing, or enjoying a picnic under the shade of a mature oak. Throw in gorgeous weather, and camping at El Capitan State Beach is a fantastic destination for weekend getaways and cross-country road trips alike.

At just 115 miles from the City of Angels, El Capitan State Beach offers a unique chance to camp in an RV near Los Angeles. You're also a stone's throw from Santa Barbara, a.k.a the American Riviera. Planning a getaway to Southern California? Book an RV in …

Emma Wood State Beach, CA

1983 RV rentals

Set on the Santa Barbara Channel, Emma Wood State Beach lures sunseekers with golden sand, rolling waves, and stunning views of the Channel Islands. Spend the day soaking up the Golden State sunshine or throw on your hiking boots and hit one of the coastal trails. Dolphins splashing offshore and great blue herons soaring overhead add to the postcard-perfect atmosphere.

Planning a spell in Southern California? Rent a camper in Ventura County and you can stay the night at Emma Wood State Beach, as well as other local gems like Crystal Cove, Leo Carillo, Thornhill Broome, and Point Mugu. The City of Angels is an hour and a half away, which makes Emma Wood State Beach a great place to …

Fort Tejon State Historic Park, CA

2047 RV rentals

Fort Tejon State Historic Park resides on what was once a 1800s California Army fort. The fort was originally built as a way to help protect local citizens from attacks. A few years after it was constructed, the fort survived a massive earthquake, which is now known as the Fort Tejon earthquake.

Today, Fort Tejon State Historic Park still contains many of its historic structures, including barracks. There are also exhibits located around the grounds that tell more about its history and contain artifacts found on the land, such as uniforms and weapons.

Gaviota State Park, CA

706 RV rentals

Gaviota State Park is located on U.S. 101 in southern Santa Barbara County, California, about 30 miles west of the city of Santa Barbara. This area was first named Gaviota (the Spanish word for “seagull”) by soldiers who camped here in 1769 during the Portola Expedition. 

Spreading from the Pacific Coast to the Santa Ynez Mountains, Gaviota State Park is adjacent to Los Padres National Forest and offers sweeping vistas of the coast, Channel Islands and the Lompoc Valley from the summit of Gaviota Peak. Book an RV in Santa Barbara County and see for yourself why this beautiful region is a popular spot for both land and sea adventures.

Hearst San Simeon State Park, CA

281 RV rentals

Centrally located between San Jose and Los Angeles, California, you’ll find the sprawling Hearst San Simeon State Park. Just under two and a half hours west of Bakersfield, this park is over 3,000 acres of country land that holds over twenty miles of Pacific Coastline and the famous historical monument, Hearst Castle.

In the 1860s, George Hearst, thriving from his gold mining enterprise across the Californian coast, purchased land and eventually built Hearst Ranch. In the 1920s and '30s, the park grew substantially with the addition of over 500 acres of beach and then another 1,131 acres in 2005.

If you enjoy horseback riding, hiking, or wildlife viewing, this park is a must-visit for your next RV camping …

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, CA

507 RV rentals

The incredible California state park of Julia Pfeiffer Burns was named after the incredible Big Sur pioneer of the same name. With a tumbling 80-foot waterfall, plenty of places to hike, scuba diving opportunities, and whale watching, it is no wonder so many people rent an RV in Monterey County every year. This beautiful stretch of coastline is dotted with towering 300-foot redwoods, some of which are over 2,500 years old.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park was established in 1962 and covers 3762 acres, meaning there is plenty of room for everyone to explore and enjoy the wonderful views and hikes. Just 12 miles north is the more well-known Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, and the beautiful towns of Monterey …

Limekiln State Park, CA

476 RV rentals

Planning to book an RV in Monterey County and explore Big Sur? Limekiln State Park is well worth a visit. This quaint park is nestled on the coast of California, about four and a half hours away from Los Angeles and about two and a half hours from San Jose. As for nearby state parks, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is a little over 10 miles north, whereas Andrew Molera State Park is just over 30 miles to the northwest.

But before you jet off to other destinations, take some time to explore this 700-acre wilderness. You'll want to snap photo after photo of the turquoise waters and jagged bluffs. Wander into the forest to discover a waterfall and …

Los Padres National Forest, CA

1486 RV rentals

Los Padres National Forest stretches over 1.75 million acres in central California. The impressive size of this area covers various ecosystems. The magnificent landscape is composed of the coast on the west that changes into small deserts, grassland, canyons, and deep oak forests as you go to the east. This national forest is home to 23 endangered animal species, including California condors. The outdoor opportunities here are endless thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate from the ocean.

This national forest was established in 1936 and named after Catholic missionary priests who lived in the area back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors frequent Los Padres National Forest because it is an excellent location for hiking, swimming, picnicking, climbing, and …

Montana De Oro State Park, CA

273 RV rentals

Montana De Oro State Park is situated toward the southern portion of California and has stunning coastal views of the Pacific Ocean. Spanning over 8,000 acres, this state park features an interesting mixture of forests and beaches for visitors to explore. During the spring and summer, the park explodes with golden wildflowers. The thousands of yellow flowers blooming here is what inspired its name, which means “gold mountain” in Spanish.

The grounds were first inhabited by Native Americans before it eventually was taken by Spanish explorers. When it became part of California, the area was used for farming and lumber. In 1965, the land became Montana De Oro State Park.

Morro Bay State Park, CA

295 RV rentals

Central California is home to numerous coastal state parks. One of the best RV camping experiences will be at Morro Bay State Park when you book an RV in San Luis Obispo County. This 2,700-acre park is just 15 minutes west of the city of San Luis Obispo, in the maritime town of Morro Bay. Camping at Morro Bay State Park will give you immediate access to a beautiful estuary full of birds and hiking through coastal scrubland with views of the bay.

Volcanic forces formed Morro Bay, evident by the massive Morro Rock on Morro Rock Beach. This monolith is all that remains of the plug after a 23-million-year-old volcano eroded. The rock has long been used …