Best Tree House Rentals Florida

Jen YoungJuly 29, 2022

Best Tree House Rentals Florida

In recent years, treehouse rentals have garnered immense popularity worldwide, and Florida is no exception. Couples, families, and even solo travelers opt for tree house rentals in Florida. 

These treehouse rentals are scattered across the state of Florida. You’ll be met with premium quality treehouse rentals no matter where you travel. They promise picturesque views, unmatchable comfort, and a range of options to choose from. Thus, if your destination for this seasonal getaway is Florida, do not miss a chance to stay in the snug treehouse rentals available. 

Let us help you look for the best tree house rentals in Florida according to your requirements.

Best Tree House Rentals Florida

Tree houses in Florida are available in diverse sizes to accommodate large families. In addition to the one-bedroom tree house rentals, multiple-bedroom rentals are also provided. And that’s not it. Some tree house rentals even have a dining area, multiple bathrooms, and a kitchen. 

So if you are giving up on spending your vacation with family in a tree house rental because of its size, worry no more. Let us discover the best tree house vacation rentals available in Florida.

North Island Treehouse – Fort Pierce

North Island Treetop can accommodate around 4 to 5 members. It has 2 bedrooms with a king-size bed and a full-size bed. In addition to the comfy rooms, the central living space with a 55″ TV will be your companion for a movie night. A sound system accompanies this.

The balcony is ideal for relaxing after a tiring day of sightseeing and roaming around town. Residents can access the washer and dryer available at the treehouse. They can gather together to eat at the dinner table provided by the treehouse.

The bathroom holds:

  • Comfy bathtub
  • Hairdryer
  • Cleaning products
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body soap
  • Shower gel
  • Easy access to hot water

Smoke alarms and fire extinguisher facilities are at all times to aid guests.

The kitchen has been carefully altered to fit your cooking style. Refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, NuWav, and many more utilities are present to make cooking easier for you. 

Its proximity to the beach gives you a two-in-one deal. You can roam around the beach all day and then come back to relax in the quiet space of your treehouse.

Along with your staying package, you also get access to

  • 2 beach bikes
  • 2 bodyboards
  • Sand umbrella 
  • 2 beach chairs
  • Body towel

Luxurious Modern Treehouse – Palm Beach Gardens

The Luxurious Modern Treehouse gives its visitors a chance to live amid nature. Surrounded by green plantations, this treehouse only allows its residents to rent for the long term.

The Luxurious Modern Treehouse can fit around 6 members. It has a queen-size bed, a bunk bed, and a futon to assist all members in sleeping comfortably. 

The treehouse rental offers a hot tub to help visitors ward off the tiredness after a hectic touring day. In addition, there is also a pool for you to brush off the summer heat whenever you want. 

The kitchen holds all the amenities for your daily use. A mini-refrigerator, an ice maker, and a microwave are some of the appliances that you’ll find in the kitchen. Alongside these, it also has a sink supplying filtered water for the guests. Furthermore, the luxurious modern treehouse also hosts a coffee and tea bar. It has several sweeteners and creamers to assist you in experimenting with your traditional tea or coffee.

To help unpack, the guests will find spacious storage cubes that can hold the items they brought along. For the clothes, there is a small closet where you can hang your clothes for ease of access.

Visitors can get into the farmhouse and feed the animals with their kids. The food is provided, and all animals are tamed to be friendly. 

The treehouse offers a grill in the picnic area specifically for its guests. You can enjoy a BBQ night with your family and show off your grilling skills. 

Treehouse in the Woods – Kissimmee

Experience luxury at its finest in the Treehouse in the Woods at Kissimmee. The rustic wooden exterior gives a Bohemian vibe to it. In simpler words, it is a five-star hotel in the middle of the woods. 

The internet here works at its optimum. The bathroom already has necessities for the visitors alongside an option of hot running water. A hairdryer is also available beforehand.

The bedroom contains all the essentials. The owners already place towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper to ease the guests. Air conditioning and heating options are also provided for visitors.

A first aid kit and a fire extinguisher are also provided to protect guests from unforeseeable events. Besides that, there is a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm for added protection.

Aside from the bedroom, the treehouse also holds a sleeping loft. You have access to plenty of space below the treehouse where you can hold several activities with your family. You will also find sitting and sunbathing chairs that you may use at your convenience. 

Best Treehouse Rentals Florida – Orlando

Orlando comes to mind when you think about Florida. This is why it is such a popular attraction for tourists. So how can we not include treehouse rentals in Orlando in our list of best treehouse rentals in Florida?

The Beehive Treehouse

The Beehive Treehouse in Orlando is a place of harmonic bliss. It has a dedicated workspace so you can concentrate on work while relaxing. You will be experiencing the mesmerizing lake, garden, and city skyline view from the treehouse. 

The bathroom already holds necessities like cleaning products, shampoo, and conditioner. Guests also can opt for hot water in this treehouse rental. 

The Beehive Treehouse rental has one bedroom with a queen-size bed, 1 sofa bed, 1 couch, and an air mattress. The bedroom is equipped with all the essentials and has extra pillows and blankets for your convenience. 

The weather in Orlando is mostly humid. The beehive treehouse offers central air conditioning to protect you from this harsh weather. Other amenities include wifi services, security, and a kitchen. 

The place also has a 60″ HD TV. You can avail yourself of the subscriptions of Apple TV, Netflix, Disney+, and many more channels on this TV. But that is not all there is to entertainment. In the treehouse, you can listen to music with a record player and a Bluetooth sound system. 

In addition, you can stay on track with your workout routines by using the exercise equipment available in the treehouse. The Beehive Treehouse presents a range of books and reading material for its guests. Not a day can go idle when surrounded by such a vast range of items for entertainment.

Best Tree House Rentals Florida – Romantic

Spending the whole day with your partner and cozying up to them throughout the night is every person’s wish on a romantic getaway. Fulfill your desires for a dreamy vacation at a treehouse in Florida. While you concentrate on your partner, we will focus on finding you the best romantic treehouse rentals in Florida.

Treehouse at Danville

The Treehouse at Danville is a unique treehouse rental, not only in Florida but in the United States as well. 

This treehouse rental displays a pleasing palette of colors, making you fall in love with the place at first sight. It gives such a calm and homey vibe that you and your partner may immediately feel at home.

Along with essentials, the bedroom has hangers, so you do not have to worry about ruining the ironed clothes. In case you do, there is no need to worry. The treehouse at Danville also has an iron so you can tour in your freshest clothes. 

The kitchen is well equipped with all the cooking prerequisites. A microwave, mini-refrigerator, and a coffee maker top the list of appliances. Besides these, the kitchen also has pots and pans to assist the cooking. Salt, pepper, and oil are already available together with bowls, cups, etc.

Provided with a passcode combination, the guests can check into the treehouse themselves. Such a level of ease is a norm at the Danville treehouse!

They can enjoy their time in a private hot tub and a sauna. In addition, the couple has a fire pit on the premises to cozy up during the winters. A BBQ grill also awaits the guests to enjoy grilling on a romantic night. An attractive feature of this treehouse rental is the accent lighting that provides the perfect aura. 

Treehouse in the Cloud – St. Cloud

Treehouse in the Cloud is a popular spot for movie and photography shoots. It is also an excellent pick for romantic getaways. 

The bathroom holds a grand list of hygiene essentials for the guests, such as

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body soap
  • Shower gel
  • Cleaning products for clothes  
  • Hairdryer

The bedroom supports the presence of a dresser and a closet, providing more room for the guests to keep their belongings. They can enjoy any music with an Amazon Dot Bluetooth sound system available in the treehouse.

A standard crib and a travel crib are available for couples with a child. They are also informed of trustworthy babysitter recommendations if required.

The bedroom holds all potential necessities like towels, bedsheets, and soaps beforehand. Residents can also iron their clothes with the iron available at the treehouse.

The kitchen has essential items needed for cooking and eating. Apart from these, there is a microwave, refrigerator, freezer, hot water kettle, coffee maker, wine glasses, toaster, and a dining table.

Residents have access to a fire pit outside the treehouse. The premises contain outdoor furniture accompanied by an outdoor dining area. There is also a BBQ grill, and its companions like charcoal, bamboo/iron skewers, etc., are also provided in the treehouse. 

The guests are provided with beach essentials such as beach towels, an umbrella, a beach blanket, and snorkeling gear. To make their stay even more fun, they are provided bikes to use as they see fit.

You will find 4 horses on the property, which will be your companions for the stay. Do not worry about what they will eat, as you will find carrots in the fridge that you can feed them.

The Best Florida Treehouse Clubs

The Little Treehouses – Country Club of Orlando:

The country club of Orlando currently offers 2 of its treehouses to the local public. These treehouses have the best location in Orlando. It’s close to famous theme parks like Universal Studios or Disney

They both have one bedroom, each with a queen-sized bed. A mini-refrigerator and a microwave accompany a kitchenette. The television sports cable-ready apps that show the best holiday movies. 

This place is the most convenient pick for all seasons. If you visit during winter, you have a fireplace in the sitting area to keep you warm. However, suppose you plan to make a trip during the summer. In that case, the place has an oversized AC unit to maintain the coolness of the treehouse.

The bathroom flaunts a clawfoot tub together with a shower. When you are not ready to cook breakfast, you can order it from the country club. Their breakfast menu includes a warm cup of coffee, breakfast bars, and fruits. 

The treehouse rental also offers daily housekeeping. You can comfortably enjoy the day out with your loved ones without worrying about fixing your treehouse. You can also borrow bikes from the Country Club to have a fun getaway and tour the pristine neighborhood. 


We hope that by putting all these attractive options on the table for you, we may have eased your search for the best treehouse rentals in Florida. Once you have decided, hurry up and book the treehouse rental of your choice.

Whether going with friends, family, your partner, or alone, these treehouse rentals in Florida will highlight your trip.

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