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Roll Like Zoey Deutch in a Sprinter Campervan

Choose your own adventure with an Outdoorsy RV. Ever wanted to roll like a celebrity? Now’s your chance— and it’s easier than you think. People all over the world are social distancing by getting outside and in RVs, including stars like Zoey Deutch. The actress, known for her roles on Netflix’s The Politician and movies…

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Renter Of The Week – Grant Vetters

Meet Grant Vetters, a professional filmmaker from Vancouver, BC who has a wonderful sense of adventure.  We all know that Outdoorsy and off-the-grid adventures go hand in hand. So there is little surprise that Mr. Vetters recently had an Outdoorsy adventure of his own. “I visited Hawaii — The Big Island,” Grant recalls. “I went…

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Renter Of The Week: Shanti Hodges

  Shanti Hodges is the founder and regular contributor to Hike it Baby – a top site for families looking to take parenting on the trail. When it comes to experiencing the outdoors with kids, Shanti is the expert. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she wanted to experience campervanning with her 5-year-old son. Of course, the…

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Renter Of The Week: Teri Casagranda

Wisconsin resident Teri Casagranda and her husband Gary wanted to see the beauty of Arizona. Recognizing that one of the best ways to do this would be via RV, Teri set out to find one. “My son told me there are RV rentals similar to home rentals such as VRBO, so I searched ‘RV rental…

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Renter Of The Week: Silvana Liscano

Have you ever taken a trip west? If not, you need to make a point of doing so as soon as possible. Just ask Outdoorsy renter Silvana Liscano, who was more than happy to share the magic of the most recent road trip she took with her boyfriend. “We visited Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Yuba River,…

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Get To Know Renter Matthew Mead

Meet Matthew Mead, a Northern California national sales executive with some serious wanderlust. This Outdoorsy veteran has rented through through Outdoorsy a total of four times. Why choose Outdoorsy? Matthew was quick to answer that one. “Ease of checking in and out, and the quality of the RV,” he says. It’s all about the experiences…

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Get To Know Renter Robert Rose

If anyone knows travel, it’s Robert Rose, producer of the TV show, Raw Travel. This guy is always on the go and has seen some truly incredible sights. Rose is well versed in using peer-to-peer rental sites and has stayed in different types of accommodations throughout his travels. So when we discovered this awesome traveler had…

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Get To Know Renter Kari Keating

Kari Keating is a seasoned camper. She’s camped many times with her family of five, and plans to do so more often in the future. That said, until recently, all of the Keating family’s camping trips involved sleeping in a tent. While tent camping is fun every once in a while, it isn’t all that…

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