Josh Schukman
by Josh Schukman
Posted May 31, 2023

Our Outdoorsy adventure began 2015 when our founders decided to go all in on their vision for a business to make outdoor travel more accessible.

Fittingly, the seeds of Outdoorsy took root when Jeff and Jen (our founding duo) snagged a 27-foot Airstream and a truck to pull it for a nationwide business-building road trip.

What they found was a hunger for outdoor experiences that they molded into the business of peer-to-peer RV rentals. The wheels have turned fast since then and here we are now announcing our one millionth trip!

That’s one million RV road trips taken, two million+ S’mores cooked, and countless memories made. Come with us now as we meet the family who will be taking the 1 millionth trip and their host who made it all possible. 

Meet The Gierman Family — Our One-Millionth Trip-Goers

Family viewing cave drawings

It’s pretty spectacular when you book a family vacation and discover that it’s also a milestone in the history of outdoor memory-making. And that’s precisely what happened to the Gierman Family when they booked a Grand Canyon RVing trip.

Here’s how it all went down, in their own words:

Q: Tell us about your family (names, ages, careers, hobbies, etc.)

Floris Gierman, 40 — Co-Founder of PATH projects (a running clothing company), Host of The Extramilest Show (a running podcast on YouTube) & Founder of The Personal Best Running coaching program. Dad of two girls. Hobbies: Running, trail running, biking, swimming, being in nature, photography, storm chasing

Jennifer Gierman, 42 — Graphic designer/mom of two girls. Hobbies: Pickleball and Volleyball

Sadie Gierman, 10 — Hobbies: Arts and crafts, making jewelry, baking, pickleball and running with dad

Zoey Gierman, 6 — Hobbies: Pickleball, tennis, swimming, snowboarding and adventures with dad

Q: What was the inspiration for taking this road trip from LA to the Grand Canyon? 

A: Our daughter Sadie learned about the Grand Canyon in 4th grade. Her dad Floris showed her photos and videos of him running at the Grand Canyon on a work trip. Sadie found it fascinating so we wanted to take a trip there to show her in person how incredible the grand canyon actually is. 

Q: What is everyone most looking forward to? 

A: Being outdoors in nature together as a family, change of scenery and also hanging out in our RV

Q: Why did you choose Outdoorsy? 

A: Easy to book, huge variety of local bookings, reasonably priced.  

Q: What’s each family member’s favorite road trip snack?

A: Floris: Mixed nuts

Jen: Chocolate-covered pretzels, Dried Mango with Tajin

Sadie: Salt and vinegar chips

Zoey: Pringles

Q: And your favorite campfire meal? 

Floris: Steak, grilled veggies and S’mores  

Jen: Steak

Sadie & Zoey: S’mores and cheeseburgers

Q: What’s your favorite campground game to play?

A: Pickleball (volleying), using nature as an obstacle course and corn hole

Q: What is one place you can’t wait to visit on your RV trip?

A: Most excited about the Grand Canyon. We were able to get a campground at the South Rim. We’re able to walk from the campground to the South Rim, so we’re going to watch the sunrise and sunset there. 

1 Million Nights Under The Stars

We’ve come a long way since those early days over the road. And along our journey, we’ve discovered that we love the business of creating outdoor memories.

That’s why this millionth trip is so special to us — it reminds us of the millions of memories we’ve helped create, the millions upon millions of campfires we’ve sparked, and the trillions of stars our guests have gazed up at and the infinite wonders of nature. 

Let’s take a beat here to celebrate one of the hosts who helped make our one million trips  possible: 

Meet Marisol Hill — Our 1 Millionth Trip Hostess

It’s a pretty big deal when you hand over the keys to your RV to help fire up the engine for Outdoorsy’s one-millionth trip. And we’d be hard-pressed to find a more qualified and passionate host than Mari(sol).

Mari started hosting with us back in 2019 and — since then — she has hosted over 400 Outdoorsy trips. She met her husband Jay back in 2003 over a shared love of the outdoors, so it was only fitting that the duo would build a business on creating outdoor memories.

Their hospitality centers on combining the best RVs on the market with outlandishly awesome customer experiences. They don’t simply rent out RVs — they create outdoor memories for families. They help people disconnect so they can connect with each other. And Mari and Jay do it all with the same sort of care they’d give to their own family members.

Jay and Mari carefully choose each RV in their fleet to provide a unique array of experiences for renters to choose from. 

We chatted with Mari about what it feels like to host this monumental trip. Here are a couple of highlights from that convo:

Q: What is your approach to hospitality? 

A: We think about our guest first. First, we ask ourselves how can we apply and condense our 20+ years of RV experience so that our guest can have the tools and confidence to hit the road.  After the RV is reserved, a camping list is provided and we answer any questions they may have to make sure they are prepared for their adventure! When they pick up the RV we provide a detailed RV training prior to departure. We offer peace of mind. We make sure our guest know we are only a text or a phone call away 24/7  during their outdoor adventure. 

Q: Best compliment you could ever receive from a guest?

A: How our service, training and RV’s have helped them explore & create memories with their families and friends!

Q: Favorite memory as a host: 

A: When a family with small children rented an RV only to find out that the parents weren’t able to drive the rig. We spoke to them on the phone and could hear the children crying because of the bad news. It really broke our heart. We called them back and offered to deliver the RV to the campsite and safely set it up. The next challenge was their personal vehicle could not fit their entire family to get to the campground.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box. My husband Jay ended up chauffeuring the family to the campground. 430 miles later all that mattered at the end was the memories this family will get to treasure for the years to come!

One Million Trips…And Counting

We’ve come a long way since those early days behind the wheel of our 27ft Airstream. Our million-trip milestone warms our hearts like a fire warming a s’more-bound marshmallow. 

In fact, we’re so stoked about this milestone that we launched a sweepstakes where you could win a $1,000 Outdoorsy travel credit plus a $2,000 prize bundle from our travel partners. 

>Enter to win right here

We’re ready for millions more memories made and zillions more stars gazed upon. You can be one of our next million by booking an RV or a luxury outdoor stay today.

Josh Schukman


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