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by Lizzie Dragon
Posted February 24, 2021

It was in 1975 — aka International Women’s Year — when International Women’s Day was born. From that year forward, March 8th would be formally recognized as a day to celebrate women and come together to fight for women’s equality.

The history of Women’s Day dates back even further, however, to the early 1900s. Women have been standing up for equality for over a century, and the fight continues. That said, this year’s theme for International Women’s day is ‘Choose To Challenge‘.

Today, we choose to challenge the norms of the Outdoor Industry and highlight these female RV business owners doing the same — helping get more and more women out and about in the outdoors with every rental.

1. Deborah Kane

Founder and CEO of the woman-owned camper van rental company, GoCamp, Deborah Kane is always moving forward. In early 2020, she, like most RV business owners, was processing one trip cancellation after another. But, that didn’t hold her back. Instead, she started her Road Trips for the Rock Stars project, which gave a total of 600 free nights of camping to those getting us through the pandemic. You can read more about Deborah here!

There is just nothing better than hopping in a fully loaded campervan, hitting the road to somewhere fabulous, and popping the top for a night under the stars with friends or family. Campervans just make it so dang easy.

2. Marisol Hill 

Owner of Adventure RV, Marisol Hill has all the hot marketing tips when it comes to the RV rental business. She stresses the value of offering delivery and creating valuable video content for renters. Check out the Mapping the Road Ahead panel to hear her advice on how she kept the family business running and thriving through 2020.

In 2019 we started renting our personal RV and we saw the impact and smiles it would bring to families and we knew this was it! We decided that this was our passion. We love camping, it’s been a part of our lifestyle, so why not give it a try? And try to help other families to unplug, and connect with nature, and connect with their families.

3. Nika Shneyder

Owner of Chill RV, Nika Shneyder has spent almost 5 years building a successful RV rental empire. “It’s so exciting to me to break barriers and stereotypes,” she says. “There are not a lot of women in the RV rental industry, so I love the look on my clients’ faces when I deliver the RV to them. Many are shocked that I could drive these huge cars and know so much about the systems and operations.” On Yelp, her business was even rated as the #1 RV rental business in Los Angeles. (If you’re looking to start your own rental business, we suggest you watch this panel and be prepared to take some notes from Nika!)

I love the idea that what I do for a living helps someone return and get back into their groove. It makes them more productive at work and happier in general. What a great impact to have on the world!

4. Austin Kish

Rockstar mom and RV owner, Austin Kish is a single, full-time working parent. As such, she decided the perfect way for her to see the world with her son and make some extra money would be to buy an RV and rent it on Outdoorsy when she wasn’t using it. And let’s just say, her plan worked. You can rent her little airstream trailer on Outdoorsy.

I hope [my trailer] allows people to connect with themselves and their families, create memories, and see new sights.

5. Michelle Ellsworth

Owner of Adventure Bound Easy RV Rentals, Michelle Ellsworth started a successful business on a whim. What began with her buying a motorhome to take a foreign exchange student to see the Grand Canyon led her to build a business — one run with an entrepreneurial spirit and incredible empathy. She purchased her first Class C one week before Covid-19 hit. Since then, she’s grown her fleet to include 3 toy haulers, one camper, and two Class C RVs.

What started out as a way to help make payments has flourished into a lifestyle that will give back to the community and become part of the Ellsworth’s identity for generations to come. We are excited to see what 2021 has to offer!

6. Rebekah Lawrence

Owner of RVsBnB, Rebekah Lawrence is the woman in charge. “It is definitely empowering to know I can do it all myself,” Rebekah shares. She makes all the decisions AND tows the trailers, getting thumbs up from women everywhere as she backs the large rig perfectly into place. In short, she is as badass as they come.

I used to see women pulling large trailers on the freeway, and I would think, ‘She’s a badass. I want to be a badass!’ I hope there are women out there that see me and are encouraged to do the same.

7. Jennifer Duff

Talk about girl power — RV owner, Jennifer Duff bought her Mercedes Sprinter and built it out herself — from the interior paint to the electrical wiring. After a year of #vanlife, she decided to turn her new love for converted vans into a business, renting out her previous camper home while she builds out another. “I hope my van gives renters a taste of the freedom that comes with an alternative lifestyle like mine,” Jennifer says. Head here to rent her built-out beauty on Outdoorsy!

I hope my van gives renters a taste of the freedom that comes with an alternative lifestyle like mine.

8. Michelle Boyle

Owner of not one, but three businesses, Michelle Boyle is an inspiration for all outdoor-loving entrepreneurs out there. “I heard the CEO of Outdoorsy on a podcast talking about the success their owners were having, so I thought I’d give their platform a try,” she shares. Running My Tiny House Village, Teardrops NW, and Weddings on Wheels, Michelle is helping people get outside — and even get married!

I hope my trailers get people outside, make them smile, help them learn how to vacation with less money, appreciate simple camping, and encourage them to spend time with their loved ones.

9. Sonya Lowry 

A truly adventurous spirit, Sonya has seemingly done everything, from skydiving to white water rafting and everything between the ground and sky. This spirit is what led her to buy an RV. “I love RVing because it gives us the freedom to get out and seek new adventures, even during COVID-19,” Sonya says. “Our hope is that people are able to find a bit of normalcy in being able to get away safely during this time.” Luckily for everyone else, when she isn’t driving it around the country, you can rent it for an adventure of your own!

The hope is that couples and families will be able to feel some of the release we feel each time we go on another adventure.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Every day is a good day to celebrate the women in your life. Want to see more women-led businesses and brands worth celebrating? Check out these 6 rad women making moves in the outdoor industry!

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