Centre College Tailgating

Ready for a new sports season? A fun-filled Central College tailgating experience awaits, so take an RV trip to Danville, Kentucky, to watch the Colonels play.

Event information

Centre College is in the heart of Danville, Kentucky and is home to over 20 sports teams that go by the name of Centre College Colonels. They form part of the Southern Athletic Association and are well known for their Centre College mascot, not to mention their gold and white color scheme.

A Centre College tailgating experience is like no other, for it provides the perfect opportunity for sports fans from Danville, Kentucky, and further afield, to come together in the love of the sport. It’s not just football that draws hundreds of people to games, although the Centre Colonels have held their own in the NCAA Division in recent years.

Those who partake in Centre College tailgating can also do so for the many other teams that form Centre College, such as basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, baseball, and more. If there’s a game on, you can bet that people are hauling out their grills to celebrate in style.

The Centre College grounds are expansive and grace several blocks surrounding the west main street of Danville. However, there are rules in place for where you can tailgate and how you go about it.
No alcohol is permitted in any of the sports facilities, such as Sutcliffe Hall, Farris Stadium, the Gary Wright Field, Amend Field, and Boles Natatorium. There are dedicated areas on game-day only, and these are outlined before the big day.

Fans must also bring their own food and beverages and clean up once the festivities are finished. Given the lack of general and tailgating parking spaces, you may find that a tow vehicle is the best way to enjoy the Centre College tailgating experience.

Once the final whistle blows, and the Centre College Colonels leave triumphant (or not), you can then head off in your RV and check out everything else this beautiful Kentucky city has to offer.


While you can view game information online for Centre College, you may not be able to buy your Colonels tickets online. In the past, tickets for basketball, football, and other sports, have been cash-only on the day. Some quantity limitations may apply, and not all sports games at Centre College will be open for the public to attend.

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Danville, Kentucky, is a city in Boyle County that has been named a top place to retire. It’s picturesque surroundings invite the eye to explore and easy-driving roads, such as US-127 and Kentucky Route 33, offer direct access from neighboring towns and cities like Lexington.

If you’re not familiar with the roads surrounding Danville, Kentucky, then a traffic aid, such as GoKY, can be of assistance. With it, you can know how much time it will take to get to Centre College, and even if there’s time to spare for breaks, such as hiking at Daniel Boone National Forest.

When you get to Centre College, allow plenty of time to find a parking space for your motorhome. Both on and off-campus parking are worth your consideration.

Parking areas

There are dedicated general and tailgating lots for any sports game at Centre College. Depending on what time you arrive, you may find it troublesome or easy enough to find a parking space in your tow vehicle or motorhome.

The proximity of the college to residential areas means that on-street parking could be an option for smaller campers. Otherwise, consider parking at your RV campground near Centre College, and utilizing public transportation to get to the game. In any instance, Centre College Colonels tailgating fans will be rewarded with a memorable tailgating experience, followed by a competitive game.

Public Transportation

As there is no dedicated inner-city bus service in Danville, the best way to get from your RV campground without using your campervan might be with a tow vehicle, taxi, or rideshare service. These options may also suit those who are exploring the greater Danville area, such as the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge, Millennium Park, and the Perryville Battlefield.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available at Centre College. After you tailgate, watch the Centre College Colonels and meet new friends, you can set off to your RV campground nearby. Travelers who like to be organized may see the value in booking an RV accommodation in Danville or neighboring cities like Richmond in advance.


Whether you prefer the luxury of service hookups or you revel in a bit of primitive RV camping from time to time, your needs are met in Danville, Kentucky, and surrounding cities. Within a 50-mile drive of Centre College is Daniel Boone National Forest, which not only offers stunning hiking and rock-climbing opportunities but dry camping, too.

If having sewer, water, and electricity services are more to your tastes, then you will get all that and more at Renfro Valley KOA toward Mt. Vernon under 40 miles from Centre College. A quick trip over to Berea will put you in proximity to some standout RV campgrounds near Danville, as well.

Care to see a play or unique theater performance while in Danville? Pioneer Playhouse may be the place to land your rig and take in a show during your travels, and it is less than two miles from campus.

Getting around

Centre College on W. Walnut Street is a well-laid out facility that is effortless to get around. All sports grounds, such as Gary Wright Field and Farris Stadium are next to each other, and they are accessible from many different streets by vehicle or on foot. You may also see the value in popping a bicycle in your motorhome, for it may help you to navigate the college streets a little faster. However, there will be no need for such transportation once tailgating activities begin.

What to pack


Temperatures tend to remain reasonably steady throughout the year in Danville, and even surrounding cities like Louisville and Frankfort. Hunt out your best gold and white clothing to attend tailgating and sports events at Centre College. However, also don’t forget to pack activity-specific clothing if you intend on swimming at Shawnee National Forest in Illinois on your way home, or hiking at Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri.


Tailgating at Centre College, and even attending a game on college grounds, can require a bit of planning and forethought. If you are partaking in tailgating, then a grill, table, food, beverages, and even a small tent for shelter and shade can be all must-have items. Fortunately for the avid Centre College Colonels fan, you can purchase team-branded tailgating gear to show your pride.

For attending the game, a ticket, cash, and binoculars may all prove valuable. If you are exploring the greater Kentucky area post-game, then think about the camping and cooking supplies you will need, and any event-specific accessories, such as a pole for fishing at Cherokee National Forest.

Health & Safety

Whether you’re tailgating, watching a sports game, or creating your own outdoor experience at the Nantahala National Forest, it’s essential to put your health and safety first. Never travel anywhere without prescription medication for travel companions who need it, sunscreen and sun safety supplies, toiletries, ample drinking water, and a first-aid kit. If you are getting out and about in the bush, then bug spray will become your best friend, too.

Where to eat


Tailgating at Centre College allows you to get creative while satisfying your appetite at the same time. You may bring your tow vehicle and grill to the dedicated parking lots set up for tailgating. Try your hand at burgers, hot dogs, or even sandwiches, but save some of your expertise for when you’re cooking back at your campground. If you’re looking for somewhere to pick up supplies, then you’re in luck. There are general stores and food markets within a few miles of the college campus for convenience.


After cooking for your Colonels crew all day, it makes sense to treat yourself and your travel companions to a bite to eat in Danville. There are not only ample options in Danville itself but on the outskirts in neighboring towns like Stanford, as well. Fill up on pizza, chicken, and sandwiches, or call into a local café for sweet treats and homemade delights.


Vendor offerings can differ from one sports facility at Centre College to the next. Some have food for people to buy, but not all of them will. Others will have food and merchandise. While it is likely that credit cards and debit cards will be accepted, don’t forget to bring cash for a treat during games that do sell food and beverages to hungry visitors.



Ticket takers will be at each entry to each venue at Centre College to make sure everyone is well-behaved and not entering with anything potentially distracting, damaging, or dangerous. Don’t forget to lock your motorhome when you park it in or near Centre College, and hide all valuables out of sight. If you require assistance at any time during your visit to Danville, then you will find a helping hand at Danville Police Department within half a mile of Centre College.


Whenever you travel anywhere in a motorhome, it’s crucial to check a weather app before you go. While the conditions during the sporting year usually are reasonably mild, that doesn’t mean weather extremes don’t happen.

You can expect temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees-Fahrenheit throughout the year, and long, arid, warm, summers. Make sure you check your heating and cooling units before you set off and that your freshwater tanks are topped up and ready for the trip.


By carrying a first-aid kit on board your motorhome, you can treat any cuts or scrapes you may get during your Kentucky adventures. In the event of an accident or injury at Centre College, approach an official who can point you in the direction of someone who can help with first-aid. However, in an emergency, don’t delay in seeking hospital care. Dial 911 or travel to the nearest hospital in Harrodsburg ten miles away.