Orlando to Patapsco Valley State Park Road Trip Guide


Orlando is a beautiful city located in northern Florida. People from all over the country come to Orlando to enjoy spring break and get a few days awhile from the blistering cold of winter. There are many things that the city is known for, especially the theme parks in the area. Whether you have a kid who’s a muggle that just wants to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or you’re a movie buff who wants to check out what Universal Studios has to offer, there’s plenty for the entire family to enjoy in Orlando.

If theme parks aren’t your thing, the consistently warm and humid weather of Florida means many visitors like to enjoy a round of golf, shopping at one of the malls, and of course, the nightlife! Orlando is the perfect starting point for a family road trip to Patapsco Valley State Park. You can rent a motorhome and make your way up the east coast to enjoy a vacation the whole family will remember.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 3-5 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Ratner Museum

You’ve almost made it to Patapsco Valley State Park! Your last stop is the Ratner Museum located in North Bethesda, Maryland. This museum is based entirely around the Bible and will give you an interesting look into the influential book. There are a handful of things to take note of before heading out to this museum. For starters, you must schedule a reservation, as walk-in traffic is not welcome.

It won’t cost you anything to visit the museum, but you will have to have at least 10 people in your party to go. There is everything from sculptures, drawings, paintings, and more at this museum. If you don’t have enough people to get inside, there are plenty of unique art pieces on the outside of the hotel to look at!

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Opening in 1936 in Richmond, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is another great stop on your journey to Patapsco Valley State Park. The exhibitions tend to rotate and you can look online before your trip to see what may be featured there during your travels. You’ll find everything from large, towering sculptures to small, detailed canvases.

There are interactive interpretive exhibits as well. You’ll have the option of a walk-in tour, an adult tour, or even one for kids. Not only is there a restaurant within the Fine Arts Museum that makes for an amazing spot for dinner, but there’s also a gift shop as well. After a long day of walking around the museum, it’s time to hit the hay. Park the motorhome at Americamps RV Park in Richmond to get some rest before the last leg of your trip!

Edgar Allen Poe’s House

If you’re traveling in an RV with teenagers, they might get a kick out of visiting Edgar Allen Poe’s House! You’ll be able to find his old home in Baltimore, Maryland. As you can tell by the name, Edgar Allen Poe, the infamous writer, used to call this house his home in the 1830s. Many visitors are surprised by how small the home is, assuming that famous people usually live in large mansions. His home was turned into a museum in 1949 and has had consistent visitors ever since.

It is open from Thursday to Sunday every week and has affordable ticket prices. The tour of the house is self-guided and you’ll see a variety of different works from the author himself. There are artifacts such as his writing desk, chair, telescope, and more. If you want to get a souvenir from your stop in Baltimore, there is a gift shop with t-shirts, books, and other Poe-inspired items.

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a great spot for your second stop on your trip. It spans over 30-acres and is the perfect place to enjoy nature. It was designed and established in 1851 and is a popular tourist attraction for visitors of Savannah, Georgia. Believe it or not, Forsyth Park is one of the most photographed spots in all of Savannah. There is an iconic water fountain that makes for a peaceful afternoon picnic location.

All around the outside of the park are famous tourist stops. You can swing over to the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist or take a walk over to Bonaventure Cemetery. After a long day of exploring all of Savannah, you may want to get some rest before continuing the road trip. Finding a place to stay couldn’t be easier as you can park your motorhome in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel for the night. Plus, you’ll have quick access to an amazing breakfast in the morning. Just remember to ask the manager's permission before settling in.

Universal Studios

You can’t leave Orlando without stopping at one of the famous theme parks. While Walt Disney World is a great place to see, it can be incredibly busy and overwhelming, not to mention expensive. Universal Studios is an awesome place that offers just as much entertainment as the House of Mouse. There are three parks within Universal Studios, so guests of all ages will find something that they enjoy.

You can get your adrenaline fill on one of the several roller coasters in the park or hop on the Hogwarts Express at Kings Cross Station. If you get hungry during your visit, there are quick bites to eat like corn dogs or ice cream cones. There are also fancy restaurants with gourmet cuisine. Don’t overpay for a hotel at the resort when you can park your motorhome at Lake Breeze RV Park before stopping at your next destination.


Now that you’ve made it to your destination, it’s time to get into athletic wear and get to exploring! Patapsco Valley State Park offers plenty of outdoor activities that the entire family will enjoy. You can enjoy an afternoon of fishing or take a pair of binoculars to view all of the wild animals that call the park home. At the end of an RV road trip, there's nothing better than getting outside and enjoying some fresh air. So pull on your hiking boots and start exploring.

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