Virginia Motorsports Park

Satisfy your need for speed and a vacation by taking your RV to any action-packed event at Virginia Motorsports Park in Petersburg, Virginia.

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There’s more to Virginia Motorsports Park in Petersburg, Virginia, than meets the eye. At first glance, you see a drag strip with a dirt park for motocross, a mud bog, truck and tractor pulls, and grandstands. While it is all those things in the heart of Petersburg, this 500-acre facility is also much, much more.

Virginia Motorsports Park is home to drag racing, Dirtplex, drift and autocross, BMX, and even fairs and festivals. It’s a multi-purpose and versatile facility catering to over a quarter of a million annual visitors that has earned its right to be called a must-visit attraction.

No matter what time of the year you visit, there is always something happening. The roars of engines can be heard for miles when drag racers are in town, while the ‘braaap’ of motocross bikes are music to many auto enthusiasts’ ears. During special events, Virginia Motorsports Park also hosts RV campers, while even being close to some outstanding Virginia RV campgrounds nearby.

Those who visit the motorsport park for the first time may be surprised to learn it’s one of the largest facilities like it in the world and hosted the first-ever Great Bull Run. It also has the title of hosting the first-ever National Drag Race event in Virginia, too.

There’s every reason to believe that Virginia Motorsports Park is deserving of being a must-visit facility on your next RV vacation. However, while you’re in Petersburg and surrounding areas, you may as well see what else Virginia has in store for you.

Visit the Pamplin Historical Park, go wildlife spotting at the James River National Wildlife Refuge, or why not go hiking or biking at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield? Virginia Motorsports Park is a beautiful destination for your next RV vacation, but make sure you don’t miss out on what the rest of the state has to offer.


Buying tickets to events at Virginia Motorsports Park is quite an exciting process, for there are many from which to choose. The ticket price can vary from one event to the next, but for many of them, children under 12 are free with a paying adult. Tickets are also mostly available for sale on the day, rather than online, so bring cash and get ready for an action-packed day ahead.

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Virginia Motorsports Park in Central Virginia is within a half-hour drive of Richmond, in Dinwiddie County. It’s serviced by two main highways, I-95 and I-85, and these roads bring you from the direction of North Carolina and Maryland.

Navigating your way to Petersburg, VA, from any direction is going to be a memorable experience. Pack a bag, find the best traffic aid, like Virginia 511, and follow the road. You’ll be amazed at the scenery along the way, not to mention the beauty of the Appomattox River in the Piedmont Region when you arrive on the edges of the city.

Drive through Petersburg and out the other side in the direction of Dinwiddie to get to Virginia Motorsports Park at 8018 Boydton and Petersburg Plank Road.

Parking areas

Anyone with a Class A motorhome, or even a Sprinter or Airstream, will be familiar with the woes of parking it anywhere you go. Virginia Motorsports Park bucks the trend by ensuring there is parking for all manner of vehicles, not just tow vehicles.

There are over 60 acres of pit parking, 35 acres of asphalt, and 25 acres of stone parking. There is also plenty of paved parking space for motorhomes that will be staying at the facility overnight. Traditionally, day parking has been free, but fees may apply for specific events.

Public Transportation

Given how convenient and easy parking a motorhome at Virginia Motorsports Park is, you may not have to give much thought to the options available for public transportation. However, if you plan on leaving your motorhome at another RV campground, then it’s helpful to know how you can get around. Both taxis and rideshare services are abundant in Petersburg, which means you will be able to navigate the city with ease, and even cities surrounding it, like Fort Lee and Richmond.

Where to stay


Not only do RV-goers get to visit a standout racing facility, but they can also book an RV parking spot and camp there overnight, as well. There are over 100 motorhome and RV spaces on the drag strip’s north side. The areas are paved, and pets are allowed. You may also make use of your generator, but be sure to fill monitor tank levels before you arrive at the track. To secure your spot, contact Virginia Motorsports Park in advance.


If you were late to the party and missed out on reserved RV camping at Virginia Motorsports Park, then never fear! There are still plenty of other RV campgrounds nearby. Next door to the motorsports park is a privately-owned campground near Picture Lake and many more as you travel along I-85.

If you are traveling into Petersburg from the direction of Williamsburg, then staying a night at Williamsburg / Busch Gardens Area KOA may also appeal at this Virginia RV campground that sits a little over an hour away from the speedway. Remember to book your accommodation in advance to ensure you get your preferred choice.

Getting around

Wheeled and powered vehicles are not allowed at Virginia Motorsports Park, but, fortunately, you won’t need them. Whether you have parked your campervan in the overnight camping area or day parking spaces, you will find that it’s a reasonably short walk to all the action. You can then sit in the grandstands, access vendors nearby, and find toilets underneath the grandstands. Everything is nearly at your fingertips for convenience.

What to pack


Aside from your supporter’s gear for your favorite racer or sportsperson, it’s worth putting a bit of thought into the attire you will need for an RV vacation to Petersburg. Pay attention to a weather app and think about the season and time of year.

During summer, temperatures can see the need for shorts and t-shirts. During fall and winter, however, winter woollies are certainly more appropriate. You will also need to think about outdoor clothing if you plan on doing fun activities outdoors, like walking at Shenandoah National Park past Charlottesville.


Virginia Motorsports Park is relatively reasonable with what you can and can’t bring into the grandstands of their facility. You’re allowed coolers that can fit a six-pack, and you can even bring that six-pack of alcohol, too. However, no glass will be allowed.

Bring cash for your tickets at the gate and vendor purchases, as well. There is no ATM on-site, and not all concession stands will accept payment cards and credit cards. It’s also worth bringing a radio to tune into the dedicated FM station, and binoculars so you can see clearly who made it over the line first.

Health & Safety

General health and safety rules apply when you attend a motorsport event at Virginia Motorsport Park. Always be aware of your surroundings, stay out of the way of moving vehicles, and be mindful of the conditions. Put on sunscreen during sunny days, carry any prescription you might need, and make sure you’ve got enough drinking water on board, especially during summer.

If you are exploring the greater Virginia area, such as to George Washington and Jefferson National Forests near Lexington, then don’t forget to carry outdoor equipment and bug spray, too.

Where to eat


While traditional campfires will not be allowed at Virginia Motorsports Parks, you’ll be able to cook to your heart’s content in your motorhome kitchen. There are plenty of delicious dishes you can prepare for your family and friends once the day of racing is over. Supplies are never too far away, as there is a produce center within a four-mile drive of the park, and grocery stores a little further into Petersburg.


While there aren’t too many eateries within a five-mile radius of Virginia Motorsports Park, there are if you travel a little further into Petersburg. Everything from Japanese to chicken and deli delights are within ten miles of the park. Some of these may also be near RV campgrounds in the city.


With so much going on at Virginia Motorsports Park, it’s easy to work up a hunger. While you could travel into Petersburg for a bite to eat, you could also visit the Hot Rod Grill in the motorsport park. This facility accepts credit, debit, and cash, and offers a myriad of cold drinks and hot food to satisfy those hunger pangs.



Virginia Motorsports officials are quite flexible with what you can and can’t bring into the facility, but they still place a heavy emphasis on safety. They do not allow weapons or anything dangerous or distracting, and security screening is situated at every main gate. If you exit and re-enter throughout the day, you will need a stamp or your ticket to get back into the track area.

If you leave your RV unattended at any time, remember to lock it. Fortunately, if you have any concerns or questions, you can seek help from the nearest police station within ten minutes of Virginia Motorsports Park.


A holiday in Petersburg at any time of the year is going to be memorable, but it’s helpful if you know what to expect when it comes to weather conditions. If you tune into a weather app, you can then see whether it’s safe to visit natural attractions in the area, like Uwharrie National Forest toward North Carolina, for example. Top up all your tanks and fluids, service your heating and cooling units, and prepare for any weather conditions Mother Nature throws your way.


Medical help is always on hand at Virginia Motorsports Park. There are trained EMS staff nearby, not to mention a hospital within seven miles of the race facility. A pharmacy is also within the same distance to top up your first-aid kit. In an emergency, always dial 911.