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Charlottesville, VA RV Rentals and Motorhomes

Information About Charlottesville, VA

Walking around Charlottesville is like taking a look into early-American history, yet there's a lot more to do here than visiting historic sites. You can do some wine tasting along the Monticello Wine trail, you can hike miles of wilderness trails through the undeveloped forests and fields that surround the city, do water sports on the James River, enjoy quaint country roads and visit one of the orchards that have been run by generations of the same families. Charlottesville is home to a lively arts and entertainment scene, so you can catch quality live music acts. Charlottesville has so much to offer that you may fall in love and keep coming back. Book a RV rental from one of our local RV owners to get your roadtrip on. Discover the Blue Ridge Highway and Appalachian Mountains, hit DC, or the coast all in a quality RV rental.

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Misty Mountain Camp Resort

56 Misty Mountain Rd, Greenwood, VA 22943, USA