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Discover Bend, OR

Information About Bend, OR

In central Oregon, about 160 miles Southeast of Portland, lies the vibrant city of Bend. Situated on the Deschutes River, in the midst of mountains, valleys, and crystal clear lakes, Bend is truly a place to experience awe-inspiring landscapes and outdoor adventures. The town, once known as Farewell Bend, was a point of parting ways for the many pioneers who passed through the mountainous region throughout the mid-late 1800’s. Times and technologies have changed, but Bend’s unique geographical terrain and stunning views all around make it a timeless destination for those looking to take in some of nature’s finest work. Capture your own experiences here and book an RV rental in Bend.

Experience the Sites and Scenery

The options to engage with the natural wonders that surround Bend are endless. Head in any direction and you and your Bend RV rental will find yourselves on the path to some seriously stunning scenery. Pilot Butte is right in the city limits and towers about 500’ above the town. No big deal, it’s just a lava dome left behind by an extinct volcano. Visitors can hike, bike or drive to the top and take in the panoramic views of the Bend metro area and the high desert that surrounds it. Another must-stop spot in town is Drake Park. Set on the banks of Mirror Pond, which is really more of a river, you can meander along the paths and take in the views.

Pick a day or two, or three even, to take the camper rental in Bend about 15 miles South. You’ll find yourself in so much lava. So, so much lava; or the rocks formerly known as lava. Once the Bend motorhome rental has arrived in this geographic mashup of caves, lava formations, and miles of forests, you can visit Lava River Cave; as long as you aren’t claustrophobic. Make sure to bring warm clothes and opt to rent the flashlight. Just two miles away from Lava River Cave is the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. This still seismically active 55,000 acre dreamscape features waterfalls, caves, lava flows and hot springs. And it has a campground, so you don’t have to cut the visit short.

The trip with an RV rental in Bend can’t be without a visit to Crater Lake National Park, about a two-hour drive from Bend. This park houses the deepest lake in the US, at a crushing 1,943’ of depth. Formed when Mt. Mazama erupted and collapsed (a long time ago), this lake is, no doubt, a wonder to be witnessed. Lots of opportunities for recreation are available around the park, including hiking, biking, fishing and for those brave enough, cliff diving.

While touring Bend, you can still get your sea salt fix on the banks of the Pacific. Power up the rental RV and head West for about 175 miles; you’ll find yourself in quiet, coastal town of Newport, OR. A walk out onto one of the two observation decks at the Yaquina Bay Bridge provides hours of ocean scoping and sea life spying. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is located here too, housing seabirds aplenty and a variety of local marine creatures. Bend is packed with natural wonders and those listed above are only a few of the many sites and spots around the area to experience when on you rent an RV in Bend, OR.

City Attractions

The city of Bend offers so much to see, from museums and art galleries to the outdoor entertainment venues and vibrant neighborhoods packed with unique Bend culture. The High Desert Museum houses overs 100 wildlife creatures to observe, while also exploring the history of this logging town in the Spirit of the West exhibit. The Deschutes Historical Museum taps into the interesting history of Bend and even offers a free Bend Heritage Walk smartphone app to help guide you through the points of historical interest throughout the town. A visit to the Old Mill District pays homage to the town’s prosperous lumber mills. This part of townhouses local shops, an array of restaurants and art galleries. Music and theater fans can take in a show at the outdoor Les Schwab Amphitheater or the historic Tower Theater.

What’s Unique

Bend is a unique blend of impressive landmarks, diverse, sometimes even quirky cultural flair, combined with a little bit of the wild, wild west. When visiting this intriguing destination in a Bend camper rental, one can’t help but acknowledge the full scope of geological drama that occurred here over hundreds of thousands of years to create the breathtaking terrain that we now are privileged to appreciate. The town of Bend, in the midst of all this gorgeous span of land, encapsulates the same energy and has become a hub of creativity and diversity. Known for its music, movie and art festivals, and with a generous representation of culinary artistry too, the city of Bend is always evolving, just like the nature that surrounds it.

Where to Park It

There are a few RV parks right in the city of Bend. Expand the search radius by 20 miles and you’ll unlock dozens of options. This is no coincidence; this pristine place needs to be experienced and one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the region is via the versatile mobile lodging that is your Bend RV rental. For the national park camping experience, Newberry National Volcanic Monument offers sites for camper rentals and so does the Deschutes National Forest. Walmart is just South of the city center, on Highway 97.

The Food

For a sustenance and supply run to a grocery store, you shouldn’t have to go too far. There are a variety of local markets and some larger chain grocery stores around town. Most are located off the Highway 97 stretch, though some are a bit further off the highway. As a top-rated city for “foodies”, there should be no trouble finding some awesome eats in the restaurant realm here. Cuisine options are almost endless. There are quite a few restaurants offering expansive gluten-free menu options, and also many focusing on vegetarian and vegan-friendly offerings.

Don’t think about it. Just go. Just get out there and experience Bend. Eat the food, see the sites, take in the scenery. Search for an RV rental in Bend, OR and start planning a visit that you won’t soon forget.

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