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Yakima, WA RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$170 / Night
01999 Monaco Dynasty  Yakima, WA
11999 Monaco Dynasty  Yakima, WA
1999 Monaco Dynasty
$140 / Night
02017 Jayco Jay Flight  Yakima, WA
12017 Jayco Jay Flight  Yakima, WA
22017 Jayco Jay Flight  Yakima, WA
32017 Jayco Jay Flight  Yakima, WA
42017 Jayco Jay Flight  Yakima, WA
52017 Jayco Jay Flight  Yakima, WA
2017 Jayco Jay Flight
$120 / Night
02017 Keystone Hideout  Selah, WA
12017 Keystone Hideout  Selah, WA
22017 Keystone Hideout  Selah, WA
32017 Keystone Hideout  Selah, WA
2017 Keystone Hideout
$62 / Night
0Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
1Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
2Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
3Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
4Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
5Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
6Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
7Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
8Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
9Jr. Ranger  Ellensburg, WA
Jr. Ranger
$250 / Night
0Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
1Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
2Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
3Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
4Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
5Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
6Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
7Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
8Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
9Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
10Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
11Heritage Glenn  Benton City, WA
Heritage Glenn
Benton CityWA
$350 / Night
0Minnie Winnie  Benton City, WA
1Minnie Winnie  Benton City, WA
2Minnie Winnie  Benton City, WA
3Minnie Winnie  Benton City, WA
4Minnie Winnie  Benton City, WA
5Minnie Winnie  Benton City, WA
6Minnie Winnie  Benton City, WA
7Minnie Winnie  Benton City, WA
8Minnie Winnie  Benton City, WA
Minnie Winnie
Benton CityWA
$210 / Night
0North Country  Benton City, WA
1North Country  Benton City, WA
2North Country  Benton City, WA
3North Country  Benton City, WA
4North Country  Benton City, WA
5North Country  Benton City, WA
6North Country  Benton City, WA
North Country
Benton CityWA
$275 / Night
0Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
1Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
2Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
3Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
4Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
5Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
6Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
7Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
8Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
9Sun Seeker  Benton City, WA
Sun Seeker
Benton CityWA
$195 / Night
0Trailblazer  Benton City, WA
1Trailblazer  Benton City, WA
2Trailblazer  Benton City, WA
3Trailblazer  Benton City, WA
4Trailblazer  Benton City, WA
5Trailblazer  Benton City, WA
6Trailblazer  Benton City, WA
Benton CityWA
$190 / Night
0Keystone Cougar  Benton City, WA
1Keystone Cougar  Benton City, WA
2Keystone Cougar  Benton City, WA
3Keystone Cougar  Benton City, WA
4Keystone Cougar  Benton City, WA
5Keystone Cougar  Benton City, WA
Keystone Cougar
Benton CityWA

Recent traveler reviews in Yakima, WA

Monica was wonderful. She introduced us to the Jr. Ranger with great instructions and support for our trip, which was so much fun and worry free. She is a really nice person and...
User Avatar
Monica Miller
Jr. Ranger
Awesome!! Absolutely the perfect trailer for the kids and I. Everything worked. I hope I didn't miss anything when cleaning out or cleaning. Thank you again for making our...
Red Mountain RV Rentals
Keystone Springdale
Easy to deal with great rental place.
Red Mountain RV Rentals
North Country
Positive. We are from Yakima and it was extra drive, but we will probably do it again. Good clean trailer. Thank you.
Red Mountain RV Rentals
Keystone Springdale
Thank you for the smooth experience! From my first call about booking till pick up you guys followed through with everything and our trailer was perfect for our trip.
Red Mountain RV Rentals
Fleetwood Double Prowler
Great people to work with. The trailer we rented was in great shape and clean.
Red Mountain RV Rentals
Outdoor RV Creekside
I would highly recommend Red Mountain RV Rentals to anyone! The camper was set-up and very clean when we arrived at our campsite and their customer service is top notch! We...
Red Mountain RV Rentals
Had a awesome time highly recommend red mountain rv very friendly staff and camping in there wildwood trailer was amazing the Silverado pulled it nicely
Red Mountain RV Rentals
Wildwood X-Lite
The service was exceptional.
Red Mountain RV Rentals
Wildwood X-Lite
The customer service was absolutely outstanding. The vehicle was all topped off and clean, Picking it up at checkout was a breeze the people were very helpful showing how...
Red Mountain RV Rentals
Sun Seeker
We truly enjoyed our rental of the trailer. It helped us make up our minds to get a travel trailer of our own. The detailed orientation was very good and the only suggestion we...
Red Mountain RV Rentals
Fleetwood Mallard
The trailer was great. We had a couple problems. We couldn't get the microwave to work and when we tried to empty the waste holding tank the valve was stuck. After trying several...
Red Mountain RV Rentals

Information About Yakima, WA

The Yakima region is known for its delicious assortment of local wines and farm fresh produce. It's home to several playgrounds for outdoor enthusiasts and the perfect place to plan a vacation in which you can really get away from it all. If you're looking for some fun and excitement this summer, book yourself an RV rental close to Moses Lake and experience the Evergreen State at its finest. Moses Lake is near Yakima, and located approximately two hours east of Seattle. It provides eager vacationers with plenty of outdoor adventures. The lake itself looks more like brush strokes on canvas than its more circular cousins. During the summer months, the sun almost always shines and there is plenty of beach access to work on a nice golden tan. You can park your RV at one of the many luxury resorts of Moses Lake or venture out into the wilderness for some remote camping options. At Moses Lake, you will be in close proximity to some of the most famous local vineyards and cuisine that will make your mouth water. You can walk around town and browse the local shops and be back to camp in time to roast marshmallows during the evening hours with your family. Moses Lake offers an assortment of different outdoor activities. You can hike through the wilderness, fish the lake, or even take the boat out and do some swimming. You will get to enjoy a budget friendly vacation that promotes rest and relaxation.

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Lake Serene Trail Gold Bar Washington
Mount Si Trail North Bend Washington
Franklin Falls Trail Snoqualmie Pass Washington
Little Si Trail North Bend Washington
Poo Poo Point Trail Issaquah Washington
Eagle Creek Trail Cascade Locks Oregon
Snow Lake Trail Snoqualmie Pass Washington
Twin Falls Trail North Bend Washington
Rattlesnake Ledge Trail North Bend Washington
Mailbox Peak Trail Loop North Bend Washington

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Indian John Hill Rest Stop

I-90, Ellensburg, WA 98926, USA

Cottage Cafe & Fireside Lounge

911 E 1st St, Cle Elum, WA 98922, USA

Teanaway Campground

W Fork Teanaway Rd, Cle Elum, WA 98922, USA