State Parks near Pierre, SD

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State Parks

Badlands National Park, SD

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Badlands National Park may have a name that’s intimidating to some, but its uniqueness attracts RV campers from all over the world. Badlands, located about one hour east of Rapid City, is perhaps best known for its geological features, particularly its fossil beds. The park is also home to herds of bison, black-footed ferrets, and endless prairies only broken by jagged sandstone pinnacles. At one point, as the fossils show, it was also home to rhinos and saber-tooth tigers.

A portion of Badlands National Park lies within the Pine Ridge Reservation. Indigenous peoples, notably the tribes of the Great Sioux Nation, have inhabited this land for over 11,000 years. Two of the most well-known events in modern native history …

Farm Island Recreation Area, SD

2 RV rentals

Combining the intrigue of history and the serenity of nature, Farm Island Recreation Area is an ideal site for any adventurer seeking a quiet place to relax. Located less than five miles away from Pierre and around a 15-minute drive from Fort Pierre, Farm Island welcomes campers, hikers, cyclists, and swimmers alike with fantastic trails and incredible beaches that were once a part of the Lewis and Clark expedition more than 200 years ago.

The island has been exposed to a number of changes over the past two centuries. After the first fur traders landed here, surrounded by untouched nature, they turned the island into a farm. In the 1930s, the land started its gradual transformation to the state …

Indian Creek Recreation Area, SD

5 RV rentals

Located 20 minutes away from the mountainous city of Selby and under 40 minutes from rural Herreid, Indian Creek Recreation Area is a peaceful retreat in the Great Plains. Once traveled by the famous explorers Lewis and Clark in 1804, the area is a must-see for history and nature lovers. To the east, west, and north of the park, you’ll see rolling hills, and towards the south, the picturesque blue-green Lake Oahe. The lake makes for excellent fishing and paddleboarding and curves its way in and around the land, providing scenic hiking trails to all Indian Creek Recreation Area campers.

Conveniently open year-round, the park has three divergently splendid hiking trails, a marina with fish-cleaning services, guide services, and …

Niobrara National Scenic River, NE

1 RV rentals

Niobrara National Scenic River traverses several hundred miles of north-central Nebraska. This is one of the most rural parts of an already rural state, so there are not a lot of towns near the river. Niobrara National Scenic Rivers headwaters are located near the small town of Valentine. The river ends far to the east, where it joins with the much larger, Missouri River. This is near the town of Niobrara, near the South Dakota border. The nearest larger city is Sioux City, IA, located almost 100 miles to the east of Niobrara.

Niobrara National Scenic River runs through the plains and prairies that this part of the country is known for, and there is plenty to do …