State Parks in South Dakota

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State Parks

Angostura Recreation Area, SD

65 RV rentals

Scenic shoreline, pristine waters, sandy beaches, and well-equipped campgrounds: Angostura Recreation Area is truly a sight to behold. Water sports lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, traveling families, and hikers all view this place as a rural sanctuary where they can swim, boat, fish, birdwatch, and relax.

Summer is definitely the best time to camp at Angostura Recreation Area, as you get to cool off in one of the largest lakes in the tri-state area (South Dakota/Nebraska/Wyoming). The park also hosts different educational programs, mostly geared toward families who want to learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the nearby Southern Black Hills.

Considering the park's fully furnished RV campgrounds, visitors often choose to come here in an RV rental or in …

Badlands National Park, SD

61 RV rentals

Badlands National Park may have a name that’s intimidating to some, but its uniqueness attracts RV campers from all over the world. Badlands, located about one hour east of Rapid City, is perhaps best known for its geological features, particularly its fossil beds. The park is also home to herds of bison, black-footed ferrets, and endless prairies only broken by jagged sandstone pinnacles. At one point, as the fossils show, it was also home to rhinos and saber-tooth tigers.

A portion of Badlands National Park lies within the Pine Ridge Reservation. Indigenous peoples, notably the tribes of the Great Sioux Nation, have inhabited this land for over 11,000 years. Two of the most well-known events in modern native history …

Bear Butte State Park, SD

65 RV rentals

When it comes to experiencing the great outdoors of North America, there's really no place better than the American Midwest. With rolling hills, flat plains, and mountain peaks sprinkled everywhere throughout this scenic region, you can expect to experience a little bit of everything. If you're planning to rent an RV in Meade County for your adventures in South Dakota, Bear Butte State Park is certainly worth a visit.

Bear Butte State Park is in the corner of South Dakota, near the borders of both Montana and Wyoming, and only about 33 miles northwest from Rapid City, one of the largest cities in the state. From the massive 4,426-foot summit of Bear Mountain, you can see four different states. …

Big Sioux Recreation Area, SD

55 RV rentals

Located on the scenic banks of Big Sioux River, right next to the town of Brandon, is a recreation area with awe-inspiring and challenging trails, lovely picnic shelters, and a great RV campground. Big Sioux Recreation Area encompasses 270 acres of prairies, forests, and wetlands and is frequented by anglers, birdwatchers, outdoor adventurers, and families on vacation.

During summer, guests love to come here and cool off by boating, swimming, and sunbathing along the shoreline. Many migratory birds species along with eagles and waterfowl come here to roost, so keep an eye out if you wish to spot them. As for winter, Brandon campers, along with guests from other nearby towns like Garretson (14 miles away) and Sioux Falls …

Black Hills National Forest, SD

65 RV rentals

Black Hills National Forest occupies more than one million acres and protects lush ponderosa pine woodlands, windswept grasslands, and rolling plains. Mount Rushmore National Memorial is the signature attraction, though dig a little deeper and you'll find scenic hiking trails, tumbling waterfalls, hidden caves, and cobalt blue lakes. The forest straddles the border of South Dakota and Wyoming, with hiking, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing just some of the outdoor activities on offer.

A network of scenic byways and forest roads also makes it easy to explore the park on two wheels. Planning an escape in the great outdoors of the Midwest? Book an RV in South Dakota and you can discover Black Hills National …

Custer State Park, SD

65 RV rentals

South Dakota may not seem like a happening place, but what it lacks in big-city attractions it more than makes up for in historical significance. History buffs exploring the area will probably want to book an RV in Custer County and head on over to Custer State Park, located in the Black Hills and home to several species of wildlife.

Custer, SD may not be a bustling metropolis, but you can still rent an RV in Custer and head over to the park. While camping at Custer State Park, you can enjoy countless outdoor activities, including hiking, hunting, and fishing.

Farm Island Recreation Area, SD

2 RV rentals

Combining the intrigue of history and the serenity of nature, Farm Island Recreation Area is an ideal site for any adventurer seeking a quiet place to relax. Located less than five miles away from Pierre and around a 15-minute drive from Fort Pierre, Farm Island welcomes campers, hikers, cyclists, and swimmers alike with fantastic trails and incredible beaches that were once a part of the Lewis and Clark expedition more than 200 years ago.

The island has been exposed to a number of changes over the past two centuries. After the first fur traders landed here, surrounded by untouched nature, they turned the island into a farm. In the 1930s, the land started its gradual transformation to the state …

Hartford Beach State Park, SD

23 RV rentals

Just 15 minutes away from Big Stone City and featuring over 300 acres of Big Stone Lake coastline is a lovely recreation area characterized by blooming wildflowers, open prairies, and scenic trails. The mesmerizing natural landscape of Hartford Beach State Park beckons boaters, anglers, history buffs, and hikers. The park’s centerpiece attraction, Big Stone Lake, was formed from the 10,000-year-old River Warren. What once was a river formed from melted glaciers is now a part of the Big Stone Lake.

Hartford Beach State Park campers will be able to walk or hike along the rocky and wooded shorelines, play volleyball, or explore the lake on a watercraft. They also get to spend their time here relaxing and breathing in some …

Indian Creek Recreation Area, SD

5 RV rentals

Located 20 minutes away from the mountainous city of Selby and under 40 minutes from rural Herreid, Indian Creek Recreation Area is a peaceful retreat in the Great Plains. Once traveled by the famous explorers Lewis and Clark in 1804, the area is a must-see for history and nature lovers. To the east, west, and north of the park, you’ll see rolling hills, and towards the south, the picturesque blue-green Lake Oahe. The lake makes for excellent fishing and paddleboarding and curves its way in and around the land, providing scenic hiking trails to all Indian Creek Recreation Area campers.

Conveniently open year-round, the park has three divergently splendid hiking trails, a marina with fish-cleaning services, guide services, and …

Jewel Cave National Monument, SD

66 RV rentals

Jewel Cave National Monument offers a unique chance to descend into one of the most beautiful subterranean caves in the United States. The monument is set within sprawling Black Hills National Forest and has been welcoming visitors since 1908. As the name suggests, the walls of Jewel Cave are dripping with sparkling calcite crystals. Guided tours take you deep into the cave and offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the mesmerizing underground world. So far, around 200 miles of the cave network have been surveyed. This is a minuscule three percent of the estimated total length, making Jewel Cave one of the longest known caves in the world.

Planning a getaway to Black Hills National Forest? Book an RV in Custer …

Lake Herman State Park, SD

45 RV rentals

Just over three miles from Madison, tucked away on a small peninsula in Lake Herman, is a charming recreation area that beckons anglers, motorhome campers, and nature lovers. Prior to the arrival of settlers, Native Americans passed through this area on their way to red pipestone quarries.

Today, Lake Herman State Park boasts breathtaking savannas that consist of lush native oak forests and grassy prairies. This natural environment makes the park ideal for long hikes or casual walks, and the shaded area is great for RV camping and picnicking. The woods and thickets harbor diverse wildlife, so if you like observing and taking pictures of birds and mammals in their natural environment, you'll have plenty of opportunities to do …

Lewis and Clark Recreation Area, SD

47 RV rentals

Just six miles away from Yankton is a 900-acre outdoor oasis with woods, meadows, craggy hills, and a well-equipped marina. South Dakota campers, mountain bikers, hikers, and boaters are frequent visitors at Lewis and Clark Recreation Area, but guests from all over the state love to spend their vacation here as well.

The park's scenic trails travel along the shoreline of Lewis and Clark Lake and also wind through surrounding bluffs and woodlands. As the park also boasts diverse flora and fauna, the hikes are engaging, considering you'll likely spot hawks, swallows, deer, rabbits, and turkey. In addition to adventurous hikes, guests love the park for its boating facilities, golf course, and archery range.

Lewis and Clark Recreation Area has …

Mt Rushmore National Memorial, SD

65 RV rentals

Mt Rushmore National Memorial gets you up close with four of the most iconic figures in U.S. history: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. The monument was completed in 1941 and quickly emerged as one of the most photographed landmarks in the United States. Gazing up at the 60-foot-high sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore, you'll feel a surge of patriotism and pride.

RV camping near Mt Rushmore National Memorial is a fantastic way to maximize your time at the fabled United States landmark, as well as explore the picturesque Black Hills region. Need a set of wheels? You'll find a huge selection of RV rentals in Pennington County, ranging from compact campers …

Newton Hills State Park, SD

56 RV rentals

Newton Hills State Park is located in southeastern South Dakota, covers over 1,063 acres, and was named after settler William Newton. Before English settlers arrived, the land was inhabited by the Woodland Indian Culture. Many archaeological artifacts from this time period have been discovered at the park and can still be seen today in their natural setting.

The state park features a staggering elevation providing plenty of panoramic views. It’s also located near Interstate 29, making it easy to access with your motorhome. With its beautiful outdoor landscapes, the park is also home to various legends which claim that buried gold is hidden somewhere in it and that Jesse James once used the park as a hideout.

Oakwood Lakes State Park, SD

40 RV rentals

Surrounded by multiple glacial lakes, Oakwood Lakes State Park is a cozy natural retreat located just 25 minutes away from the town of Brookings. The park's forest and grassland setting is ideal for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and birdwatching. Mesmerizing natural surroundings and a pristine lake make the park a true oasis, and RV campers, anglers, families, and fitness enthusiasts love spending their time here.

The park's visitors' center showcases a collection of items that were found on the park’s grounds. If you plan to wander around the park, make sure to check out the old cabin that belonged to Samuel Mortimer, who settled here and built it back in 1869. Before the arrival of the settlers, the park …

Palisades State Park, SD

57 RV rentals

Known for its vibrant Sioux quartzite formations, Palisades State Park is one of the most distinctive recreation areas in the state of South Dakota. Flowing through the 157-acre park is Split Rock Creek, which attracts thrill-seeking rafters as well as curious geologists. These rushing waters used to power a giant flour mill that was one of the main contributors to the development of the town of Palisades.

The park is a perfect getaway for anyone who loves RV camping, hiking, fishing, and kayaking, and its unique appeal is something photographers can’t hope to resist. The town of Garretson is a stone’s throw away, so there’s no need to worry if you need supplies, as you'll find grocery and convenience stores …

Rocky Point Recreation Area, SD

66 RV rentals

One of the best things about renting an RV is having the freedom to experience scenic wilderness areas at your own pace. With its postcard-perfect scenery and biodiverse landscapes, the American Midwest is a prime place to kick off a cross-country camping adventure.

Rocky Point is near the four corners of Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota. It's also close to the city of Belle Fourche, which is considered the city nearest to the geographic center of the United States. The park itself is surrounded by flatlands and is home to the Belle Fourche Reservoir.

The Belle Fourche Reservoir carries some history that many other reservoirs don’t. The original dam built for this reservoir was the largest earthen …