State Parks near Ridgecrest, CA

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State Parks

Angeles National Forest, CA

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Just north of the City of Angels, surrounded by Santa Clarita, San Bernardino, and Pasadena, is the enormous, 650,000-acre Angeles National Forest. This southern California landmark is large enough to secure 44,000 acres of the Sheep Mountain Wilderness and 36,000 acres of the San Gabriel Wilderness Area.

The landscape is vast and complex. Due to its sheer size and mountainous landscape, it varies in elevation from 1,200 feet to 10,000 feet. It encompasses the San Gabriel Mountain range and parts of the Sierra Pelona Mountain Range.

In the 1890s, the area was federally claimed a Natural Reserve by President Harrison. Roughly ten years later, the Department of Agriculture redesignated the reserve as a national forest. While some …

California Citrus State Historic Park, CA

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California Citrus State Historic Park celebrates when the citrus industry was thriving in the state and the impact it had on its economy. The park serves as an open-air museum and covers over 248 acres. Visitors will find plenty of exhibits they can view that tell of the park’s history as well as a few trails lined by orange groves.

California Citrus State Historic Park is situated in the southern portion of the state and is near cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego. The area has very comfortable weather year-round, with average temperatures reaching 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, CA

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Welcome to one of the most magnificent reservoirs in the U.S., with 12,658 acres to enjoy. These waters feed the local communities and attract campers and adventurers from near and far. One of the most popular reasons for visits to this dam, besides the 29 miles of shoreline, is the epically tall 425-foot Castaic Dam. The park's two bodies of water provide a bevy of options for water sports.

Castaic Lake State Recreation Area caters to families, with playgrounds for children and tent and RV camping facilities. Fishing, hiking, boating, biking, and picnicking for groups as large as 600 people are a few of the other highlights at the park. The Angeles National Forest is around a two-hour drive from …

Chino Hills State Park, CA

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Located just north of Yorba Linda, Chino Hills State Park is a 14,000-acre expanse nestled in the shadow of the Santa Ana Mountains. California golden poppies and phacelia minor blanket these rolling hills, providing endless inspiration for nature lovers and photographers.

Throughout the years, this vibrant green space has served many purposes. The Tongva tribe once passed through this area while gathering food. In the 18th century, the Spanish settled here, established a mission, and used the land to rear cattle. Oil tycoons purchased parcels of the land in the late 19th century and began mining for oil. Visitors can still see the remains of a barn, windmills, and ranch house left over from the Rolling M. Ranch, a …

Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park, CA

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Located between Tipton and Delano, only a few miles away from Earlimart, is Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. This 3,700-acre park was established to preserve Allensworth, a town that was founded and led by African Americans back in 1908. The central figure behind that initiative was Colonel Allen Allensworth, former slave, Union Army officer, and doctor of theology.

After Allensworth's tragic death, the town was hit by drought, and in 1966, arsenic was discovered in the town’s water supply. All of these events led to the decision to demolish the town, but luckily, citizens rallied to protect Allensworth, despite the fact that it was uninhabitable. The land then became a state park in 1974.

History buffs, bikers, and …

Cucamonga Wilderness, CA

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The famous Cucamonga Wilderness of California sits atop Los Angeles and has provided relief for city-dwellers for over a century. Its vast grounds encompass parts of the Angeles National Forest to the west and San Bernardino National Forest to the east. All-in-all, it offers visitors more than 13,000 acres of fantastic forest, exciting wildlife, and quaint streams to discover on foot!

Due to the increased popularity of the grounds, and the strain on the natural environment, all visitors are now required to have a permit to visit Cucamonga Wilderness. Permits are free to purchase; they are simply used as a way to monitor the number of visitors in the park and prevent groups larger than 25 people entering the grounds. …

Death Valley National Park, CA

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Death Valley is one of the most biodiverse national parks in the United States. Covering more than three million acres – most of it designated wilderness – it’s the largest national park in the contiguous United States. Death Valley is located in Southern California on the border with Nevada, roughly three hours north of Los Angeles and two hours west of Las Vegas.

Driving through Death Valley will also take you to the lowest point in the United States at 282 feet below sea level, not too far from mountains towering past 11,000 feet. Death Valley presents its visitors with fascinating geology, a hardy ecosystem of plants and wildlife, and interesting history.

The park earned its name after countless …