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State Parks near Santa Rosa, CA

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State Parks

Salt Point State Park, CA

721 RV rentals

California’s coast is home to numerous state parks, all unique and offering something different. Salt Point State Park occupies six miles of beautiful coastline, next to one of the first underwater marine preserves in California. Salt Point is approximately 90 miles north of San Francisco and covers 6,000 acres. The park is home to sandstone bluffs, rugged beaches, redwood forests, and outstanding viewpoints for whale watching. Some of these sandstone features, which were once quarried to help build San Francisco, are of particular interest, with the honeycomb-like patterns worn into the rock through generations of erosion.

This region of California …

Mount Diablo State Park, CA

1599 RV rentals

This park is found in the central, western portion of the very long state of California. It is situated in a fairly secluded area. The nearest town is Walnut Creek, around 20 miles to the west. The large city of San Francisco, and its neighbor, the Pacific Ocean, are both found less than 50 miles to the west, while Sacramento is less than 100 miles to the northeast.

The state park is rather forested, though the climate of the nearby region is fairly arid. The area this state park lies in is at a high enough altitude that …

Sonoma Coast State Park, CA

1078 RV rentals

When you search for an RV rental in Sonoma County consider visiting Sonoma Coast State Park which rests on the northwestern side of California and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The state park runs over 17 miles long and is popular for its rugged coastline and rock bluffs.

Located near cities such as Santa Rosa and Jenner, this state park was once home to numerous Native American tribes before being settled by Europeans. Sonoma Coast State Park is also considered to be a top spot in California for viewing gray whale migrations so don't forget your camera.

Getting Outdoors

Sonoma …

Muir Woods National Monument, CA

1487 RV rentals

William Kent, a noted California philanthropist, and politician realized that lumber companies had virtually wiped out nearly all of the old-growth redwood trees around the Bay Area and moved quickly to buy around 600 acres of pristine, untouched redwoods in 1905. In 1909, he donated a small patch of land to the federal government in 1908, and President Roosevelt used the Antiquities Act to establish this land as a national monument. Kent’s donation came with one caveat: that it be named after John Muir, who was a prominent conservationist, naturist, and author. Muir is often credited with spawning the philosophy …

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