Hickory Run State Park

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A visit to Hickory Run State Park in White Haven, PA gives you access to the incredible foothills of the famed Pocono Mountains. 20,000 years ago, this park was once covered in ice by a glacier at least a mile thick. When the ice melted, it left rocks and other various debris that created what is called "moraine landscape". Set up your RV at the park campground and head out to see Boulder Field, a National Natural Landmark. As you walk across this remarkable field for yourself, you’ll be in absolute awe at nature’s power.

There are over 40 miles of trails to explore at the park and if Boulder Field isn’t enough for you, you’ll surely be impressed with Hawk Falls. In the summer when it’s hot, go for a swim at the Sand Spring Lake or if you enjoy fishing, head over to Hickory Run or Mud Run to cast a line. Fishing is a pretty popular activity here, as the rivers are abundant with trout.

When deciding on the perfect time to visit Hickory Run State Park, be aware that the winters in the region can be pretty harsh, with temperatures dropping into the teens. Summers, on the other hand, are very enjoyable, averaging in the upper 70’s. Hickory Run State Park stays open all year round, so you can visit anytime you wish--park your rig and enjoy the best of every season.

RV Rentals in Hickory Run State Park

Transportation in Hickory Run State Park


If you’re planning to drive to Boulder Field, the route to get there is a dirt road, so you might find it difficult to go in your RV. If your RV is longer than 30 feet you might have a harder time through the campground too, as it is a wooded area with roads a little narrower. It’s not impossible, just not as easy as getting around in a smaller rig.


There are parking lots at trailheads that are perfect for your smaller vehicle, but not recommended for RVs. The picnic and day use area has a much larger parking area that should suit your RV just fine. Once the park is full though, there are no overflow parking options.

Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Hickory Run State Park

Campsites in Hickory Run State Park

Reservations camping

Campground at Hickory Run State Park

The are 381 total campsites to choose from here in the park, and each site is different. Many of them have full hookups with electric, water, and sewer, while others only have electric hookups. You’ll also have access to hot showers, flush toilets, and a dump station. Some sites even allow pets, but not all of them. All sites are back-in only, and while there are a few sites that can accommodate larger RVs, it’s much easier if your RV is 30 feet or smaller. The smaller the vehicle, the easier it is to get around the campground and pick a site. If you’ve brought a larger rig though, you should still be able to find a site that works for you. The campground closes in mid-December for the winter and opens back in mid-April, so keep that in mind when planning your RV trip to Hickory Run State Park.

First-come first-served

Alternate camping

Cottage Camping

If you’re looking for something a little different than staying in the RV, you have the option to stay in a cottage. There are three regular cottages and two deluxe cottages to choose from. The regular cottages can sleep up to five people, and have the basic necessities. The deluxe cabins have a little more, such as a kitchen stove and refrigerator. Both types of cabins have electricity and heat, but no running water or restrooms. Luckily, there are shower and restroom facilities nearby, along with potable water and rustic pit-latrines that you can use.

Seasonal activities in Hickory Run State Park


Wildlife Watching

There is lots of wildlife that resides here in the park, and if you’re lucky you might be able to spot some animals. Black bears are pretty common, but if you see one, don’t get too close to it. Many people also come to the park to go birdwatching. There are many different species of birds that you might get to see, and identifying them all can be a lot of fun.


There are many great spots in the park for you to cast a line. Many anglers come to catch the trout that is common in the waters here. Fishing at one of the streams is an excellent way to sit back, relax, and enjoy nature.


When it’s warm enough, Sand Spring Lake is the perfect place to go for a swim. Get to experience the sand between your toes at this beach and cool off in the refreshing water. You can also get snacks, drinks, and ice cream at the snack bar located here.


If you’re looking for the perfect spot to have a family get together, there are lots of picnic tables scattered throughout the park that you can freely choose from. There is a bigger picnic area by the lake, and you can enjoy the water and a few games of disc golf while you’re there. If that’s not big enough, you can reserve the pavilion up to 11 months in advance.


There are all kinds of hiking trails available here in the park for you to enjoy. The trials range in difficulty level, but whether you’re an expert hiker or a beginner, you’ll have access to stunning views and peaceful nature. You won’t run out of new scenery either, as there are over 40 miles of trails to explore.



Hickory Run State Park offers 21 miles of trails that are great for snowmobiling. Bring your machine and get out there--but be sure to factor in trail conditions. These trails are gorgeous, but may not be groomed.

Cross-Country Skiing

If you come in the winter time or when there is snow on the ground, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy cross-country skiing. There are 13 miles of ski trails available here in the park, but keep in mind that they are not groomed.

Ice Fishing

The lake area isn’t very large for ice fishing--which could be perfect. You can get out there without having to worry much about other people. Just check conditions and regulations and be sure the ice is plenty thick enough.

Ice Skating

Once the lake is completely frozen over, it's the perfect time to enjoy skating. Be sure to check the ice conditions and take the proper precautions before venturing out.


Don’t let the snow get in the way of enjoying the scenic trails located at Hickory Run State Park. Bring your snowshoes with you when you visit, and experience all the same trails you can in the summer, but while walking in a wintry wonderland.

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