New Haven to Millersburg Road Trip Guide


You might have been to many coastal cities but New Haven is one with some uniqueness to it. The city houses one of the most iconic universities in the world. This All-American city is such a fascinating place to be, both for residents and tourists, as it offers plenty of opportunities for all to make the most of their talents and enjoy a wide range of recreational opportunities. You’ll definitely witness the infrastructural and social culture that the city exudes.

Beyond this, a combination of about 204 sunny days annually in the city and a very mild climate makes it a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Lining the streets of this city are friendly neighborhoods, stunning arts, vibrant nightlife and entertainment, and beautiful people.

But one city cannot offer it all. That is why an RV road trip with your family to Millersburg is just what you need. The trip will open the gates of adventure and fun for you as you spend some time out of New Haven and see what other cities have to offer. You have ample opportunities to explore breathtaking red rock landscapes, stunning vast natural habitats and the sizzle of active cities this trip offers. A trip with a route from the stunning large city of New Haven to Millersburg heralds a delightful exposure to fun and excitement.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: family

Point of Interest

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Taking a road trip can be demanding, so stopping over at the right place will infuse much-needed fun and while keeping the trip as interesting as possible. So, your first stop on this adventure has to the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk where you can explore your interest in aquatic life.

This attraction is not only interesting for the kids but offers good fun opportunities for adults as well. The Visitor Center gives a great deal of information about the animals you’re about to see and their relationship with the environment. You will come in contact with and even be allowed to touch some of the aquatic animals that are housed in this aquarium. The aquarium also features an IMAX Theatre where you can see a movie before or after getting a nice meal at the café in the aquarium. Don’t forget to fetch some aquarium souvenirs at the gift shop!

Montage Mountain Resorts

There is no better place to vacation than where you get to choose your own adventure. From peaceful and calming activities to mind-blowing and adrenaline-pumping exercises, Montage Mountain Resorts, up in the hills at Scranton, Pennsylvania offers it all. Prepare for amazing sightseeing opportunities up in the mountains as you view scenic landscapes of vistas that will blow your mind away.

In terms of recreational opportunities, this spot is also remarkable. You can have a family gourmet dinner; take a splash at the pool; ski down the mountains; or go hiking with the family. The kids can take ski rides and classes to improve their skills.

The resort also offers off-road adventure tours where you can use your own vehicle. If you chose to spend the night here, the resort has lodges customized for whole family use but if you would prefer somewhere quieter, the Montage Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary is a good option.

Black Moshannon State Park

Your trip up north is incomplete without a visit to this destination of pure natural beauty. The Black Moshannon State Park makes a good ground for camping and is widely popular among visitors and explorers.

Many activities make this park unique. Bird-watching and fishing are the most popular activities here and it is hardly a surprise why. The scenic environment has allowed for several kinds of birds and wildlife to inhabit the park. A day exploring the vast landscape takes you through impressive land formations and natural ecosystems fit for hiking and amazing photography. The park provides a spectacular view of the landscapes, gorges, and valleys.

When the day is over, you can retire to any of the spacious campgrounds and campsites large enough to accommodate any type of rig and ensures you don’t miss out on the joy of nature’s blessings. Bring your pets to enjoy the adventure too!

Akron Zoo

Akron has no limit to what is going to amuse you and this zoo is just one of such. Get curious about the different animals you will see at the zoo, and set out by taking a journey to the Reef, in addition to learning about the Prides of Africa. You’ll be able to get as close as possible to the more than 700 animals here – mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and many more.

Each region in the zoo showcases a different ecosystem native to the animals that inhabit that section. Make it a point of duty to check out the Summit County during the course of your tour in the zoo. Children can learn about the breeding programs that the zoo participates in from the various classes offered by the zoo.

Millersburg is just an hour’s drive from Akron but the short drive is nothing but scenic and peaceful. The last leg of this trip should prepare you for the beauty of Millersburg.


Millersburg holds its place as one of the best places to vacation with family. Although relatively small, the community is peaceful and ever-welcoming. The community is big on cuisines and many of the local dishes prepared use the original recipes they were created in. The environment is scenic and the city invites visitors to enjoy outdoor activities and adventure.

Outdoor activities in the city are budget-friendly and constitute enjoyable fun for the whole family. Do not worry about where to camp as RV campgrounds abound in the Millersburg with hookups for your vehicle.

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