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Information About Visalia, CA

Visalia, the largest city in Tulare County, is pretty much the perfect place to rent an RV in California. Conveniently located in the heart of the Golden State, Visalia is fortunate enough to have the majestic California coastline to the west, the brooding Sierra Nevada mountain range to the east in all its glory, Los Angeles to the south, and San Francisco to the northwest.

Visalia is now known for its massive agricultural output in the San Joaquin Valley, but its earliest residents were amongst the first waves of the great gold rush in the 19th century. Because of this, the downtown area of Visalia has many old buildings displaying a diverse collection of architecture, and echoes of a real frontier town.

Visalia even hosts an assortment of interesting festivals year-round. The Egyptian Festival in early June is one of the largest of its kind and attracts people from all over the western United States to come together and appreciate Egyptian culture. The Visalia Craft Beer Festival is another fine excuse to travel to California and book an RV in Visalia; with delicious food, tasty beer from small breweries, and live music, you are sure to have a good time.

Explore the Outdoors

In terms of stunning scenery, diversity, and wide-open space, the natural beauty of California is absolutely unrivaled by anywhere else. The trees of California alone are reason to visit the magnificent outdoor playground and get away from the anxiety of city life. Booking a camper rental in Visalia, CA, is one of the best decisions you can make because it is in prime position, situated closely to many of the regions greatest national parks and forests. The town of Visalia itself is even nicknamed “Gateway to the Sequoias”, paying homage to the colossal trees in the nearby Sequoia National Park. These trees are notable for being the biggest, and some of the oldest trees in the entire world. Right next to this marvelous park is Kings Canyon National Park, with large swaths of backcountry wilderness, an extensive trail system, overnight camping, rock climbing, and mountain climbing on one of its 14,000-foot mountains. Kings Canyon is even home to the “General Sherman Tree”, the second largest tree on Earth that is over 2,500 years old!

For a quick change of scenery, visit the Death Valley National Park that straddles the California-Nevada border. This deceptively diverse area features a number of ecosystems with rolling desert hills, winding canyons, salt-flats, and mountains. Even nighttime presents an incredible opportunity to gaze upon the vast stretches of space and the purple outer arms of the Milky Way. One can also not forget Yosemite National Park, the real heavy hitter of the bunch. Perhaps one of the most well-known national parks in the world, this incredible park attracts five million visitors annually, which will not surprise you if you go there yourself. To be honest, there are thousands of parks and forests in California, and it would take a lifetime to truly appreciate and see everything the Golden State has to offer with regards to the great outdoors. Because of this, Visalia is a perfect place to rent an RV and embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Around Town

Despite the fact that Visalia is best known for its proximity to natural beauty, the small city has plenty of fun things to do in between the trekking and hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Visalia Farmers Market is a fantastic place to converse with the kind locals and celebrate the agricultural history of the region. The succulent fruit, hearty vegetables, artisan handmade food, and rustic crafts will charm you again and again. The Fox Theatre is the perfect example of Visalia’s colorful past and decadent architecture. Originally a silent movie era theatre, the Fox Theatre was closed and reopened many times to change with the times. Its unique architecture makes it a fun place to visit, as it is reminiscent of the Buddhist pagodas of the far east. The theater is now operated by a non-profit restoration society and hosts an assortment of different events such as comedy shows, concerts, film screenings, and many more.


The Mooney Grove Park is one of the main features of central Visalia and has 100 acres of beautiful forest land donated by Hugh Mooney, a local landowner who wanted to protect the lovely oak forests in the community. Additionally, Mooney left thousands of dollars to construct a county museum in the park to create a wonderful facility for all to enjoy and educate themselves on all things Visalia.

RV Parks to Visit

The last thing you’ll have to worry about when you rent a motorhome in Visalia is where to stay in it overnight. Riverland Resort is a perfect place to rest while you visit Visalia; it features a large fishing lake with many water sports activities, a bar and grill, a pool, a jacuzzi, as well as volleyball and basketball courts. Visalia/Sequoia National Park KOA in town is another great option for you with its proximity to the downtown Visalia area and all of its quaint shopping and fine dining establishments. This KOA campground also has a playground, cable TV, and a pool in the summertime. Sequoia RV Ranch, on the raging Kaweah River, has many hiking, biking, and even rafting and kayaking spots. This spacious, secluded park will help you achieve a state of relaxation.                               

Don’t forget that you can bring your Visalia RV rental to any of the nearby national parks, all featuring amazing campgrounds suitable for your recreational vehicles. Beware though, as these campgrounds do not have full hookups on-site, so you will have to get more in touch with nature and pass on the luxuries offered at the other campgrounds in the area. What you sacrifice in luxury, you certainly gain in gorgeous scenery unlike any you could imagine. Renting an RV in Visalia is one of the best things you could possibly do for your next vacation.

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