2015 Coachmen Catalina

TrailerFernley, NV
Sleeps 436 ftYear 2015
100 miles/day free

Meet your host, Will and Heather's RV Rentals

As I am sure you have ascertained by this point, our names are Will and Heather. We are originally from the Midwest and moved out here after Will retired. Will was a police officer and then owned a computer repair business and because of Will developing a Rheumatological condition we chose to move to West. Heather still works in the medical profession.

Enhanced clean

Outdoorsy guidelines

Your safety and health is key. This host has committed to a thorough cleaning regimen informed by CDC guidelines.

TrailerRental #18614

Please Read This Entire Section - WE Offer Delivery!!!!!! Visit for full details.
This isn’t a group bunking trailer. This is a luxury trailer for two, but there is room for 4. It has been upgraded and it is designed to be a home away from home. Some of the comforts are more than what we have at home.

  • Sleeps: 4 guests
  • Fresh water tank: 46 gallons
  • Gray water: 40 gallons
  • Black water: 30 gallons

Owner rules

  • Pet friendly
  • No music festivals
  • Tailgating friendly
  • No smoking

1. Riding in the Trailer: No one may ride in the trailer while it is in tow.
2. Drivers: Do not let anyone else drive the RV. Only the renter and those listed on the Rental Agreement as additional drivers are authorized to operate the RV. The renter is fully responsible for all damage caused by an unauthorized driver. If you have had delivery and not gotten preapproved drivers, NO ONE may pull the trailer.
3. Underinflating Tires: DO NOT UNDERINFLATE THE TIRES FOR A SMOOTHER RIDE. This is a dangerous misconception. Underinflated tires can cause the tires to overheat very quickly causing the treads to separate which will lead to a blowout. Blowouts due to negligence are completely the responsibility of the renter. You will be charged repair or replacement costs.
4. Tow Vehicle: Renter is alone responsible for knowing the towing capacity of the vehicle and hitch being used. YOU MUST HAVE A 7-pin connector with a trailer brake controller in the cab of the truck. No adapters may be used. A 4-pin connector will not work. You must have a brake controller. You are required to have trailer brakes with a trailer this size.
5. Safety Information: Renter is responsible for making sure upon departure that he/she knows all safety information and how to tow this trailer. Renter is responsible for knowing the trailer. A walkthrough was provided, and a manual is in the trailer which has most important information. Renter may call roadside assistance for any help needed, and the owner is available via phone if needed.
6. Mirrors: Renter is responsible for having adequate mirrors or extenders to see behind the trailer in accordance with the law.
7. Late Fees: If you are/were late arriving to take delivery or to pick up the trailer or in returning it by more than 15 minutes, there is a $50 fee for up to an hour and another $25 for every hour after. Your initial time you notified the owner is the set times of possession and return. Owner reserves the right to cancel reservation with no refund if you are more than 2 hours late. Late fees will also apply if we must wait for you at a camp site when delivering to you or picking up from you.
If the camper is more than 1 hour late a whole day is charged. If it is 10 minutes to an hour late it is only $50. If you cost us another rental because you infringe on their time, you will be liable for the entire amount of that rental plus 10%.
8. Cancellation: Cancel up to 14 days before pickup and get a 50% refund, minus service fees. Cancel within 14 days of your trip and the reservation is non-refundable.
9. Injuries: ALL injuries which might occur due to the negligence of the Renter is the responsibility of the Renter.
10. Insurance Deductible: If an insurance claim must be filed renter is responsible for the entire $1500 deductible.
11. Security Deposit: All incidental charges which are not paid at pickup will be deducted from the security deposit.
12. Awning: Be over cautious with the awning. It’s very expensive to replace. Winds get out of hand easily and can rip it off.
13. Key Loss: Don’t lose your key. Should you damage it, it’s no problem. If it is lost, we must rekey the camper for safety which is a $150 fee.
14. Traffic Tickets: Should you get any traffic ticket while pulling the trailer, it must be reported upon relinquishing the trailer back over to us.
15. Non-Paved Roads: Taking the trailer “off road” is not permitted. Stay off any road which is not open to the public or not maintained. If you are on a non-paved road and damage is done to ANY part of the trailer, you are liable.
16. Smoking: NO SMOKING OR “VAPING” IS PERMITTED AT ANY TIME IN THE TRAILER. This has been an issue in the past and we no longer permit it.
17. Cleaning: You are responsible for returning the trailer in a clean orderly condition, at least equal to how you received it, both inside and out. We require you do not use Febreze or air fresheners. We have had bad odors left behind and covered up temporarily only to be discovered by the next renter. This is unfair to the next renter. If you have pet odors or some other smell that requires deep cleaning or carpet shampooing, we can have those services done, but covering the smells up is a violation of your agreement and will cause you to forfeit your deposit as it will be required for a deep cleaning and could cause us loss of income if the trailer isn’t ready for the next renter. The fee for having to shampoo the carpets at the end of a trip is $200 flat. This is rarely required as we do it twice a year anyway. The only time this should be required is if there is a bad stain during your visit or a pet causes a bad odor. Should you neglect to tell us and try to cover it up, the fee is $500.
18. Cancellation: If you need to cancel early, it can usually be accommodated, but there are of course different circumstances. If you have a long trip and we happen to be gone during the part that you need to return the trailer for we will have to make special accommodations. The policy is that once a rental has begun though, no refund is given.
19. Reservation Extension: If something changes and you want to extend your trip, please contact us immediately. If there is no rental set up for immediately following your rental we can usually work out an extension.
20. Emergency Call-Out: If an emergency has occurred and we need to come to your location to pick up the trailer a $2 per mile fee along with a call out fee of $50 (9am to 7pm) $100 (7:01PM to 8:59AM) will apply. Always call us as soon as you know there is an issue, so we can work it out.


  • Daily$125.00 /night
  • Weekly$114.00 /night8.7% discount
  • Monthly$107.00 /night14.4% discount
Minimum stay
2 nights
Refundable security deposit
24/7 unlimited roadside assistance
Learn more about Roadside Assistance


Free unlimited use

Owner fees

  • Fee for time used for prep & training you. We now included linens in this fee.

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Enhance your trip

  • We rent up to 12 2 way radios. (Priced each per night)

  • Fee is if you agree ahead of time we will do the post cleaning for you.

  • Charged if we refill propane after a rental for you.


This rental has a 2 night minimum.
October 2021

Oops, this rig is no longer available.

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Oops, this rig is no longer available.

Luckily, there's another option out there for you.

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