Chump Change Ultra Luxury Mercedes Benz Class B Van Grech Strada ION

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Class BMoline, IL
3 guests
Sleeps 2
24 ft. long
Pet friendly
Offers delivery

Chump Change sleeps two adults for a luxury couples getaway.We have 20+ 5 Star reviews over four years/four RVs and 3 platforms.Renters are invited to leave their car parked off street with us during your adventure! Additionally, if you are flying into the Quad City Airport we can pick you up! Delivery is offered within a 150 mile radius; please see the delivery section for details.Chump Change’s custom built interior features Mercedes Benz engineering; Ultraleather; Corian counters; European wood veneer cabinetry, state of the art electronics and safety features. Chump Change is currently configured with three captains chairs up front and a convertible sofa-king bed in back for comfortable multi-day travel. Chump Change is powered by Lithium Ion batteries and solar. The batteries provide up to 10 hours of heat or A/C. No generator, no noise!Chump Change is all inclusive; we provide bedding, towels, kitchen and cookware supplies, maintenance items and outdoor supplies. Please see “Whar’s Included” for a comprehensive list. Because there is extremely limited storage we ask that you use our gear and do not bring your own.If you have any questions, please ask! We are always available via email or text with any questions you may have.We now require renters to purchase Outdoorsy’s Peace Of Mind and Interior Protection Insurance. Outdoorsy’s other options only offer coverage up to $100,000 with no interior coverage. Chump Change is a $200,000+ RV, thus necessitating the higher insurance package.My work schedule precludes rentals leaving on Mondays and Tuesdays; however, Chump Change can be returned on those days. Pick up and drop off times of day are flexible.Please take time to read the Supplemental Rental Agreement for in-depth rules and fees. It is a legally binding part of the Rental Contract. Your signature will be required at orientation.What's includedCHUMP CHANGE is all inclusive. We supply LL Bean indoor sleeping bags, quilts, pillows, linens, waffle towels, hairdryer, toilet paper, coffee pot and pods, bottled water, paper products, cooking utensils, silverware, pots, pans, outdoor chairs, a collapsible table, and a small propane grill with propane if requested. We also include a tool box with supplies to assist with set up and break down of water, sewer and electric.RecommendationsWe are currently touring National Parks. The Strada Ion is perfect, air conditioning whenever we want it with no generator noise!Other things to noteCHUMP CHANGE has no exterior storage and extremely limited interior storage. Please pack in duffles or soft bags as there is no room for suitcases. We ask that you use our outdoor gear as it is sized to fit in our storage area. Thank you!


2021 Grech Motors Strada-ion
  • Sleeps 2
  • 3 seatbelts
  • Fresh water: 15 gal
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Fuel capacity: 26.4 gal
  • Automatic transmission


  • Toilet
  • Inside shower
  • Outside shower
  • Bath towels
  • Bathroom sink
  • Toilet paper
  • Hot water
  • Solar

Rules and policies

  • Pet friendly
  • No music festivals
  • No tailgating
  • No smoking
  • Mileage: 250 free miles / day
Supplemental Rental and Rules Agreement - 2021 Grech Strada Ion - VIN #W1X8ED3Y5LT043300
This supplemental rental and rules agreement outlines in detail what is expected from the Renter during the rental period. “Owner” and “Motorhome” refer to Jennifer Miller, Greg Crouch, J & J Miller Family Properties and 2021 Grech Strada Ion. “Renter” refers to any/all Renter(s).
1. Pick-Up Orientation: At pick up the Owner and Renter will complete a pre-rental orientation of the motorhome that will take 2+ hours, depending on prior experience the Renter may have with a motorhome. It takes time to do a thorough and complete walk through and orientation, so please plan accordingly.
2. No Refunds for Early Returns: If the motorhome is returned early there is no refund for time not used. This includes if the Renter has been in a motor vehicle accident. If the MVA is not the fault of the Renter, the Renter may be able to recover rental costs from the at-fault driver’s liability insurance.
3. Fee for Late Returns: A fee of $50 per hour will be charged if the motorhome is returned later than the agreed upon time. If the motorhome is returned after dark or while owner is unavailable, the motorhome will be checked in the next day, during daylight hours, and any applicable damages will be applied to the Renter’s security deposit. The Renter forfeits their right to complete a return walkthrough with the Owner if the unit is returned at a time different than agreed upon.
4. Renter Age: All drivers must be at least 25 years old with a valid driver’s license and must be listed on the rental contract prior to the motorhome being picked up. No exceptions will be allowed.
5. Toll Roads, Red Light Cameras, Parking Tickets: We will provide an Illinois I-PASS for the Grech Strada Ion for use in Illinois. The charges are payable upon your return. For toll road usage in other states, the Renter will need to pay at the plazas or bring their own toll tags. Out of state charges or toll by plate, mail, etc. will incur a $70 administration fee in addition to the amount of the invoice. Please note, most toll agencies are good to work with and will help you out if a mistake is made and you call them right away.
5a. Driving Restrictions: No travel is allowed on any non-paved roadways such as gravel roads, logging roads, forest service roads, beaches, trails, etc. Driving on a non-paved road inside a licensed RV park is acceptable. Our motorhome is not 4 x 4 capable and is not designed for off-road driving, damage WILL occur. Driving on unapproved roads will result in the forfeiture of the Renters’ entire security deposit.
6. Campground Reservations: The motorhome Owner is not responsible for campground reservations – including cancellations. All campground reservations must be made separately with the Renter’s chosen campground reservation agency. All campground and campsite fees are separate from and in addition to the rental price and fees under this agreement. No refunds will be given for campsite reservation errors.
7. Awnings: Renters of the Grech may use the awning with caution. There is no insurance coverage for damage to awnings so the Renter choses to take all responsibility for any damage whether at fault or not. The Renter must be present at all times when the awning is deployed. The awning cannot be left open at night. The awning must be retracted immediately if there is any wind.
8. Rooftop: The Owner does not allow access to the rooftop of the motorhome. Rooftop access will result in a complete loss of the Renter’s security deposit. In the event the damage exceeds the security deposit, Renters agree to be fully responsible for the total cost of repair.
10. Dogs/Other Pets: Owners do not allow any pets other than one dog. The Renter must request and receive Owner approval before allowing a dog in the RV. The Owner reserves the right to accept or decline any dog, for any reason. Dogs are not allowed on any upholstered or leather surface due to the soft material and the risk of stains, smells or other damage. There is a non-refundable deposit of $100 for a dog; however, if any damages occur, including evidence of pet urine or feces, the Renter will forfeit the entire security deposit, and any excess damage will be charged accordingly. If any large amounts of pet hair are left upon return, the Renter will be charged a Deep Cleaning Fee of $500.
12. Waste Holding Tanks: There should be nothing but human waste put into the black water tank. This includes but is not limited to; feminine napkins or tampons, diapers, tissues, napkins, etc. put into the black water waste holding tank as this will cause it to become clogged and require repair or disassembly to clear. Renter will be provided with rolls of RV safe toilet paper. RV safe toilet paper is the ONLY thing that can be put into the waste holding tank. Additionally, there is to be nothing other than sink or shower water put into the gray water holding tank. Any type of food particles put into the gray tank can cause a clog that will require extensive cleaning &/or repair to remove.
12a. Waste holding tanks (Gray and Black) must be emptied prior to return. If tank levels do not read EMPTY on the control panel, Renters will be charged a $100 dump fee.
13. Cleaning: We expect the motorhome to be returned to us I the same condition it was rented, with a clean interior and empty tanks. As such we do not charge a pre-rental cleaning fee. If the motorhome is returned dirty the Renter will be charged a $500 Deep Clean fee.
14. Smoking: There is NO SMOKING allowed in or near the motorhome. If smoke (including cigars, pipes, vapes, marijuana, etc.) is detected you will be charged a decontamination fee of $1000. NO EXCEPTIONS.
15. Rental Period: ________________ at ________:________ until _______________ at ___________:________________.
16. Damage/Minor Repairs: Any damages need to be reported to the Owner immediately. The Renter is responsible for any and all damages, both interior and exterior, no matter how minor. The Grech Strada Ion is a $230,000 Class B motorhome. Any damages of any kind will be charged to the Renter for reimbursement.
17. Renter Damages: Renter is responsible for all items, parts or anything contained within, attached to, or part of, the motorhome, inside or out, and/or ANY of its contents that were present at the time of pick up, including, but not limited to couches/chairs, beds/bedding, counters, walls, etc., that are damaged during the rental period. Renter is responsible for all damages, whether or not at fault, including damage caused by acts of nature (wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.). In case of an accident, or if theft or vandalism occurs, the Renter is responsible for obtaining a police report, and notifying the Owner immediately. (A documented thorough walk through, with the Renter present, will have been completed at the time the Renter takes possession to provide proof of damage if necessary.)
18. Height Restrictions: Please remember that motorhomes are much taller than the average vehicle and are not equipped to withstand an impact with tree branches, low bridge/overpasses, etc. Please be aware of low clearance signs. All damages to the motorhome, including damage while driving, are the responsibility of the Renter. Never attempt to go through any drive-through, they are always too low and too narrow.
19. Appliances: The A/C, radio, microwave, television, audio jacks, etc. are convenience items. If any malfunctions should occur with any of these items, no compensation will be made to the Renter. In case of any malfunction please contact us immediately for assistance and we will do our best to troubleshoot or attempt to have someone come to you for repairs if necessary.
20. Motorhome Abandonment/Owner Retrieval: If for any reason the Renters abandon the motorhome, the Renters will be charged a $3,500 fee for Abandonment and Retrieval - plus any applicable fees for ANY lost/missing keys or items/parts from the RV. Abandonment means leaving the motorhome with no intention of returning to it or delivering it back to the Owner/drop-off location. In the event the Renter abandons the motorhome the Renter agrees to waive the right to dispute any claims due to damages, overages, or vandalism.
21. Lockout/Lost Keys: In the event of a lockout/lost key the Renter is responsible for a replacement key to be purchased from the nearest Mercedes Benz dealership. Key replacement is approximately $1500.
22. First Aid Kit: There is a first aid kit provided. Please use what you need, should it become necessary.
24. GPS Tracking: The motorhome has been equipped with a GPS tracking device and Mercedes Benz location services. These features must not be removed/uninstalled for any reason. Failure to accurately report the Renters destination or giving an arbitrary destination will result in the loss of the full security deposit. The Renter may be requested to return the motorhome to the Owner immediately; if so, NO refund will be granted for unused rental dates.
25. Personal Property: The Renter’s personal property is the sole responsibility of the Renter. The Renter agrees to release the Owner from all claims for loss of, or damage to, the Renter’s personal property, or that of any other person left/carried in or on the motorhome during the rental period and day of return.
26. Personal Injury: The Renter releases the Owner from all claims for injury, including, but without limitation to, personal, bodily, or mental injury, as well as economic loss or damage to Renters, their children, guests, or relatives during the rental period including return period.
27. Severability: If any provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement is determined to be invalid, void, or unenforceable judicially, the remaining provisions shall remain in full effect and force.
28. Modifications/Waivers: No provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement can be waived or modified for any reason except in a written document that the Owner has signed.
29. Insurance. Insurance is available through Outdoorsy and is required for rental of the motorhome.
30. Damages Above Security Deposit/Insurance Claims: In the event there is any damage above the amount of the security deposit, Renter agrees to pay the Owners any monies due and allow the rental platform company to charge their credit card on file for said charges, plus processing fees.
31. Motorhome Return: When the motorhome is returned, the Renter agrees that it will be free from damage, cleaned, and tanks emptied. A preliminary walk through will be completed upon return and a precursory Return Form will be provided. Photos will also be taken by the Owner for reporting to the rental platform and/or insurance. Once a thorough inspection has been completed, any fees for damages, cleaning, dumping, or any other charges will be deducted from the security deposit if applicable.
32. Credits: There will be no refund/credit for any lost rental time for any issue(s) that arise beyond the Owner's control. This includes, but is not limited to, flat tire(s), weather and all systems within the RV that were working at pickup (refrigerator, heater, LED lights, sound system, etc.), damages to any part(s) of motorhome whether the Renter was at fault or not, or due to the Renter or any guests' negligence.
33. Rental Period Extension: If, for any reason, the rental period is extended beyond the original rental period dates, the Renter agrees that this document will also extend, be valid and enforceable for the entirety of the extended rental period.
34. Security Deposit: The security deposit will be refunded (by Outdoorsy) after the RV has been thoroughly inspected and no issues or damages have been found. Said inspection may take anywhere from 12-72 hours post rental period.
35. Speed Limit: The 2021 Grech Strada Ion is rated for regular highway speeds as posted.
36. Hold Harmless: The Renter agrees to hold harmless Jennifer Miller, Greg Crouch and/or J & J Miller Family Properties, Owners of the rented motorhome, at all times and for all situations. The Renter assumes all risk when renting the motorhome. Jennifer Miller, Greg Crouch and/or J & J Miller Family Properties cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury, loss of income, loss of life, or loss or damage to personal property. Jennifer Miller, Greg Crouch and/or J & J Miller Family Properties assumes no liability for how the motorhome is used during the rental period.
Waste Tank Addendum: By signing this waste tank addendum the Renter agrees that they have been taught how to dump the tanks and that they understand how to do it. (It is always ok to call, text or email the Owners with questions for waste tank dumping or any other questions while you are renting our motorhome.) RV safe toilet paper will be provided. We ask that this is the ONLY thing put into the black tank. No other items, including feminine napkins or tampons, diapers, tissues, paper towels, etc., should be put into the black tank or a clog will result. Do not put food, or any items other than sink and shower water, into the gray tank. Any amount of food particles can result in a clog that will require extensive cleaning to clear. Waste holding tanks (Gray and Black) should be emptied each day of use and must be emptied prior to return. When the Renter returns the motorhome, the tank levels will be checked during the inspection and if the tank levels on the control panel do not read EMPTY a $100 dump fee will be charged.
We approach all those renting our motorhome as friends. We want guests who will care for our motorhome as if it is their own. We also request you bring back the motorhome in the same condition in which you received it: Spotlessly clean, diesel tank full, and black and grey tanks empty. Please, no smoking of any kind. We will make best efforts to ensure all items are functioning. However, given that items can fail, we make no guarantee of their availability. We will inform you immediately if something is not working prior to your trip.
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Availability and rates


There’s a 3 night minimum stay

  • Weekly (7+ nights): 9.9% off nightly rate
  • Monthly (28+ nights): 9.9% off nightly rate
  • Security deposit: $3,000.00 (refundable)
  • Prep fee: $125.00. This fee will cover preparing and sanitizing the unit prior to each rental.

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After four years of full time RV rental management my husband Greg and I have downsized to CHUMP CHANGE, our Class B Mercedes Benz GRECH van. We purchased CHUMP CHANGE specifically to tour the great West and our National Parks. To us CHUMP CHANGE offers the penultimate vanlife experience. Please contact me with whatever questions you may have, no detail is too small. Jennifer

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Chump Change Ultra Luxury Mercedes Benz Class B Van Grech Strada ION




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Guest photos

Charles P.

June 20235

Jennifer and Greg were outstanding. I was a first-time RV'er and they gave a great introduction to the vehicle. Knowing that I was considering buying a Grech, they spend some extra time to explain why they did certain things and what their experience had been. A couple issues arose and they were very responsive. Most importantly, they really wanted me to have a great trip and they love their vehicle, both of which were apparent in the manner in which they handled things.

Shirin L.

August 20225

We had an amazing adventure, made possible by a wonderful pair of people and their fabulous 'Chump Change'. The van was everything advertised and even nicer in person than it looked in the pictures. Jen and Greg were fantastic. They explained how to use all the systems, walking us through everything beforehand, excellent and patient teachers. I'd enthusiastically recommend them and Chump Change to anyone looking for their own amazing adventure.

3 Photos submitted by Shirin L.

Donald O.

August 20225

Clean and very nice Class B, top of the line. Owner let us take it a little early and return it a little late which worked out great. Highly recomend!

Jason O.

September 20215

Awesome experience, clear communication and a great vehicle. Thank you so much!!

Michael C.

July 20215

Kirsten M.

July 20215

The RV was very nice and everything worked well. It was very clean and included all the items you would want like camp chairs, table, s'mores fixings, etc. The owners were very responsive with the few questions we had and also very flexible. Additionally, they had all the information we required in a book and walked us through everything when picking up the RV. I would definitely rent from them again.

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Q.Are there any special tricks and tips that would help with operating the RV easily?
This Mercedes Benz is a dream to drive. It’s comfortable, like driving a large SUV. Remember to use your mirrors and the cameras. Great fuel mileage at 13-16 mpg.

Q.How do the electric, water and sewage hook up work while setting up at the campground?
We have both a written guide for you to follow while setting things up at the campground in addition to the pick up day orientation.

Q.What flexibility is available for picking up and dropping off the RV?
We recommend picking up the RV in the morning, allowing 1.5 hours for orientation and a driving lesson. Then you can hit the road! We have flexibility with early pick-up and late drop off.


Moline, Illinois

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